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Valentines 2022 Hair Inspiration

Some of us love it and some of us hate it. Whatever your thoughts are, Valentine's Day is a great excuse to get dressed up no matter what your plans are. Looking for some hair inspiration? We’ve got your back with 5 hairstyles that we at Additional Lengths think are perfect for any occasion. We also have all of the products you need to achieve these gorgeous looks. So whether you are celebrating the love for yourself, your friends or that special someone this year, we have something for you… 

5 Looks:

1. The Power Pony 

What better way to make a statement and give some serious boss babe vibes this Valentines than with a powerful pony. 

Whether or not you thought her outfit was on “fleek” at the Met Gala last year, there's no doubt that Kim Kardashians ponytail was a serious statement. We may not do 75 inch  ponytails at Additional Lengths like Kim wore (!!!) but you can style it out with our stunning 24 inch ponytails

Product wise, Kim’s hair stylist told Harper’s Bazaar magazine that the Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray was a product used to attain the look, which we just happen to sell at Additional Lengths (you’re welcome). You’d be mad not to add this amazing product to your basket to give your hair that iconic high-shine Kardashian finish. 

You will find the ponytail hairstyle is a frequent look on the star's Instagram with it also being her go-to style for soaking up the sun and working out. It doesn't stop there, she also frequently adds extra sass to her look by plaiting it here, here and oh here too… tonnes of inspiration. 

Not only is this look clearly LOVED by Kim but this glamorous style is also perfected by Gigi Hadid and Negin Mirsalehi.


2. Beach Waves

It's pretty obvious that recently that beach waves aren't just for, well… the beach. They seem to be everywhere and we are sure (and hoping) that this isn't a trend that won’t be going anywhere soon. 

Perfect for a super glamorous vibe to your style that suits just about any occasion, this may just be a strong contender for your look this year. 

Take a look at some of the styles we have been tagged in that we just love…



What’s better than a gorgeous hairstyle? The ease in creating it, of course. The Silkology Heatless Hair Curler takes any hardship and excessive time away from creating such a glamorous look. Simply use the heatless curler the night before then remove the day of. Don’t forget the Remi Cachet Wave Comb to tease out tighter curlsvoilà!


3.) High Bun (with tendrils) 

Back in December, in our “What Will Be Your Look For 2022?” blog post we mentioned trendy tendrils were anticipated to make a big impact this year. So why not jump on this trend with a chic high bun for an elegant look. 

This is a look that has frequently been seen across celebrities over the last few years including Karlie Kloss and Emily Ratajkowski and is one that’s perfect for date night. 

Here at Additional Lengths, we have a range of human hair buns that give instant glamour and a high fashion look. As they are made from human hair, they can be styled and treated just like your natural hair giving you the option to make the look your own. Easily fitted in under 1 minute, they are great for a quick stylish hairstyle to complete your look. 

Using the Remi Cachet Pin Tail Comb you are then able to create your tendrils. Check out our collection of hair tools from Qute for you to have the freedom to style them exactly how you want, whether you want them super straight, curled or even plaited.


4.) Long Loose Curls 

A forever classic hairstyle will always be stunning long loose curls that are perfect for all occasions. We adore these looks we have been tagged in… 



Inspiration doesn't stop there, back in December Vanessa Hudgens wowed with the look on her Instagram. 

To create this look, make sure you check out the newly released tongs from Qute, available in both 25mm and 32mm. The 32mm wide tongs are specifically perfect for a bigger, looser curl. 


5.) Long And Sleek 

Another classic hairstyle that is a favourite look for any occasion, these looks we have been tagged in are sure to inspire you for your day and night…




With this style you also have the freedom to make it your own with a stylish accessory or even style it with some tendrils. 

To get a super long look to your locks, the Qute Wide Styler is perfect for all hair types to make your hair silky smooth. Then, apply the Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray to combat any frizz to make your hair extra sleek. 

Whatever you’re doing this Valentines, make sure you do it in style with gorgeous locks 💗

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