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Why Is The Colour Chipping Off On My Hair Extension Rings?

Have you noticed that the colour of your hair extension rings has started to chip but don’t know why this could be? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Have a read through our answers to two of the most frequently asked questions around this topic; what is causing it? And how can this be prevented? 


What Is Causing The Colour To Chip?

Firstly, when trying to determine what may be causing your rings to chip, there are four main areas you need to think about; application, styling tools used, contact with your wet hair and the chemicals your rings are exposed to…


1. Application

During application, it is important to know there is a risk of there being damage to the colour of the ring. This is by no means a reflection of your stylist's ability but is something that is a risk when the rings are squeezed on too tightly with the pliers. This can then in turn result in the ring's surface becoming damaged. 


2. Styling Tools 

When it comes to using styling tools there are two causes that can result in the colour of your rings chipping. Using heated tools too close to the rings can result in the colour being damaged due to the heat breaking down the surface. 

As well as this, when styling with tools, if you are doing this too close to the ring the tools may knock onto the rings, this can affect the quality of the surface of the ring and the likelihood that the colour will start to chip. 


3. Wet Hair 

Leaving your hair wet for too long around the ring can result in the risk of the paint chipping away due to the water breaking down the coating. 

4. Chemicals 

From the chemicals in your sweat to those that are in their hair care products, these can cause the colour of the rings to chip.


How Can Colour Chipping Be Prevented? 

Now the four most common causes of colour chipping on hair extension rings have been discussed, you surely want answers on how you can prevent this… 


1. Talk To Your Stylist 

Discuss your concern with your stylist. They are the experts so they will be able to discuss with you what they believe is causing your rings to chip. 

Often, you will find your stylist using a smooth pair of pliers to protect the surface of the ring which significantly reduces the risk of the surface becoming damaged. 


2. Be Careful With Heated Tools 

When you are using heated tools, ensure that you are not using these too close to the rings. This will help avoid the colour of the ring becoming overheated and chipping. 

Also, why not research some styles where you can style your gorgeous hair however you want but without having any contact between the bonds and the tools you use? Reducing this contact and not having the rings and tools knocking against each other will help the colour to last longer. 


3. Keep The Hair Dry

Despite previous advice highlighting to avoid contact between tools and the bonds, when it comes to blow drying it is important that this is done throughout your hair. This will then prevent wet hair resulting in the paint from chipping away. Therefore, always ensure a low heat setting is used when working near the rings. 


4. Protect The Hair From Damaging Chemicals 

Are you a gym-goer? Sweat might be a risk your rings are exposed to, with this compromising the colour of the ring. To avoid this, always tie your hair up and away from your neck and forehead to avoid extensive exposure to sweat. 

Moreover, make sure you are using our recommended aftercare. Using our aftercare range from Remi Cachet will help maintain the quality of the extensions and avoid issues such as chipping rings.

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