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What Will Be Your Look For 2022?

Here at Additional Lengths, we think a new year is a great time for a new look. Unsure on what to go for? Well, we are here to help you get ahead of the game with some 2022 hair trend predictions to get you inspired…



Long And Sleek

Celebrity stylist Sally Hershberger, known for her trendsetting vision has predicted long locks for 2022 explaining to online magazine Bustle… “Long, straight hair is going to be huge.  With inspiration coming from the ’90s and 2000s, you’ll be seeing pin-straight hair with middle parts everywhere.” And what a better way to get pin-straight hair than using the Qute Wide Styler to get a silky smooth look for your locks. 

If you’re on a budget after the festivities, we feel you…products from Remi Cachet’s new 22” Luxury Hair are perfect for those longer lengths and could be your saviour. For those serious Rapunzel vibes, check out the 30” hair extensions

To go for that extra sleek look, check out our Hair Oil to maintain healthy hair extensions and enhance your own hair's natural beauty to leave it feeling silky soft and revitalised. 

For some serious inspiration check out some long locks we have been loving. Expect to see more and more of this look in 2022… 



Blunt Bobs And Lobs

Even though long lengths are predicted to make an impact, it may not be a complete farewell to bobs and lobs. All Things Hair magazine has predicted that they are going to be big in 2022, particularly blunt styles. “Blunt bobs have always been a classic style, but lately many people across social media have been ditching their long luscious locks for a French-inspired bob. This look isn’t going out of style anytime soon.” 

As for lobs…“the long bob is a modern take on trusted blunt bob, however, it’s becoming just like a classic of a style. We think this is a great option for anyone looking to go shorter in the new year but doesn’t want to have a bob.” So, if you can relate to this, this may just be a sign… 

If you’re going to go for the chop for your “new year, new me” look you may be after a boost of thickness. Why not try the Remi Cachet Elegance Micro Tapes that are available in either 10” or 14”?



A 90’s Comeback 

Cosmopolitan has highlighted “90s Layers for 2022” as something for us to look out for in 2022. Celebrity hairstylist, Marwa Bashir, has told the magazine “long 90’s layers will be making a strong comeback. A layered haircut is great for adding volume, movement, shape and framing the face” 

She encourages those that think their style could use a little bit of something extra, to incorporate layers that suit their hair type and texture, so this could be your look in 2022?



For an influx of more inspiration, you can always turn to the likes of J-Lo, supermodel Claudia Schiffer and Jenifer Anniston for all the gorgeous hair inspo you need for layers, texture and the ultimate blow dry so you can feel like a celebrity in no time… you’re welcome 💁‍♀️


Wispy Bangs 

It doesn't stop there for predicted cut trends for 2022… we may be saying goodbye to long, curtain fringes and hello to wispy bangs. 

These are most certainly a strong contender as a 2022 trend with Bustle, All Things Hair, Cosmopolitan and Glamour anticipating this as something to look out for in 2022. In Glamour's recent article “See-through bangs' are the next big fringe trend (and they couldn't be easier to maintain)” the low maintenance element to this style is emphasised with it being the latest fringe trend forecast to dominate 2022. All Things Hair state that they are a great option if you are new to bangs and don’t want to commit to a bold one just yet, could this be your chosen one?




Working with hair extensions for a colour pop, restyle or whatever you are dreaming of, are great ways to achieve this without the use of bleach. They allow you to try a new look without the commitment of dying your hair. 


Very Perri 

Pantone Colour of the Year for 2022 has been announced as “Very Perri”, a gorgeous periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet red undertone. Pantone has explained that the colour's courageous presence encourages personal inventiveness and creativity so if you are after adding creativity to your look, this colour may be the answer… 

Very Perri may be a colour we are seeing often in 2022, but for now, why not take some inspiration from another bold colour? 

Warm Brunette 

Warmer browns are also predicted to be one of the most requested colours, moving away from the ashier tones that have been popular in 2021. InStyle predicts that Megan Fox’s almost-black hair will be a hit in 2022, because it's always a surprise. “In some lights, it will look black and in others, you will see hints of brown. It's perfect for those who’ve always wanted to go dark” explains celebrity hairstylist Nikki Lee

And what better than to take some inspiration from this gorgeous transformation?




Barely There Highlights

Barely there highlights are also speculated to remain popular for those wanting to keep that low maintenance feel to their look. InStyle again predicts that “Cali-Cool Highlights” are a trend that's going to make it into 2022.  

We adore Hailey Bieber showing off this gorgeous look - https://www.instagram.com/p/CRCxg_KLX55/

Check out these gorgeous locks for some more inspiration…





Trendy Tendrils 

“Trendy Tendrils” are anticipated to make an impact in 2022. This is a throwback hairstyle with Sally Hershberger explaining “With the ’90s resurgence comes tendrils, which are thin sections of hair pulled out of a style to frame the face. This simple style can elevate your look into one that’s super cool, chic, and relaxed. It’s perfect for those that got trendy bangs this past year and decided to grow them out.” 

Could this be your new finishing touch to your hair makeovers in 2022?

Hailey Bieber is becoming our hair inspiration again rocking this gorgeous style as well as Dua Lipa also perfecting this look. 




Slicked Back

Cofounder of IGK Hair, Aaron Grenia, has predicted to see lots of gels in 2022 and other similar products which means we may just be seeing a lot of slicked-back strands for 2022. 

Cosmopolitan explains that the new products expected in 2022 only mean that this hairstyle will be making a frequent appearance, great news for those that love the wet-look hairstyle. 

The choice is all yours with what products you want to use to achieve this style, the Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream is a leave-in styling solution and is highly effective at combating frizz. 

Or why not try the Remi Cachet Hair Oil to create the sleek style then wash out later with the Remi Cachet Pre Application Shampoo? This shampoo is extremely clarifying so it will thoroughly remove the products you’ve used previously on the hair so you aren’t stuck with permanently slicked back hair… 

We adore this look, perfected with a gorgeous scrunchie…



Effortless Braids 

Laidback looks seem to be an expected frequent trend in 2022, first with the wispy fringe, the barely-there highlights and now with effortless braids. 

According to All Things Hair, “as more and more people ditch hot tools and become comfortable wearing their natural textured hair, we are seeing this effortless, messy look a lot more.” 

Maybe this is a new go-to hairstyle for special events in 2022? 



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