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Hair Tips

Sporty Style Ideas

It’s time to enjoy the Commonwealth games and get inspired to join in some sport.  But before you do let’s just think about the hairdo first so you look your best and keep those tresses perfect for your medal ceremony:
– Securely tie your hair up (but not too tightly as this could pull the bonds) to keep out of the way and prevent matting
– You can never go wrong with a plait especially if you need a cycling hemet on
– Accessorize with a head band to control stray hairs
– If you are heading to the pool for a spot of diving or swimming; wash & condition your hair well to remove the chlorine and don’t forget to thoroughly dry your hair before heading out
– If you take part in a lot of sport, remember to tell your stylist at your consultation as they may look to keep bonds away from the nape of your neck allowing you to sweat and cool down without fear of loosing any bonds
Check out this gallery of athletes sport hairstyles
So go enjoy this fab summer and head out to enjoy some sporty hair.  #BringItOn!

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