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Why Are My Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions Slipping?

We’ve discussed Tapes here but now it’s Pre-Bonded’s turn. If you have noticed your Pre-Bonded hair extensions slipping and you don’t know why this is happening and how to prevent it, we are here to help. We have highlighted three main examples that can be the cause of this and some advice on how you can prevent this from happening…


1.) Hair Condition During Application 

During application, it is important to know there is a risk of your hair quality influencing the application of the Pre-Bonded hair extensions. This is by no means a reflection of your extensionist’s ability but your hair quality on the day of the application can be a risk to how well the application goes.

Therefore, our recommendation is to ensure that for your application, your hair is cleansed properly prior. If your stylist doesn’t offer washing your hair as a service on the day of application, our advice is to always use our Remi Cachet Pre-Application Shampoo which is a clarifying product to remove any excess residue or oils on your hair. This will result in adhesive or ring fusing to clean hair and significantly reduce the likelihood of the Pre-Bonded hair extensions slipping.


2.) Hair & Scalp Quality 

Pre Bonded hair extensions are great for a variety of hair types, whether your hair is thick or fine, they have the potential to be great for you. However, there can be a risk of the extensions slipping if you have super fine hair and/or a naturally oily scalp/hair amongst other hair types. 

Some pre-bonded hair extensions are a perfect choice if you have fine hair such as the Remi Cachet Pro Tips that are small and flat, making it discreet for your hair type. However, problems can arise when your hair is classed as “super fine”. 

When you’re in your consultation with your stylist we would advise you to mention your “super fine” hair if this is relevant to you. Even though your stylist would be able to identify this, it is important to stress this to them. Then, whether you are ordering your extensions for your stylist or they are ordering them for you, you are both in the loop about what is needed for your hair. 

Moreover, if your hair or scalp (or both) is naturally oily, this can be a significant reason why your extensions are slipping as they are unable to hold as long. Therefore, you may wish to have shorter periods between maintenance appointments. Again, this is something your stylist will have the experience and knowledge to determine but it’s important for you to explain your hair quality in detail to them, no one knows your hair better than you. 

As well as this, as mentioned, ensure you use our Pre-Application Shampoo before application and always use our recommended aftercare products. 



3.) The Influence Of Sweat 

Another important factor to consider which can influence your hair type is the effect of sweating. If you love to work out (well done you) and are facing the issue of your Pre-Bonded hair extensions slipping, sweat may just be the answer.

This is because there is a risk of sweat compromising the quality of the bond when in contact with each other which increases the risk of the extensions slipping. A solution couldn’t be easier, to help with this tie your hair up away from your neck and forehead before starting your workout whilst also making sure this isn't too tight and tugging at the bonds. 

Overall, the recommended products must be used on your hair to remove any perspiration which shows the importance of the next step…



4.) Aftercare Issues 

Ensuring you are using our recommended aftercare products is a big factor that can prevent their extensions from slipping prematurely. For example, if you are experiencing excess product build-up in your hair and scalp this can break down the adhesive and ring quicker, therefore, you need to use the correct aftercare. 

An example of an aftercare product is the Remi Cachet Hair Extension Shampoo which gently cleanses away impurities to remove buildup, whilst leaving your hair feeling revitalised, hydrated and healthy. There is also the Remi Cachet Hair Extension Conditioner that has been formulated with argan oil and other penetrating ingredients to help nourish your Remi Cachet hair extensions.

Overall, correct aftercare is essential to maintain the quality of your hair extensions and to help prolong their life. If you fail to follow the correct aftercare advice this can cause damage to the hair extensions and decrease their lifespan which includes the risk of the Pre-Bonded hair extensions slipping. 

Make sure you check out our aftercare guide here with all of the important information you need to know and don’t forget to speak to your extensionist.



If you have any questions about Pre-Bonded hair extensions slipping, feel free to contact us and one of the team will be happy to help.

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