Elegance Injection Tape Hair - Colour T5-9/55 Length 22
Elegance Injection Tape Hair - Colour T5-9/55 Length 22


Suitable for both thick and thinner hair, the Remi Cachet Injection Tape hair extensions are designed to be discreet in your own natural hair, from the injection process that mimics the root and hair growth, to the 4cm wide coloured backing that changes depending on the desired colour.

Applied using our Tape Hair Pliers for the perfect hold. Remi Cachet Injection Tape are reusable and you can retape them using our Tape Tabs. We recommend using the Remi Cachet Remover to release the tapes, making for easier removal.


  • Length: 22”
  • Weight: 3g Per Strand (30g total)
  • Pack Size: 10 Pieces
  • Double Drawn
  • Russian Mongolian Hair
  • Prior to applying, please ensure that the tape has acclimatised to the correct temperature before application. By making sure the tape has been at an optimum temperature of 18°C - 22°C for at least 24 hours contributes to the performance of the application.

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