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Baby it’s cold outside

As the frost starts to bite, we steal some celeb style to help keep us and our tresses protected against the cold.  Our long locks are great at keeping us warm, but we need to make sure they don’t dry out with the central heating and fight frizz as we step outside into the cold air.

With the big freeze now in full effect we’ve seen some great celeb style to try yourselves from the Dakota Johnson big fur hat – we feel warmer just looking at this.   Or maybe opt for Jennifer Lawrence’s wide brimmed Fedora or the casual over-sized beanie Chrissy Teigen look.   Don’t forget to take your hat’s on and off slowly so not to tug on your bonds and cause matting.  We really recommend having your brush ready to combat the inevitable hat hair.

If you still want to show off your locks and are happy to brave the cold, then opt for Abbey Clancy’s hair tuck or Fearne Cotton’s big wrap to keep the ends safe from drying out and keep you warm too.

Our top tip is to leave your conditioner on a few minutes longer whilst washing your hair to help lock in more moisture.   Try Remi Cachet’s Shampoo & Conditioner as they have been tested to work on any bond type and also leave the hair shiny and healthy.  Don’t forget to add some Hair Oil too before heading out to help fight static and frizz.  It will also make your hair look healthier and protect it from the icy chills.  It also comes in a handy travel sized bottle to fit in your handbag so you can add some to your drying ends when out and about.

Talk to your #RCStylist for more style and hair care tips this winter.

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