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Lived In Shades

With Spring 2024 now here we think the much talked about “Lived-In Shades” hair colour trend is going to dominate your choices for your new look this season… 

What Are ‘Lived-In Shades’? 

Subtle variations of stunning tones throughout the hair are what lived-in shades are all about. Think sun-kissed, natural tones… perfect for warmer months ahead. 

What Everybody Is Saying About The Lived-In Trend… 

‘Lived-In Bronde’ is on Real Simple’s radar of the colours that will be trending this year. Explaining to the online magazine about the “low-key blonde-meets-brunette bronde” colour, hairstylist Maria McCool says “This clean, natural look is in right now… It has very subtle shading with no strong lines and even fading throughout the hair. It looks as if it could be your natural colour.” 

In regards to ‘Lived-In Blonde’, another key trend we have been noticing this year so far, Who What Wear describe the look as “one of the most wearable, low maintenance trends out there” with hair professional Samantha Cusick further explaining “This year, I think we’ll be ditching the platinum blonde vibes of the Barbie film craze in 2023. 2024 will be all about more lived-in shades with darker roots…” 

Why Hair Extensions Are Perfect To Create The ‘Lived-In’ Look… 

Thinking about lived-in shades for your new look? This is why you NEED hair extensions to create this… 

Versatile Colour Options - There are so many Remi Cachet colour options that can be worn on their own or with another colour to create the look you have been dreaming about. 

Versatile Methods - These shades are available across your favourite methods; Pre-Bonded, Wefts and Tapes as well as Clip Ins And Hairpieces

Zero Bleach - Hair extensions mean a new look without a touch of bleach, unlike having to get your hair dyed. 

Low Maintenance - This is a low-maintenance solution to create the look compared to dying your hair which would require regular appointments to keep the colour looking fresh. 

Cost-Effective - Compared to regular colour touch-ups, hair extensions could be a more cost-effective solution for you.


The Remi Cachet Lived-In Shades You Need To Know About… 

We have a range of stunning shades that could be your perfect match to create the ‘lived-in’ look you want… 

Here are our suggested Lived-In colours:












Want to know more? Here are just three of the shades we LOVE and know you will too…


T1B-2/8 - Rooted Black With Dark Brown & Light Chestnut


Wearing 16” Ultra Tips in T1B-2/8


T7-55/60 - Medium Ash Brown With Light Ash Blonde & Platinum Blonde


Wearing 18” Injection Tape in T7-55/60


T5-7/20 - Dark Ash Brown With Medium Ash Brown And Natural Ash Blonde


Wearing 14” Injection Tape In T5-7/20


Plus, there are so many more lived-in shades available to create your dream hair… 

View All Lived-In Shades 

We can’t wait to see the lived-in looks you create with the stunning colours we have available. Do you have any questions about lived-in shades? Contact us today and one of the team will be happy to help.

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