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What Are Tape Hair Extensions?

If you’ve been thinking about hair extensions but you’re not sure where to start, Tape Hair Extensions could be the perfect choice for you. Want to know more? We have the information for you...  


What Are Tape In Hair Extensions?

* A semi-permanent hair extension method that usually lasts around approximately 8 to 10 weeks before a maintenance appointment is needed. 

* Favoured for their quick and easy application time and for their natural-looking finish.

* Applied close to the root with Tape Tabs, small amounts of natural hair are sandwiched in between small wefts creating a flat, natural finish and an instant, strong bond.

* A great choice for thick locks and everyday styling, they are also a perfect choice for fine hair, as each flat weft can be easily concealed by the natural hair. For those with finer hair, your stylist can apply one taped piece and secure it with a single sided tape.

* At Additional Lengths there are four types of Tape Hair Extensions across Remi Cachet; Injection Tape Hair, Micro Tape Hair, Smart Tape and Tape Hair.

* In total, there are 4 lengths; 10", 14", 18", 22" and over 50 colours for you to choose from. 


How Long Do Tape In Hair Extensions Last?

From fitting, you can expect your tape hair extensions to last for up to approximately 10 weeks before your stylist will need to adjust and refit. 

Regarding, the hair itself this depends on two things; the product you choose and aftercare.

Below is a list of the different tape hair extensions available to you and approximately how long they will last inline with using the correct and recommended aftercare


Injection Tape Hair 

Remi Cachet Range: Elegance 

Approximate Longevity: Up to 12 months 


Micro Tape Hair

Remi Cachet Range: Elegance 

Approximate Longevity: Up to 12 months 


Smart Tape 

Remi Cachet Range: Deluxe 

Approximate Longevity: 9 months 


Tape Hair 

Remi Cachet Range: Luxury 

Approximate Longevity: Between 6 and 9 months 


How Are Tape-In Hair Extensions Applied And Removed?

Fitting and removing your Tape hair extensions should always be done by a qualified extensionist and you should never attempt to do this yourself. 

How Do I Look After My Tape In Hair Extensions?

As mentioned, aftercare is key to ensuring your hair extensions stay fabulous for longer.

From the best products to use and things to avoid, your stylist will be on hand to advise you of the best way to correctly care for your extensions, but it is also your responsibility to ensure that these procedures are put in place and that you attend all of your follow-up maintenance appointments.

Here are just some top tips to help you best care for your tape in hair extensions:

* After application, your tape hair extensions will need to be kept dry for at least 48 hours to give their tape time to cure. Bathing, showering or any strenuous exercise that may cause you to sweat should be avoided during this time to prevent the bonds from weakening, potentially causing the extensions to slip.

* Always wash your hair whilst in an upright position with specialist hair extension shampoo and conditioner, avoiding conditioner on the root area and the areas where the extensions are attached.

* Avoid daily washing and aim to wash your hair no more than three times a week.

* Tape hair extensions should never be brushed when wet. Always blow-dry first on a cooler setting at the root, then hold the hair at the root and use a hair extension brush to brush through your extensions to prevent any unnecessary pulling.

* Never apply straighteners or heated tools directly to bonds as the heat may damage the adhesive causing your extensions to move or slip out.

* When working with heat, always use heat protectant to prevent your extension hair from splitting.

* Avoid using oil-based products on the tape adhesive as this too can cause slippage.

* Never sleep on wet hair extensions, always ensure they are thoroughly dry. 


For even more tips and advice, check out our aftercare page as well as our previous journal post "How Do I Look After My Remi Cachet Hair Extensions?"


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Tape In Hair Extensions?

So now you know exactly what tape hair extensions are, how they are applied and how to care for them, we thought we’d summarise our guide with some handy pros and cons so that hopefully you can decide whether or not these extensions are the right choice for your hair.



* As Tape hair extensions are as semi-permanent method these are a great option if you are wanting something more permanent than Clip Ins which is only a temporary method.

* They are often favoured for the quick application process which means less time for you in the chair compared to Pre-Bonded and Weft methods.  

* Wefts lay completely flat to the head for a natural look that works great in both thick and thin hair.

* Can be reused multiple times if removed correctly and re-applied with new tape



* If you are a keen swimmer, this extension option may not be the most suitable for you as the Tape Tabs can weaken from the chemicals used in the pool. As always, speak to your stylist before making this decision. 


To find your perfect colour, length and style, browse our full range of Tape Hair Extensions today, then read our guide on booking your first consultation appointment to see what you can expect from a consultation. 


Tape Hair Extensions Before And After 

Here are just some of our favourite before and after looks we have been tagged in... 





We hope this helps in your decision whether you think Tape Hair Extensions are perfect for you. Any questions? Feel free to contact us and one of the team will be happy.

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