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7 Simple Summer 2022 Hairstyles

Are you stuck with summer hair styling? We’ve got you. Here are seven of our favourite simple summer hairstyles for 2022 to give you a tonne of inspiration. You will have enough new hairstyles to try for everyday of the week (you’re welcome)...


1.) Waves For Days 

Have you noticed that when we get a chance we will ALWAYS talk about effortless beach waves? Who can blame us? They are a perfect look for summer and super easy to create, there's nothing not to love. 

And don’t they just look gorg on Millie Bobby Brown? Some serious inspiration right here… 


How can I create this? Creating this look couldn't be easier with the Silkology Heatless Hair Curler. Simply pop this onto damp hair, leave overnight and wake up to gorgeous waves the next morning.

Silkology Heatless Hair Curler


If some of the curls are a bit tighter than you would want, not to worry, the Remi Cachet Wave Comb is there to save your day by gently teasing these out.


2.) Ponytail With A Twist 

We all love a ponytail but we love a ponytail with a twist even more. In this case, the twist is a simple but elegant plait. 

Who better than to take inspiration from than the hair, fashion, beauty, everything Queen herself, Matilda Djerf?



“How can I create this?” This look is so classy and easy to do, nothing better. Plus, it's so much easier with our collection of Remi Cachet Human Hair Ponytails that allow you to create a long, sleek pony in less than a minute.

Remi Cachet Human Hair Ponytail

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Then all you need to do is plait away. If you want to create a look just like Matilda’s (of course you do), before adding the ponytail we recommend slicking back your hair with the Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray and the Remi Cachet Pin Tail Comb to provide you with long-lasting frizz-free results. Then you’re good to go 💃🏻

Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

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3.) Bubble Pony 

The ponytail strikes again but this time with the “bubble” effect. In equal parts of chic and fun, this look can easily be added to your daily choice of hairstyles… your welcome. 

TikTok star Kaylie Stewart’s ponytail looks so elegant. This is sure to be the perfect look, no matter what you’re doing this summer.


“How can I create this?” -  Like the “Ponytail With A Twist”, Remi Cachet Human Hair Ponytails are your answer and you may want your hair to be completely slicked back from your face (especially in the summer heat, we can't blame you). Therefore, the Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray and the Remi Cachet Pin Tail Comb are a must.

You are also going to want to use the Remi Cachet Pin Tail Comb to slightly backcomb the ponytail section by section once the hair is up. Slightly backcombing the hair will make it slightly bigger for you to work with for the “bubble part” which you complete each section by adding a bobble and slightly pulling the hair of the section so it expands to a “bubble”.

Remi Cachet Pin Tail Comb

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You are then going to want to set the hair with a small amount of hairspray. For this, we totally recommend Moroccanoil's Luminous Medium Hold Hairspray for a long-lasting finish without any stickiness or build up.


4.) Sleek Bun 

The keyword here being “sleek”, when it comes to this kind of look, we think it's very fair to say nobody does it quite as well as Hailey Bieber. But, with our recommended products we can certainly come close…


“How can I create this?” - This product surely has the right to be crowned “Hair Styling Product Of 2022” because we really can't stop recommending it, can we? But the Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray is just that good. So, make sure you get your hands on it before it goes out of stock because not only is it perfect for those ponytail looks, but it is also amazing for creating that gorgeous off-duty, sleek bun style.

Again, you just want to slick back the hair with the Remi Cachet Pin Tail Comb, give it a spray with the Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, pop your hair in a bun and then you’re model chic (check you out).

If you are struggling with creating that perfect bun, we’ve got you covered with our collection of Remi Cachet Elegance Human Hair Buns. These hair buns can be styled, curled and treated like your own hair, so you can create a look that's your own with these. Plus, they are easily fitted in under one minute so are great for a quick, stylish hairstyle to complete your look.

Remi Cachet Human Hair Bun

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5.) Space Buns

We talked about them in our “2022 Festival Hairstyles” journal post and from what we have been seeing on social media recently “Space Buns” aren't just for festival season. So, make sure you jump on this trend. 

We LOVE this look on Lizzo, it's about damn time we saw these more on our feed (see what we did there? 😉).... 


“How can I create this?” - Firstly, section your hair using the Remi Cachet Pin Tail Comb and get your hair up high into place using the Remi Cachet Paddle Brush.

Remi Cachet Paddle Brush

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Once the space buns have been created you may want to smooth your hair down with the Remi Cachet Hair Oil and secure the whole look in place with Moroccanoil’s Luminous Medium Hold Hairspray.

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium Hold

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6.) Baby Braids

Baby Braids are a complete throwback hairstyle that we are all here for. This is when thin sections of the hair are pulled out of a style to frame the face. This simple style can elevate your look into one that’s super cool, chic, and relaxed. It’s also perfect for those of you that got trendy bangs recently and decided to grow them out.

For our inspiration, we couldn't just go for one image, so have two from the blonde babes Margot Robbie and Gigi Hadid, if Baby Braids are good enough for them, we can totally copy… 


“How can I create this?” - Creating this look literally couldn't be easier. Simply part your two front sections using the Remi Cachet Pin Tail Comb and plait away. But, if you want to add something more to this look, why not add some loose curls to give that look an extra glamorous touch, just like Gigi.

For this, you’re going to want to add the Qute 32mm Curling Tong to your basket. This barrel size is perfect for those bigger and looser curls and with this tong you can have luscious locks in no time with 210°C reached in 40 seconds. Don’t forget about applying that heat protectant before though.

Qute 32mm Curling Tong

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7.) Bouncy Blow Out 

Give your hair next-level oomph with a stunning Bouncy Blow Out. According to Glamour magazine “2022 is the year that luxe, gravity-defying blow dries are back in full force” so make sure you’re on this trend. 

She strikes again… we couldn’t help adding another look from Matilda because wow just look at this! So.much.hair. The perfect inspiration for this look…. 


“How can I create this?” - Starting with damp hair, apply a generous amount of the Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer. This miracle maker volumises fine, thin, limp hair without damage, dehydration or weighing hair down, giving thick, voluminous hair with results that last for days.

Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer 200ml

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You then want to grab your Remi Cachet Brush & Blow Brush and your favourite blow dryer (not forgetting the heat defence) and simply dry your hair with the brush starting at the root and pulling through. Make sure you mix it up with different twists and turns for that bouncy effect throughout your hair.

Remi Cachet Brush & Blow Brush

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Will you be trying out any of these gorgeous simple summer hairstyles for summer 2022? If you do, make sure you share your look on Instagram using #additionallengths for a chance to be featured on our channels. Happy styling 💜💃🏽

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