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How Do I Look After My Remi Cachet Hair Extensions?

Now you have fabulous hair extensions, you may be wondering how you can keep them in top condition? If this sounds about right our guide has all the advice you need…


"How Do I Wash My Human Hair Extensions?"

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- When it comes to washing your hair extensions, following the application you should not wash them for at least 48 hours. Washing your hair this early can risk the quality of the adhesive and bond which can cause issues in the future… something you certainly don’t want. 

- You should not wash your hair every day and no more than three times a week. If you are doing this, then you are over-washing your hair and this can lead to dryness, damage and overall unnecessary wear and tear to your extensions. 

- When washing your hair make sure you are following these steps; 

Prior to washing, de-tangle your hair from the ends to the root by using a gentle brush. Specifically for this, we always recommend the Remi Cachet Paddle Brush

You should wash your hair in an upright position using lukewarm water and the Remi Cachet Hair Extension Shampoo

We recommend applying the shampoo to damp hair and this needs to be massaged gently into the scalp as well as over bonded areas, letting the suds flow through the lengths of your hair. Make sure you do not massage vigorously or twist and scrub your hair as this can cause damage. 

Next, the Remi Cachet Hair Extension Conditioner needs to be used on the middle to the ends of the hair only. It is important you avoid putting products on the root areas and the areas where the extensions are attached. You also must ensure that the conditioner is rinsed thoroughly to avoid any build-up.  

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"How Do I Dry My Human Hair Extensions?" 

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Following washing your hair, it is important you avoid rolling or rubbing your hair, and instead, you should gently squeeze out the excess water and pat down with the Remi Cachet Extension Towel

When your hair is damp, we always recommend you to use the Hair Oil from Remi Cachet which will leave your hair noticeably radiant and rejuvenated. However, you should always steer clear of the bonded areas and the roots to avoid the bonds slipping.  

When drying your hair make sure you are following these steps; 

- Begin drying on a cooler heat setting using the Remi Cachet Brush & Blow Brush to help speed up drying time whilst safely detangling. 

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- Following this, you can proceed to blow dry your hair as normal.

- Never leave your hair extensions to dry naturally as the moisture created from doing this can soften the bonds or the tapes, causing a risk of them slipping, or falling out.


"How Do I Style My Human Hair Extensions?"


Overall, just like your natural hair, you can use a variety of heated tools on your hair extensions such as hair dryers, straighteners, heated rollers etc but we always recommend using heat no higher than 180 degrees.

- Prior to using these tools, you should ensure that your hair is thoroughly dry and the Remi Cachet Miracle Mist is applied. The Remi Cachet Miracle Mist includes heat protection to help protect against damage from harsh temperatures so you can use your favourite styling tools with confidence. 

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- You should always use a low temperature when possible to avoid the risk that excessive heat has to the hair extensions’ quality.

- Heat should always be kept away from any adhesive and bonds at all times as this can cause them to melt and come loose from their natural hair.

- When it comes to styling products such as hairsprays, oils etc, you should avoid applying these to bonded areas as it may result in slippage.


"How Do I Brush My Human Hair Extensions?"

- It’s important for you to always use a professional hair extension brush on or near the extensions.

- Our collection of Remi Cachet hairbrushes and combs is specifically designed to flow over and through the bonds easily and using the incorrect brush may pull hair from the bonds or cause unnecessary damage to the hair extensions.

- If your hair extensions are tangled, you need to be really careful when brushing and apply the Remi Cachet Miracle Mist to help detangle your hair further. 

- Our recommendation is the Paddle Brush or Tangle Tamer from Remi Cachet to prevent the hair from tangling or matting. These are both powerful detangling hair brushes that are great for removing tough knots and tangles. 

- If you have big tangles, our advice is for you to hold the bonded areas to prevent excess tugging and also prevent forcibly removing the bonds.

- When brushing, you should always brush your hair thoroughly at least once or twice a day to prevent natural knotting and matting.

- It’s important for you to not over brush their hair as this may result in damage to the hair and cause unnecessary wear and tear. 

- You should avoid brushing your hair extensions when wet as they are more fragile which makes them more prone to snap or break. If you really need to detangle  when wet, we always advise using the Remi Cachet Wave Comb as this is a great comb to gently get rid of troublesome tangles in their hair.

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General Advice About Your Remi Cachet Hair Extensions 


"Can I Colour My Human Hair Extensions?"

It is not advised that your hair extensions are altered after purchase such as through colouring, tinting or being chemically treated as these changes may affect the overall integrity of the product or cause long-term damage. 


"Can I Swim Wearing Human Hair Extensions?"


If you are a swimmer, we recommend that when you do swim, you always coat your hair thoroughly with a mixture of water and the Remi Cachet Hair Extension Conditioner and tie it back to help prevent the chlorine or sea water from affecting your hair. Following this, it's important for you to wash your hair thoroughly afterwards and apply a generous amount of conditioner. 

"How Do I Look After My Hair Extensions At Night?"

You should avoid going to sleep with wet hair so it's important that your hair extensions are completely dry to avoid any problems occurring. We also suggest that you put your hair into a plait or a loose ponytail before bed which will help prevent their hair from tangling or matting. Make sure you check out a previous post we have on the blog called "5 Ways To Protect Your Hair Whilst You Sleep" to find out more information. 

"Do I Need To Separate The Bonds Of My Hair Extensions?"

We recommend that you regularly separate the bonds of their hair extensions. Hair that sheds naturally daily will become trapped in the bonds and cause them to matt or tangle together. So, skipping this step can result in large matted areas that are extremely difficult to brush out.


"What Is Discolouration And Fading?" 

It is important for you to understand the difference between discolouration and fading. Overall, they both present themselves in a similar way, but are very different. They both also naturally occur but can be avoidable. It’s vital that you understand that discolouration or fading can (and do) occur when wearing hair extensions, understand why it occurs, and how it is fixed. Educating yourselves on these points will help if they do occur, and help you manage your expectations. Our blog post from "All About Colour Change", has EVERYTHING you need to know, so get a cup of tea ready and make sure you give this a read. 


"How Do I Remove My Human Hair Extensions?"

Hair extensions should only be removed by a trained professional to avoid damage to your hair and scalp, therefore, we do not recommend self-removal for this reason. A regular maintenance appointment with your extensionist is vital to maintain the longevity of the hair extensions and it is important to routinely have the hair extensions removed and refitted depending on the method and in line with your own hair growth which your extensionist can review. 

Overall, aftercare is key to keeping your hair extensions looking fabulous. If you have any questions about aftercare, please feel free to contact us and the team will be happy to help. Also, make sure you tag us in your looks on Instagram with @additionallengths for a chance to be featured. 

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