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Additional Lengths believes that as a company we should be aiming to be environmentally responsible where possible to fit in with the current eco-friendly culture that the world has adopted. Recycling and supporting the environment for future generations is highly important to us, and as one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of hair extensions in the UK, we sell over 20 tonnes of raw hair per year, which is potentially a harmful byproduct of the company once disposed of. Our hair extensions ultimately end up in the rubbish during removal, which then ends up in landfills once the client has finished and moved onto a new set. We acknowledged this is huge waste and considered the big effect on the environment, so we looked for an ethical solution to mindfully reduce our waste and benefit the environment.

How can we be environmentally conscious as hair extensionists?

We are delighted to have teamed up with Matter of Trust programme in the USA for their Clean Wave Campaign to promote the awareness and environmental impact of waste fibre recycling. With their Clean Wave Campaign, the Matter of Trust charity take hair clippings and surplus hair extensions from salons, fur from pet groomers and fleece from farmers to use in storm drains to soak up major oil spills. In an effort to keep our oceans clean and sustainable to sea life, our surplus or used hair extensions can go a long way to helping the Clean Wave campaign in creating the much needed ‘sandbags’ that are a safe and non-hazardous way to protect coves and beaches from the many oil spills that occur every year.

What do they do with the hair donations?

Matter of Trust will turn our hair extensions into either ‘hair mats’ or ‘hair booms/bags’ to protect the environment from oil spills, and to filter water at storm drains. Hair is particularly good at absorbing oil and, when matted, traps debris to help clean the water.

How do I donate?

You can now return the unwanted hair extensions to our head office where we collect the extensions and regularly ship the donations to the states where Matter of Trust will recycle the hair.

To take part in our hair recycling scheme and support the Clean Wave Campaign, we will accept any brand of hair extensions, and simply ask you tie the bundle of hair extensions together at the top and post back to us, labelled as follows:

Hair Recycling

Additional Lengths

Unit 2 Easter Park

Teesside Industrial Estate

Stockton on Tees

United Kingdom

TS17 9NT


Please add a note to confirm who has sent the hair extensions in so that we can thank you and reward our regular recyclers with various awards and prizes throughout the year.

TOP TIP: Collect a few hair extension removals and post back together to save money on postage.

Thank you for joining us in our quest to become more environmentally responsible!