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Which Hair Extensions Are The Best Quality?

We think a perfect way to start our 2023 journal posts is by answering one of our frequently asked questions and oh wow, it is frequently asked. With so many hair extension ranges available at Additional Lengths, of course, you are going to wonder which one is the best quality so in this post we will be answering the ever-so-popular question “which hair extensions are the best quality?”... 


Quality At Additional Lengths

At Additional Lengths, what hair quality boils down to is the duration it is going to last you…the longevity. In summary, if the hair is going to last you longer than other hair, the quality is better. How the quality is categorised is by “ranges”. Both brands on our website (our own and Remi Cachet) have specific hair ranges with differentiating longevities (in line with you following the correct aftercare routine, of course.)

Something to note is that all of the hair at Additional Lengths is high quality and has gone through extensive quality control to ensure high standards have been fully met.  But, if you are wanting to see which is the best quality out of the ones available, this guide is for you…


Hair Ranges From Highest Quality

The list below is an order of the hair ranges regarding quality, from highest. 

To find out more information about each of these ranges please select the name of the range. 


Which Hair Extensions Are The Best Quality?

1.  Remi Cachet Elegance

2. Remi Cachet Deluxe

3. Remi Cachet Luxury

4. Additional Lengths Euro Premium


Remi Cachet Elegance 

Known as the best of Remi Cachet, the Elegance hair range is well known for being high-quality, double-drawn, premium Remy hair. Double-drawn hair maintains its thickness from root to tip and provides full-on thickness and volume.

Sourced from the southern regions of Russia and Mongolia the range is very smooth and very straight. 

As this is the premium range from Remi Cachet (and the premium range from our website) this is one for you to consider if you want to invest in hair that will last a long time (if compatible with your natural hair which you can discuss with your stylist) 

You should expect to see the Elegance range last up to 12 months when you use the correct and recommended aftercare.



Remi Cachet Deluxe 

The newest range to Remi Cachet, Deluxe is also “the next best thing” to the brand’s Elegance range. This double-drawn, mid-ratio range Remy hair means that the hair that makes up the product is made with varying lengths, compared to the Elegance range which has a higher ratio of longer lengths. 

Overall, the purpose of this range is to be close to the quality of Elegance hair but with a more affordable price range for you. 

Following the right aftercare, the range should last you approximately 9 months.



Remi Cachet Luxury 

The brand’s Luxury range is designed to be great hair, with a good life span, without a premium price. It is Remy hair that has a natural ratio which means that it has a natural thickness from root to tip, so it tapers to a natural look. It is made with Chinese hair so it is smooth and straight.

You should expect to see our Luxury range last between 6 and 9 months when you are using the correct and recommended aftercare.



Additional Lengths Euro Premium 

Our own range of hair is named “Euro Premium”. Sourced from China and made from 100% high-quality human hair. 

Following the right aftercare, the range should last you up to 3 months.



What Is Remy Hair? 

Remy hair is hair that is collected through a method in which the strands of hair are following the natural direction of its growth to overall provide a smooth look and texture which provides a look, similar to your natural hair. 

Whereas, hair extensions that aren’t Remy hair involve a collection method where cuticle directions become mixed so the hair is more prone to matting, tangling and shedding problems.



The Importance Of Aftercare 

Aftercare is essential to maintain the quality of the hair. Ensure you always follow our aftercare guide and your stylist’s advice to ensure your hair is kept fabulous for longer.


Whatever range you go for, make sure you tag @additional_lengths in your images for a chance to be featured on our channels. Do you have any more questions about the ranges? If so, feel free to contact us and one of the team will be happy to help. 

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