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Protecting Your Hair From The Sun

Summer is finally here! It's so easy to forget that your hair needs protecting and it's not just your skin that your skin is prone to damage whilst you're soaking up some vitamin D. 

Extension wearers or not, we have some advice for you…   

Looking After Your Hair Extensions:

Calling all extensions wearers, here at Additional Lengths our overall advice for extensions on holiday is to avoid this, where possible. Wearing hair extensions on holiday exposes them to a lot of risks that can lead to discoloration or early colour fade. “What is discolouration and colour fade?” you may be asking. Our previous blog post All About Colour Change” has everything you need to know. This includes how exposing your hair to “hard water” can cause discolouration and how heat can result in the colour fade process accelerating. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you avoid wearing hair extensions on holiday and most definitely avoid getting your hair wet in the pool.

If hair extensions are a must for your holiday, it’s definitely worth giving our "All About Colour Change" blog post a thorough read to know the risks you are exposing your extensions to. 

When it comes to wearing them on holiday, here are our top 6 tips… 


1. Avoid Hard Water 

It’s important to note that holiday destinations where you can’t drink the water because of minerals it contains, can not only be bad on your body but can also cause discolouration on your hair. So, always have your head above water whether that's at the beach or the pool. 

Also, don’t forget, exposure to hard water also includes washing your hair in the shower. Therefore, it will be best to use bottled water when washing your locks.


2. Cover it Up & Tie It Back 

The perfect excuse to treat yourself to a stylish sun-hat, a cool cap, or both… to keep your hair protected from the sun. Whether you’re swimming in the pool or at the beach, tie-up your hair to keep it out of the water and away from picking up any sun cream, the two main causes of discoloration.


3. Shampoo & Conditioner Routine 

When your hair extensions are being constantly exposed to the elements, you don’t want to add to that stress by using the wrong shampoo. 

Always opt for a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner for your extensions, as sulphates strip away your human hair extension’s natural oils over time leaving them looking dry, coarse and lifeless.

Our recommendation is always the Remi Cachet Hair Extension Shampoo and the Remi Cachet Hair Extension Conditioner. You also receive both of these fabulous products as part of the Aftercare Gift Set that also includes the Remi Cachet Hair Oil and Remi Cachet Miracle Mist. Always remember to avoid applying conditioner directly to your bonds and to always wash your hair standing up to avoid any tangling and matting. 

Also, if you’re rinsing your hair with bottled water, make sure you pour it in the direction of your hair for best results.


4. Use A Correct Hairbrush 

Make sure you pack your Remi Cachet Smoothing Brush for anti-static and tangle-free care. Perfect for preventing pulling, they can be used safely to relieve tension on bonded areas too. 


5. Avoid Heat Styling 

Your hair will already be feeling a little dry from the sun, so try to avoid adding to the problem. It’s important to dry your hair extensions once they’ve been wet, so if drying or styling is unavoidable, always use a heat protector on your locks. If you’re wanting perfect, heatless curls, why not use the Silkology Heatless Hair Curler? Achieve a wavy look without the damage. Low maintenance hairstyles such as plaits are also a great way to avoid heated tools and still get that wavy look you were hoping for. 


6. Discoloration Solution

If you are experiencing discolouration Malibu C is your answer… With a range of products to reduce the risk of discolouration and dehydration caused by hard water on your locks, our range from the brand also helps restore the shine to your hair. Included in the range is the Hard Water Wellness Remedy that naturally removes hard water deposits and impurities to eliminate brassiness, discolouration and damage caused by mineral absorption. A must have product to go in your suitcase if the worst was to happen!  


Looking After Your Natural Hair:

If you’re living the hair extension free life and are just looking to keep your hair in the best condition possible whilst enjoying your holiday it is important to still think about protecting your hair, especially if it's coloured…


1.Wear A Hat

As one of the best and natural ways to protect your hair from the sun, wearing a hat is perfect for both your hair and skin. 


2.Shampoo & Conditioner 

When it comes to shampoo and coloured hair, to protect your hair from early colour fading its important that you choose products that are specifically designed for coloured hair to effectively moisturise your locks. 

If your hair isn't coloured, we have got you covered with the Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner Duo that's perfect for dehydrated hair... something you are likely to experience when on holiday. 


3.Keep Your Head Above Water

Another excuse to go shopping… This time for a Instagramable pool floatie so you can keep your hair above water and give it a break. The sea and the pool can strip your hair of its natural oils. So, dyed hair or not, it's best to relax on that pool floatie as much as possible… you're welcome! 💃🏽


4.Be Cool

When your hair is dyed, temperature is a big factor in how long your hair colour stays vibrant so if you are wanting to prevent early colour fade its important to keep your hair cool.

When you are soaking up the sun we understand it is hard to avoid the heat so when you are washing your hair take this as an opportunity to cool your hair down. Turn down the temperature of the water and opt for lukewarm levels rather than hot and we promise your hair colour will thank you. 


5. Apply A Treatment 

When it comes to bed time, applying a treatment, such as the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask, and covering your head with a shower cap is great for your hair as the time you’re asleep is an optimum time for your hair to receive nourishment. Then simply wash the treatment when you wake up for instant silky soft and revived hair!


6.Steer Clear Of Extra Heat 

Because your hair is being exposed to the sun ray’s continuously on holiday, adding extra heat to your hair such as from the hair dryer or straighteners can cause damage to your hair such as drying it out. 

For hair extensions wearers,low maintenance hairstyles such as plaits are a great way to avoid heat tools. Why not try out the Silkology Heatless Hair Curler to get some gorgeous beachy waves?

Again, if heat is a must, always opt for a low heat setting and use a heat protectant such as the Hair Extensions Heat Shield, also great for your natural hair. 


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