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Can Hair Extensions Thicken Hair?

A question you may be wondering the answer to is “Can Hair Extension Thicken Hair?”. Our answer? Yes, they can, they do just that. Hair extensions are a perfect way to add a boost of volume of thickness to your natural hair. “Where do I start?” may be the next question you are wondering (are we right?), so, we gathered all the information you need to know…

Firstly, at Additional Lengths, all of our hair extensions are great for adding thickness to your hair so make sure you have a nosey around all of our products to see which one is best for you (and don’t forget to talk to your stylist about this). However, for thickness and volume specifically, we have the top three products we think are best for doing just that…


Top 3 Hair Extension For Volume And Thickness:  

1. Weft Hair Extensions

2. Injection Tape Hair®

3. Micro Tape Hair


1. Weft Hair Extensions

At Additional Lengths we have an extensive collection of high-quality Weft hair extensions. Ranging from our own brand and Remi Cachet, Wefts are the perfect option if you want a boost of volume to your hair.

If volume and thickness are what you are after then you need to specifically look at our collection Remi Cachet Super Wefts. These allow you to achieve 1.5x the volume of the Elegance Full Flat Wefts due to the density and weight of the hair. 

Along with the other Remi Cachet Wefts, the Super Wefts use a unique flat weft top that allows the weft to lay flat on your head, unlike other traditional wefts. Exclusive to Remi Cachet, the weft top combines lace, adhesive and stitching to avoid return hair and keeps it shed-free… perfect, perfect, perfect. 

Super Weft Lengths & Weights:

16" Length: 150g

20” Length: 180g


@dc.hairextensions uses a Remi Cachet Elegance Super Weft in 20” in colour 9/613.


Something to note… If you have very fine hair, due to the increased density and weight, Super Wefts specifically may not be suitable for your hair. They are suitable if you have medium-thickness to very thick hair to manage the density and weight of the Super Weft. So, always ask your stylist at your consultation if you are unsure.

Remi Cachet Elegance Super Weft

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2. Remi Cachet Elegance Injection Tape® Hair 

From our collection of Tape hair extensions, Remi Cachet Injection Tape® is designed to be discreet within your natural hair. 

The injection process of this extension type imitates the root and hair growth on the coloured back which changes depending on the hair colour you choose. This process makes it great for fine and flat hair due to the seamless finish but is also a suitable option if you have thicker hair.

Injection Tape Lengths & Weights: 

14” Length: 2.2g Per Strand

18” Length: 2.2g Per Strand

22” Length: 3g Per Strand


@strut_hair uses Remi Cachet 18” Elegance Injection Tape® Hair in colour 55.


Remi Cachet 18” Elegance Injection Tape® Hair in colour 55

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3. Remi Cachet Elegance Micro Tape Hair 

Calling those of you rocking a bob or a lob! If you want a boost of thickness to your look you certainly need Remi Cachet’s Elegance Micro Tape. From our collection of Tape Hair Extensions, Remi Cachet Micro Tape® is designed to add additional volume to a bob, lob or those with shorter hair. Plus, each 2cm wide piece allows for placement where other tape may be more visible.

10” Length: 1.2g Per Strand (24g total)

14” Length: 1.7g Per Strand (34g total)


 @krystalizedhair uses Remi Cachet 14” Elegance Micro Tapes in colour 9/613. 


Elegance Micro Tape Hair

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Hopefully our informative guide has helped you and you will have thick hair in no time *hair flick moment*. 

As mentioned, always chat you your stylist for their advice, they can properly examine your hair in your consultation and determine what is best for you personally to get thicker hair. Everyone is different so please only treat this as a guide. 


Any questions? Just contact us! The team are always on hand to answer your queries whether that’s regarding product information, a colour match or a delivery question. Plus, don’t forget we LOVE to see your images so make sure you share your gorgeous hair extensions on Instagram by tagging us @additional_lengths for a chance to be featured on our channels. 

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