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Hairstyles We Expect To See Over The 2023 Festive Party Season

Season's Greetings! … As we are in the festive season, it is only right that we start discussing the hairstyles we think are going to make the biggest impression over the 2023 festive period. 


So, if you're interested in switching up your going-out looks this party season then it’s time for you to try one of these gorgeous hairdos…


1. Chic Hair Bun

2. Polished Pony

3. Textured Effortless Curls



1. Chic Hair Bun

Number 1 on our nice list is the very effortless but impressive chic hair bun.

After an effortless but impressive hairstyle? 

Then this one's for you.. 

After a long day at work are you heading straight onto your Christmas party without any time to spend ages perfecting a look?

Then, simply scrape your hair up into a high bun and off you go to party the night away!

“My hair is too short”, you may be thinking… 

Well, have you tried the Remi Cachet Human Hair Bun? With over 15 shades to choose from,  there is definitely going to be one that matches your hair colour. The great thing about hair buns is they don’t need to match your hair colour exactly, they can be slightly different and they can create definition and different tones throughout the hair. 

The Hair Bun is very easy to place in the hair, it wouldn’t take up any more time than creating a bun with your own hair. As seen in this Real Simple article, the options you have for styling your hair bun are endless, so take your pick… 

remi cachet hair bun

 Siobhan wears the Human Hair Bun, Col #6/22

Shop the look!



2. Polished Pony

Add magic to your hair this Christmas with a high polished pony, during the busy Christmas period.

This refined look is definitely one that will get people thinking, how have you achieved such a polished look?

But we will let you into a little secret… All that is needed is a bobble, a few hair grips and the Remi Cachet Human Hair Ponytail to be on your way!

This ponytail was the winner of Hair Awards Best Hair Piece 2023, this is a huge achievement and proves how much of an amazing piece this is… You NEED this in your life.  

Whether you are after a polished high pony, a voluminous bouncy pony or even a crimped pony, you can create all of these easily with our Remi Cachet Human Hair Ponytail for added volume, thickness and length.

remi cachet ponytail

Kaily wears the Remi Cachet Ponytail Col #2  

 Shop The Look!




3. Textured Effortless Curls

Our third festive gem is the effortless curl. This is a very popular style that can be created by using several different tools. 

One of the most popular is the collection of Qute Stylers - whether it’s the Wide Styler Volume 2 for gorgeous larger, bouncy curls or the Classic Styler Volume 2 for glamorous tighter curls, the options are yours with Qute. If you want to create “textured effortless curls” though then maybe, the Classic Styler Volume is for you. This will help you to create bouncy looser curls that just scream an effortless vibe. 

The styling tools can be used to help transform your look whether it’s on your own hair or your hair extensions.

On that note…

Do you want to add some more thickness and length to your own hair to create the curls you have been dreaming of?

Then our range Clip Ins are for you… they are your hair but better!

You can create a range of looks when wearing any of Clip Ins (including textured effortless curls)... we have different ranges, which vary in price and quality. Want to know more about your options? Head to our previous blog “What Are The Best Clip In Hair Extensions?”

Take your pick…they add length, volume and texture which ensures that the hairstyle you perform on your hair will be long-lasting. 

There are over 20 colours to choose from in our Volume Clip Ins and over 40 colours to choose from in our Clip in Deluxe range, so you are guaranteed to find a colour fit for you.

Want some inspiration? We love this look from  Kate La Vie - MY EVERYDAY ‘DO: EFFORTLESS WAVES so effortless and so cute… 

This look can easily be achieved with the collection of Qute Stylers (Don’t forget your heat defence) 

additional lengths volume clip ins

Kaily (Brunette) wears 20" Volume Clip ins #Col 2,  Megan (Blonde) wears 24" Volume Clip ins  Col #10/613 and Col #60


What look will you be going for this festive season? Whatever you choose make sure you tag us in your posts on Instagram using #additionallengths for a chance to be featured… we can’t wait to see. 

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