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The Best Photos For A Hair Extensions Colour Match

In order to achieve a flawless, natural-looking finish with your hair extensions, it’s important to get an accurate hair extensions colour match.

If you’re finding it difficult to book a colour match consultation, don’t worry! As part of our service at Additional Lengths, we give our clients the opportunity to send photos to us, so our experienced hair extension specialists can assess your hair colour and advise you on the perfect colour match for your hair.

In this handy guide, we’ve rounded up the dos and don’ts when it comes to photographing your hair, to guarantee the most accurate results. Get ready for your best colour match yet!

How To Take Good Photos For A Colour Match

Before you begin taking the photos for your colour match, it’s important to consider a few things. First of all, you want to be in the best place possible for natural light, so take your photos outdoors but try to avoid direct sunlight and shadows. Your hair should be down and visible from root to tip, so we can assess its length, colour and tone. And finally (before we teach you how to take the best possible photos ever!), avoid busy backgrounds that may distract from your hair colour. Remember, these photos aren’t supposed to be amazing model-worthy selfies of you striking poses! The main focus of each shot should be to show us your amazing locks in their truest form, no filters necessary!

The Best Hair Extension Colour Match Photos 

Front View

In total, you should aim to take three photos, the first being a good front view. In this photo, we should be able to see your hair’s full length, from root to tip. With your hair in its natural parting, bring it to the front of your shoulders so its length is clearly visible. Always photograph your hair in natural light so we can see all of its different colours and tones as this makes it much easier to match up your colours. If you have a stretched root or balayage, this can be matched up too. Notice there aren’t any filters or shadows on this photo and the light isn’t harsh, which helps to present your hair colour in its truest form.

Back View 

To photograph the back of your hair, it may be worth using a tripod and self-timer or asking someone to help you. For this view, it’s important that most of your hair is behind your shoulders, giving a clear view of its length. This view also shows your full colour more clearly and as hair extensions are matched at the ends rather than the roots, it’s a great photograph for accurately achieving this.

Side View

To give you your most accurate hair extensions colour match, it’s great for us to see your hair from different angles and a  good side view photo can really help with this. Try not to push your hair behind your ears and make sure that we can see it hanging naturally, for best results.

Hair Extension Colour Match Photos Don'ts

Don’t use your flash or add a filter

Using the flash on your camera may seem like a good idea, but it can distort the colour of your hair, leaving you with an inaccurate colour match. If the natural light is good enough, you shouldn’t need a flash to brighten your photo. The same goes for applying filters too, as although they make you feel better about your photo, they don’t do much in the way of showing off your hair colour. We’re all guilty of applying filters to photos from time to time, but for best results, show us your natural beauty (we promise your hair will thank you for it later!).

Don’t take photos in the sun

This photo is a really good example of how too much sunlight can distort the natural appearance of your hair colour. As sunlight brightens everything, it can make your hair appear much lighter, blurring the lines between all of your mixed tones. Natural light is good, but if your photo appears too bright, take another photograph that’s out of the sun. For the perfect balance, don’t choose a place that’s too shaded either.

Don’t take a close-up selfie

Although you might think that we need a close-up of your roots for a colour match, we actually don’t! As mentioned, hair extensions are colour matched to the ends and the mixed tones running through your hair, your root colour is less relevant. With a good front, side and back view, we should be able to clearly see all of the colours and tones running through your hair and as your bonds will be carefully hidden under your roots, colour-matching here is less important.

Don’t tie your hair up

Your hair is beautiful and we need to see it in all of its glory, so don’t tie it up! Avoid messy buns, ponytails and unnecessary hair clips in your photos (even if you wear your hair that way all of the time). To assess your length and varying colours and tones, we need to see all of your hair, so make sure you have it down in all of your photos, for perfect colour-matching results.

Although we’ve rounded up the main dos and don’t for achieving seamless colour-matched hair, here are some other don’ts to consider;-

  • Don’t use ring lights or any artificial light to enhance your photos as they can distort your hair’s shades.
  • Don’t take photos indoors as the light can appear much warmer and can also distort the appearance of your hair colour
  • Don’t add filters or edit your photos


How To Colour Match Hair Extensions

For the best at-home colour match possible, take your photographs by following our guide, and then email them to us or tag us on our social channels, where our experienced stylists can advise you on the correct colour match and the extensions most suitable for your hair.

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