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Clip-ins: The Best Ways To Apply Hair Extensions

Here at Additional Lengths, we know hair extensions in and out, and offer an extensive range for our customers to choose from. Whether you’re interested in pre-bonded options, tape in extensions or clip-in extensions, we can help you ensure that they’re applied correctly. Today we’re going to discuss clip-in extensions and the different ways you can apply these, which sometimes may depend on your hair type.

Compared to pre-bonded extensions, clip-ins give you the option to choose your hair length every day, meaning that you can have a variety of choices ready for any occasion. Below are some of the ways you can apply clip-in extensions to last you all day long.

Long but fine applications

For those with long but fine hair, you may want to apply hair extensions to give yourself extra volume, especially handy when it comes to curly and voluminous styles. We have a tutorial on this that may be helpful to watch, especially the use of the mirror when applying extensions into your own hair. Simply section the hair using a comb, and clip the pieces around the line you’ve created – backcombing the hair where you apply the clips is a good way to give the extensions extra hold, should you need it; this is helpful with fine hair.

Short hair applications

If you’ve recently had a pixie cut or short bob cut in and want to change up your look, you can still achieve a long style with clip-ins. A misconception is that you’re unable to use any hair extensions when you’re hair is short, but it just takes a bit of skill and knowledge to get right, blending in the correct places. Youtuber LLimWalkter has a great tutorial for this, teaching you how to properly blend with the shorter pieces. Sometimes you may need to trim them slightly to suit your frame, but it’s wise to ask a salon professional for this, just in case something goes wrong; extensions can’t grow back.

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