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5 Ways To Protect Your Hair Whilst You Sleep

Whether you’re desperate to save your waves for one more day or want to avoid tangles, there are some really simple things that can help. At Additional Lengths like to focus on hair care just as much as hair styling, so read on for our five suggestions on how to protect your locks whilst you’re catching some zzz’s.

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Brush it out

Our first tip on how to protect your hair while sleeping is the most simple and easy thing you can do which may already be in your bedtime routine. By brushing or combing your hair thoroughly before sleep you’re clearing the hair of any knots and tangles that have built up during the day. Use a gentle brush such as a Tangle Teezer. If left overnight, they’re bound to get worse!

Get braiding

A simple way to prevent waking up to a tangled mess of hair which can take a long time to sort out is to put your hair into two plaits. For the more adventurous, why not try French braids? Not only will plaits keep your hair tangle-free, in the morning when you brush the hair or use your fingers to comb through, you’ll have lovely soft waves. Double benefits!

Dry hair thoroughly before hitting the hay

Wet hair is more prone to damage and breakage, leading to frizziness and split ends. Ensure enough time before showering and going to bed for your hair to dry naturally, or use heat protectant spray, such as the Additional Lengths Heat Shield, and use a hairdryer to make sure that the hair is completely dry before going to sleep.

Invest in a satin pillow

This may sound very ‘Princess and The Pea’ but bear with us because sleeping on a satin pillow can actually work wonders for your hair. Cotton pillowcases can cause pulling on the hair. The satin can work to reduce static present in the hair and keep it smooth, even if you’re tossing and turning throughout the night! Enjoy the feel of the silky soft fabric on your skin whilst your hair enjoys a break.

Apply a treatment

At Additional Lengths we love a good quality, nourishing hair treatment that can bring hair back to life and provide some much needed care after styling. By applying a treatment, such as the Additional Lengths Hair Extension Vitamin Spray treatment or Remi Cachet Hair Oil, and covering the head with a shower cap or something similar, the time you’re asleep is optimum time for your hair to receive nourishment. Wash out upon waking for silky soft, revived hair!

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