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How Do I Colour Match My Hair Extensions?

The key to having fabulous looking natural hair and hair extensions is to properly match the colours between the two as this ensures the finish is seamless and natural-looking. "How do you colour match hair extensions?" and "how can Additional Lengths help with colour matching?" might be some of the questions you have. So, we’ve put together a helpful guide to outline the process of how we can help with colour matching, how your stylist colour matches and finds the perfect blend to suit you hair...


How Can Additional Lengths Help You Colour Match? 

Here at Additional Lengths, we have a free colour matching service where our experienced team can help. All you need to do is send your photos to the team via email to help@additionallengths.co.uk or through Instagram direct message.

You can find out all the information you need to know about getting the perfect photos for a colour match on our journal post "How Do I Colour Match My Hair Extensions?"

Our top tips are:

- Take 3 photos in total for a full representation of your hair; front view, back view and side view.

- Ensure all photos are taken outside in the natural daylight but make sure this isn't the direct sunlight.

- Don't use a flash or a filter.

- Have your hair completely down.

- Don't take a close- up selfie. 

You can also pop into our store where one of our team would be happy to help with this. 


How Do Stylists Colour Match Hair Extensions?


If you’re considering hair extensions, we always highly recommend that you get them put in professionally. It is a great way to ensure a good colour match as hairstylists have a clear view of your hair from all angles, as well as having the expertise and confidence to offer the correct advice. It’s also important to consider that it’s quite common for the root colour to be a different shade from the ends, especially if you’ve gone for a balayage or root stretch look. 

Colour rings are used to help match up hair shades as they allow stylists to compare shades easily with sample sizes of the hair extension. If the hair has a number of tones and shades then they can select a range of colours and mix them together to create a new colour blend.

Most popular mixed colour tones are already made up and sold by us but in cases where three or four colours are needed, it’s great to add double tones together. This means that you’re getting a unique blend of various hair tones to perfectly match your own hair, whether it’s a natural or dyed colour. Stylists can also create ombre and balayage hair colours using extensions without the need to colour your hair at all as long as they get the length and blend correct.


How To Blend Hair With Hair Extensions 


It goes without saying that the best way to blend your natural hair with hair extensions is to be properly colour matched to get the shades right. However, if you’ve bought clip in hair extensions online for example, you’ll be required to seek out the perfect match, which is where we can help assist with this. 

For those who are considering having pre bonded hair extensions fitted, a stylist will conduct an informal consultation with you prior to your appointment where they will assess your current hair and ensure a good colour match. This is an important step to get wonderful, natural looking hair extensions that are well blended with your own hair for a beautiful finish! Check out our journal post "Your Ultimate Guide To A Hair Extension Consultation" for more information about your consultation.


Style Your Hair As You Would Your Natural Hair


Another great way to ensure that your extensions look like your own natural hair is to style them the same way,  this way the two types of hair blend together perfectly. Once attached, style the hair and extensions together, whether that’s using a curling wand to create luxurious waves or straightening the lengths for a sleek look. Whether going for pre bonded hair extensions or clip in, using the same or similar length hair with layers can be a good way to achieve a natural finish. If you’ve got shorter hair though, it’s possible to go for blending weft extensions that can be attached to create layers so the difference in lengths is less obvious.

Don’t forget, a key part in maintaining the beauty of your hair, whether you have extensions or not, is to have a good hair care routine and aftercare plan. Hair extension aftercare products such as hair treatments to nourish the hair from root to tip, are essential when maintaining healthy shiny looking hair. 


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