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Now you’ve got your fabulous hair extensions, “how do I look after them to keep them in top condition?” You may be wondering. We’ve got you with our guide to keep them looking fabulous💁‍♀️…


Following your hair extension application, we do not recommend washing your hair for the first 48 hours to allow the adhesive to harden or bond effectively. We also don’t advise you to wash hair extensions more than three times per week as over-washing can lead to dryness, damage and unnecessary wear and tear.

When washing, ensure you do this in an upright position in lukewarm water. Do not massage vigorously or twist the hair. Instead, massage shampoo gently into the scalp and over the bonded areas and let the suds run through the lengths of the hair.


When applying a conditioner, ensure it is only used on the middle and ends of the hair. Always avoid putting it on the root area and the areas where the extensions are attached. Then, make sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid any product build-up.


After washing your hair, avoid rolling or rubbing the hair, instead gently squeeze out the excess water and pat dry with a suitable towel such as the Remi Cachet Extensions Towel.


Never leave your hair extensions to dry naturally as the moisture can soften the bonds/tapes and cause them to slip or fall out. So, when blow drying ensure this is on a cool setting starting with the bonds/rings to avoid softening. Then, proceed to to blow-dry your hair as normal using a brush such as the Remi Cachet Brush & Blow Brush.


It is always important to use a professional hair extension brush on or near the extensions and our collection of hair extension brushes here are specifically designed to flow through the bonds. Our collection includes the Remi Cachet Paddle Brush which is used to prevent the hair from tangling or matting.

Using an incorrect brush may pull hair from the bonds and cause unnecessary damage to the hair extensions.

When brushing, you should always start to brush your hair from the bottom and then slowly move up towards the top of the head to the root area. We recommend that the bonds are held when brushing to prevent excess tugging and to prevent forcibly removing the bonds.

You always should avoid brushing hair extensions when wet as they are more fragile, making them more likely to snap or break. If this is a must, the Remi Cachet Wave Comb is advised.

If you ever notice your hair extensions have become tangled you should be extremely careful when brushing and always use the Remi Cachet Miracle Mist to help detangle the hair.

We recommend brushing your hair at least once or twice a day to prevent natural knotting and matting. Over brushing your hair can lead also to damage to the hair and cause unnecessary wear and tear.


For use on both dry and damp hair, specifically the mid-lengths and ends, we always recommend applying the Remi Cachet Hair Oil to keep your hair rejuvenated.

To your damp hair, we advise you to apply approximately two to four pumps of oil to your mid-lengths and ends. The specific amount depends on the length and thickness of your hair so your stylist can advise further on this. 

You should also apply approximately one to two pumps to your dry hair in between your washes to smooth it and add moisture. 

Applying hair oil is an important part of your hair routine as the signature formula of the Remi Cachet Hair Oil penetrates your hair to enhance its natural beauty and leave it noticeably radiant. We specifically recommend that this is used over the winter and summer months as the air quality has a higher influence on your hair's quality, therefore, extra replenishment is needed. 


A variety of heated tools can be used on the hair, these include but are not limited to; straightening irons, tongs, crimpers, heated rollers, and hair dryers you should always use a low temperature, we recommend nothing hotter than 180°. Also, a variety of products can be used on hair extensions, including hairsprays, serums and oils. When using these products, you should always avoid all bonded areas, as this may result in slippage. Before styling, ensure your hair is thoroughly dry and has cooled.

When working with heat, you should always use a heat protectant such as the Remi Cachet Miracle Mist to protect your hair and hair extensions at all times. Ensure you keep heat away from adhesive and the bonds at all times, as this may cause them to melt or come loose from your natural hair.


We do not recommend or advise that our hair extensions be coloured and/or toned. If you proceed to do so this would be entirely your responsibility and at your own risk.

Human hair extensions can be coloured, but you should bear in mind that the hair extensions have already been through a chemical process, it is at your own risk if you decide to dye them as it may affect the hair condition and damage them. For this reason, it’s a good idea to dye your natural hair before getting hair extensions installed, and having the hair extension’s colour matched to your desired colour.


Many factors can cause hair to fade and all hair will fade throughout wear. Fading is a natural occurrence and is due to how hair colour works, and what comes into contact with it that may cause fading to occur at a quicker rate than it normally would.

Several things can contribute to the hair fading quicker or stripping the colour and/or tone from the hair. This can include; certain ingredients in hair care products, UV protection sprays, abrasive products, general wear and tear, electrical styling tools, plus many other factors.

Something to note is Ash shades and bright colours are particularly prone to fading due to how they are originally coloured and/or toned.

It can be difficult to return the hair extensions to their original shade once they’ve faded, it would require the hair to be recoloured. Although the hair can be recoloured using professional products by an experienced and trained professional, we would not recommend this as it can cause damage.


To avoid discolouration occurring in your hair extensions you should take additional care to keep them from coming into contact with products that contain UV protection as well as many other ingredients. These include but are not limited to; sun protection creams, perfumes, false tanning products and certain heat protection sprays. Avoiding these elements will significantly decrease the risk of the hair extensions changing colour due to the chemical reaction this exposure causes.

We recommend using Malibu C Hard Water Sachets or the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Kit to remove any buildup of mineral deposits on the hair and rectify any discolouration that may have occurred.

You should attempt to treat the hair immediately after discolouration has occurred as the longer it is left, the more difficult it is to remove and change the hair back to its original colour. You can also use these products as a preventive measure if you live in a hard water environment, or use problem products regularly.


Always avoid going to sleep with wet hair and make sure your extensions are completely dry to avoid any potential problems occurring.

We recommend putting your hair into a loose ponytail or plait before bed which helps to prevent the hair from tangling or matting.


Our professional range of extensions should only be applied by trained professionals. You should avoid mixing different brands and origins of hair extensions as this will increase the likelihood of issues being experienced by you, especially, as the characteristics of hair will differ between brands and origins.

Hair should be clean and dry before application, both yours and the extensions, you may wish to use a pre-application shampoo with deep cleansing properties, but this is not a must. Do not use conditioner, masks, or any other styling products before application as it will increase the risks of slippage and adhesives from not adhering to the natural hair properly.


Hair extensions should only be removed by a trained professional to avoid damage to your hair and scalp, therefore, we do not recommend self-removal.

A regular maintenance appointment is vital to maintain the longevity of your hair extensions and protect them against any unnecessary damage to your hair and/or scalp.

It is important to routinely have the hair extensions removed and refitted depending on the method. This is something your stylist can advise you on.


You should always let your stylist know if you have any allergies.

Even if you do not believe you have any allergies, always expect a patch test prior to fitting. This may include testing for allergies to the tape adhesive, metal rings, thread, or any other adhesive used on the hair extension.

Patch testing can be done during a consultation or before an appointment takes place. This should take place at least 48 hours before the full fitting to allow time to observe any allergic reactions.

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