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Choosing The Correct Hair Extension Length

Hair being combed

Hair extensions are the perfect choice for adding a little bit of glamour, volume and density to your natural hair. But when you’ve never had them before, it can be difficult to know which length will work best alongside your natural locks. Don’t worry, our dedicated team of hair experts at Additional Lengths have put together this useful guide to make it super easy to find the perfect hair extensions length for your hair. From how to measure your natural hair, to which types of extensions will work best for you, we’ve got all bases covered to make choosing your extensions a breeze!

Do hair extensions come in different lengths?

Hair extensions lengths do vary and the lengths they’re available in is dependent on the type that you choose.  Not all hair extension lengths are suitable for every hair type, as applying too much length and weight to your natural hair could ultimately result in problems further down the line including head strain and hair loss further. That’s why it’s always important to choose a hair extension length that your natural hair can manage. Hair extensions are available in 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 or 30 inches, but again, not all types of extensions are available in all lengths.

Which lengths of hair extensions do I need?

It’s important to refrain from wearing hair extensions that are significantly longer than your own hair length and as a general rule, any extensions you choose should be no more than 3-4” longer than your natural hair length. Although there are hair extensions that are suited to shorter hair, having a natural hair length of 4-5” is also advisable in order to create a seamless blend.

How to choose the correct length of hair extensions

Before you choose your hair extensions length, it’s important to correctly measure the length of your natural hair. For this, all you’ll need is a measuring tape. Measure your hair length from the top of your head from your natural parting to the ends of your hair. Record the length of your hair in inches (you’ll need to know this later when you’re choosing your hair extensions). As an example, if your hair length is 16”, we’d recommend that you choose hair extensions in either 18 or 20”, since they would be no more than 4” longer than your natural hair. If you want to apply a longer length than the recommended measurements, always speak to a stylist or book a consultation so they can determine whether your natural hair would be able to sustain the extra length. We’d also recommend buying an extra pack of extensions if you’re aiming for a longer length, for a more natural look.

How to correctly identify the length of your own hair

Just to break it down even further for you, here’s a quick guide into how to identify roughly where your natural hair should sit if it’s a certain length. This should also help you to determine the right length of extensions most suitable for your hair type;-

  • 6” hair length: A bob
Woman with a bob hair cut

If your hair measures 6”, you’re probably sporting a bob (depending on how straight or curly your hair is). With this length, extensions that measure no more than 10” would be perfect for your hair and because your natural length is more than 5”, you’ve got the perfect length to create a seamless blend. Hair extensions tailored to short hair, such as our pre-bonded Remi Cachet Elegance Micro Tapes would be a great choice for your hair.

  • 10” hair length: A transitional cut
Close up of woman with short hair

A 10” hair length is somewhere between short and medium. Your hair should lie around the nape of your neck and is probably long enough to pull into a ponytail. The perfect pairing to 12” and 14” extensions depending on your preference, many of our pre-bonded hair extensions are available in 12” lengths including our brand new, Remi Cachet Elegance Nano Tips. There’s also the option to choose a Remi Cachet Elegance full flat weft, available in base, mixed and ombre colours.

  • 12” hair length: Slightly longer than shoulder length
Just past the shoulder hair cut

12” hair is the perfect match for hair extensions up to 16” in length. Your natural hair should be a bit longer than shoulder length, either touching your shoulders or brushing the tops of your shoulder blades. Most of our pre-bonded hair extensions come in 16” lengths including our best-selling Remi Cachet Elegance Mini Tips®, which are installed into your natural hair using our Remi Cachet Mini Locks® for a seamless, natural blend. With the correct aftercare, the hair can be reused again and again, for a lifespan of 12+ months. 

  • 16” hair length: Mid-back length hair

16” hair naturally sits in the centre of your shoulder blades and can take up a 20” hair extension length.

20” hair extensions would sit around the waistline (as seen in the photos above).  Again most of our pre-bonded hair extensions are available at 20” lengths, or you may prefer an Elegance full flat weft, half weft or super weft. Wefts are attached to the natural hair via a track made from rings, with the hair being passed through small rings in the weft by a loop wand to secure it to the natural hair. As they lay perfectly flat to the head, they’re easy to cover for a seamless finish and can be reused, if cared for correctly. Most clip-in extensions would also be easily concealed in 16” hair, for a more temporary look.

  • 20”+ hair: Long Hair

If you have 20”+ hair, then you officially fall into the long hair category and will probably be looking for at least 24” hair extensions, for stunning, long-flowing locks! Most of our hair extensions, both temporary and permanent, are available in 24” lengths, in a range of base, ombre and mixed colours. If you’re searching for princess-inspired locks, our 30” Luxury hair weft could be the perfect step towards your dream hair! 

Choosing the correct hair extension lengths

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of how to measure and choose the correct hair extension lengths for your hair. If you’re unsure of which type of hair extension to choose, there’s lots of advice on our blog to help you make the right decision for your hair. If in doubt, we’d always recommend booking a consultation with an experienced stylist who can help you choose the correct length and weight of your hair extensions and the correct methods of aftercare,  ensuring you get the most out of your new hair. Once you’ve had your hair extensions fitted, don’t forget to show us your gorgeous new Remi Cachet hair by tagging us @additional_lengths for your chance to be featured on our page!

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