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What Is Hard Water?

With summer approaching, we find this is a peak time for hard water-related questions so we have everything you need to know. Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions…


"What Is Hard Water?"

Hard water is water with high mineral content (specifically calcium and magnesium). 

The hardness of the water is measured in parts per million (PPM) and how many particles of hardness are dissolved in the water. 

Below indicates the PPM and the water hardness: 



0 – 50 PPM

Is soft.

51 – 100PPM

Is moderately soft.

101 – 150PPM

Is slightly hard.

151 – 200PPM

Is moderately hard.

201 – 275 PPM

Is hard.

276 – 350 PPM

Is very hard.

350 + PPM

Is aggressively hard.

(Source: Aqua Care


"Do I Live In A Hard Water Location?" 

As you probably know if you have read any of our other blogs that mention hard water such as; All About Colour Change and Protecting Your Hair From The Sun, we often talk about hard water being a risk in holiday locations but, did you know that you could actually live in a hard water area? 

To find out if you do simply pop in your postcode here.


"What Can Hard Water Do To My Hair Extensions?" 

Hard Water can impact your hair extensions in numerous ways and long story short none of them are good…

Specifically looking at hair extensions, due to the higher levels of minerals compared to “soft water”, “discolouration” is one of the issues that can be caused. Plus, you will often find the exposure can cause:

- Dullness

- Breakage

- Dryness


"What Is Discolouration?"

Before we go into how you can avoid your hair coming into contact with hard water, here is more about one of the issues you want to avoid… discolouration!

This is when the hair colour changes due to the contact it has had with hard water (but this can also be caused by your hair coming into contact with certain ingredients - more here)

Many recognise discolouration as an instant change in their hair but sometimes, this can actually be a gradual one. 

Blonde gals, you especially need to listen closely as we find that this is mostly seen in your hair as a green, brassy, pink or peach colour coming through. 

To find out more about discolouration read our previous blog post All About Colour Change.


“How Can I Reduce The Impact Of Hard Water On My Hair Extensions?”

Below are just some of the steps we recommend you take to avoid exposure to hard water: 

1. Don’t Go On Holiday Whilst Wearing Hair Extensions 

It’s the news you probably don’t want to hear… BUT our advice always has been and always will be to avoid wearing hair extensions whilst on holiday.


2. Find An Alternative Water Source To Wash Your Hair 

If wearing your hair extensions is a MUST on holiday, you are taking responsibility for the risks you are exposing to them including (but not limited to) hard water... you have been warned. 

Steps you must take to reduce the exposure include washing your hair with bottled water and overall keeping your hair well away from any water… cover it up and tie it back. 


For those of you living in a hard water area, we recommend the same steps are taken and that you always wash your hair with bottled water or with a softener (more about this next)...


3. Have A Water Softener System Installed 

If you do live in a hard water area and the above step isn’t manageable (we understand it’s not ideal) we recommend that you look into having a water softener system installed. The system directly attaches to your main supply and strips the hard water particles from the water before going into your ongoing water supply. 

This is certainly something for you to look to if you are thinking about hair extensions and live in a hard water area as the two (hair extensions and hard water) definitely don’t work well together.

All the above steps must be followed to ensure your hair extensions are not affected by hard water.


My Hair Has Been Affected By Hard Water, How Can I Resolve This? 

If you don’t follow our advice or have found this blog too late and your hair has been impacted by hard water here are some of the steps that you take to help resolve the issues… 

For Discolouration… 

Malibu C is the answer. The brand’s collection of products that have been created to resolve discolouration naturally removes the deposits from the hair. 

Two products you need are… 


Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Remedy 

- Restores the life of weighed-down locks for body, bounce and sheer brilliance.

- Naturally removes hard water deposits and impurities.

- Leaves the hair instantly softer, shinier and full of swing.

- Eliminates brassiness, discolouration and damage caused by mineral absorption.

- A vitamin-infused formula that deeply penetrates for superior moisture retention.

- Use once every few washes, not every time

- Follow up with nourishing a Hair Oil or a moisturising hair mask to restore life into your locks. 

Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Remedy 5g

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Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Kit 

- The number one defence system against malicious minerals and other elements in hard water.

- 100% vegan

- Instantly removes and prevents discolouration, dryness, damage and dullness

- Unleashes perfectly purified, weightless hair and reveals unmatched body and shine. 


- Hard Water Wellness Shampoo 266ml

- Hard Water Wellness Conditioner 266ml

- Hard Water Wellness Treatment 5g (x4)

Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Kit

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For dullness, dryness and breakage… 

Remi Cachet Hair Oil 

- Enhances the hair’s natural beauty

- Leaves it noticeably radiant

- Extracts of Argan Oil nourish the hair to give an intense glossy finish, great softness, and leaves the hair looking rejuvenated.

- Results in the hair feeling silky soft, and revitalised.

- Formulated with essential ingredients that have been developed to extend the lifespan and performance of the hair extensions.

- Vegan-friendly formula.

Remi Cachet Hair Oil 50ml

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Remi Cachet Miracle Mist 

- The signature formula penetrates the hair, enhancing the hair's natural beauty, and leaving the hair noticeably radiant.

- Extracts of Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein nourish the hair to help retain moisture, repair damaged hair, and leaves the hair looking rejuvenated.

- Includes heat protection

- Formulated with essential ingredients that have been developed to extend the lifespan and performance of the hair extensions.

- Results in the hair feeling silky soft, and revitalised.

Remi Cachet Miracle Mist 100ml

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Hopefully we have the answers to any questions you have about hard water. But, If you have any more, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help. 

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