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Hair Saviours For The Summer Months

There’s an endless list of things we love about summer; jetting off on holiday, basking in the sun, summer fashions… we could go on! What we don’t love, however, is summertime hair damage.

Heat, UV rays and the sea can all wreak havoc on our hair, leaving dry, dull looking locks that leave much to be desired. But, we’re happy to say, there are a number of ways you can fight dry summertime hair. Whether you’re rocking your natural locks or giving your hair a boost with hair extensions, here are our top summer hair care tips to eliminate those pesky bad hair days.


How to take care of hair in summer

Fight sun damage

It goes without saying that summer is naturally hotter, so your hair faces additional heat damage. Heat damage will dry out your hair and cause that dreaded frizz, therefore you should cut down on heat styling as much as possible – additional heat will only add to the problem!

Instead, treat your hair regularly to treatments or hair masks to lock in moisture and stop your locks from drying out. Conditioner and Moroccan oil treatments are your BFFs in summer, helping to protect your hair and give you back your shine. Hats are also an excellent option, helping to shield both your hair and scalp from harmful sun rays.


Get rid of split ends

Dry hair tends to suffer more from split ends, which can, in turn, make hair look dryer and frizzier – its a vicious cycle! You should always make sure to get a good hair trim at the beginning of the summer season to keep your hair looking fresh and healthy throughout the warmer months. Remember, hair tends to grow faster in summer too, so keep on top of your trims to avoid the ends of your hair becoming damaged.


How to look after your hair on holiday

Are you lucky enough to be jetting off on a summer holiday this year? Sun, sea and sand – all great for the mind, but not so much for your hair! Ensure you and your tresses are prepared with our top summer holiday hair care tips.


Keep on top of tangles

Chlorine, sea salt and naturally sun-drying hair can leave you with a beautiful beachy look. However, what this often means is an abundance of tangles that makes it harder to tackle your hair when you do want to brush or style it.  

A detangling hair brush such as the Tangle Teezer will become somewhat of a holy grail for saving your summer hair. Opt for a Compact Tangle Teezer to throw in your beach bag, or keep on top of your hair straight after a swim with the Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler.  

Top tip: Before you jump into the pool, loosely tie your hair up to avoid it getting too wet.    


Protect against chlorine damage

And speaking of chlorine, if you have lighter hair you’ve more than likely either experienced or heard horror stories of hair turning green following a swim. This is due to the combination of chlorine and copper in pool water, which bond together and attach to the proteins of your hair. So, how do you prevent the dreaded holiday green hair?

As with most things in life, preparation is key. Even just rinsing your hair with clean water before a dip in the pool can help. This is because dry hair is more porous so will absorb more chlorine. A quick rinse with clean water when you’ve got out of the pool will also go a long way, helping to remove your hair of excess chlorine and ensuring it is clean as it dries.

There are also, of course, a number of treatments and shampoos you can invest in to ensure coloured or bleached hair maintains its glow. Check out the Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Kit which protects the hair from UV rays and against discolouration and damage from the pool, hard water minerals found in hotel water systems and salt sea waters. Alternatively, explore our full aftercare selection to find the perfect options to suit you and your hair.

How to care for hair extensions in summer

If you do have hair extensions, there are a number of areas in which you will need to take additional care. The key thing to remember is to be careful with your hair extension bonds, weft or tape tops.  


Avoid getting hair extension bonds wet

The bonds, weft and tape tops are prone to damage when wet. To combat this, try not to soak the roots of your hair in water for too long, and always gently dry the roots of your hair immediately when getting out of the pool or sea. Avoid massaging or twisting the hair with a towel, but pat dry.  


Be careful with lotion and skincare

Skincare is of the utmost importance in summer, with moisturisers and sunscreens vital tools to keep your skin glowing and healthy. We all know sunscreens change our white T-shirts orange – well, the chemicals in suntan lotion can also affect your hair so tie your hair up out the way and wash hands immediately afterwards to ensure they don’t transfer to your hair.


To keep your locks and your extensions looking bright, shiny and healthy all summer long, be sure to explore the full haircare accessories collection at Additional Lengths. Or, for products to keep your Remi Cachet extensions in top condition, head on over to our specialist Remi Cachet aftercare collection.

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