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How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

If you’re dreaming of flowing waist-length locks, beachy summer waves, or a sleek, long ponytail, then hair extensions can give you the transformation you’re looking for. Hair extensions instantly uplift fine hair, providing you with healthy-looking longer lengths that offer you so much more scope for hair experimentation. 

When making such a hair change, it’s important to consider the aftercare process, and ultimately what you’re getting for your money. Here at Additional Lengths, we stock a fabulous range of real hair extensions, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best results, as well as the right care for your hair. Whether it’s the first time you’ve considered hair extensions or you’re seeking advice after taking the plunge, we’re on hand to take you through how long hair extensions last,  as well as offering a handful of helpful hints and tips for maintaining your new head of hair.  


What Types Of Hair Extensions Can You Get?


Temporary hair extensions 

Temporary methods such as clip-in pieces are perfect for an instant transformation. Temporary methods are great if you’re looking for occasional wear, they are usually used by those who are happy with their own hair but just want a bit of enhancement for a night out or special occasion. 


About Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions are great as they can be clipped in and styled in minutes, then removed just as easily. They are probably the easiest to use, however, are the least permanent type of extension available. 

How Long Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Last? 

If you get regular use out of your clip-in hair extensions and take good care of them, they can last anywhere between 3-12 months. If you only wear your clip-in extensions for occasions or events, then they can last a very long time with good maintenance. 

How Do You Take Care Of Clip-In Hair Extensions?

When it comes to caring for clip-in extensions, there’s a little bit to consider. Firstly, as they are not permanently attached to your head, you need to think about where to store them when not in use. Ensure they are hung or laid flat and are protected. After 5-7 wears depending on frequency, we recommend washing them with sulphate free natural products and applying hair serum or oil to lock in moisture. Be careful not to brush them out when wet; you must ensure they are dry then brush thoroughly with a hair extension brush, not doing so could cause damage and even breakage, meaning they wear out quicker. 



Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions

Semi-permanent hair extensions can include tape-in pieces that usually last around 6-8 weeks before a maintenance appointment is needed. These are smaller pieces of hair in comparison to clip-ins and are great if you’re looking for longer, thicker locks to style every day. 


About Tape In Hair Extensions 

Tape in hair extensions do exactly as the name suggests, they literally tape onto either side of your natural hair using adhesive weft tape. They are perfect for those looking for instant volume and a hair lengthening solution. They are a particularly popular choice as they don’t require heat to apply. 

How Long Do Tape In Hair Extensions Last? 

Tape in hair extensions can last anywhere between 4-8 weeks in between maintenance periods. This does depending on how often they are styled or how well they are cared for.

How Do You Take Care Of Tape In Hair Extensions?

When it comes to caring for tape in hair extensions is to remember never to comb or brush when wet. The trick is to dry well and then brush through with a hair extension brush. This will not only help them last longer, but they will sit more naturally in your hair. 


Permanent Hair Extensions 

Permanent hair extensions are strand-by-strand where many small attachments are added, such as micro rings or micro bonds. Permanent extensions are best for those who are disappointed with their fine hair and want that extra volume, and length on a day-to-day basis. 


About Stick Tip/Mini Tip Hair Extensions

Also known as micro bead and micro loop hair extensions, these permanent hair extensions are applied by taking small sections of natural hair and attaching tiny tips of hair to it. The micro ring method is particularly popular as it is a reusable method; this means you can have the same hair refitted many times. No heat or glue is involved in this method.

How Long Do Stick Tip/Mini Tip Hair Extensions Last?

Stick Tip/Mini Tip Hair extensions can last anywhere between 2-4 months between maintenance appointments; nevertheless, you should get micro rings refitted when your stylist suggests depending on your hair type and natural growth rate.

How Do You Take Care Of Stick Tip/Mini Tip Extensions?

You can care for these hair extensions just as you would your natural hair, however, as they have been attached at the roots of it would be valuable to treat them with extra caution by always opting for our recommended aftercare products. 


About Flat Tip Hair Extensions

Flat tip hair extensions sometimes referred to as fusion hair extensions, are attached to the root of your hair with a tool that has a similar appearance to a hot glue gun. This tool attaches hair to individual strands of your natural hair for a thicker, more full looking appearance. 

How Long Do Flat Tip Hair Extensions Last?

Depending on how well you treat your pre-bonded hair extensions, they can normally last up to 3 to 4 months between maintenance appointments. How you wash your hair or how often you style your new locks with heating tools can affect this. It’s also essential to you to think about the type of brush you use, as pre-bonded extensions are attached at the root of your natural hair – a  hair extension brush should help maintenance. 

How Do You Take Care Of Flat Tip Hair Extensions?

While your regular hair care routine and everyday shampoos and conditioners should provide the care, you need. You do need to get this type of hair extension repositioned every 3-4 months.  


About Weave Hair Extensions  

Weft hair extensions are used for those who want thicker hair but can also be used for adding length – really quickly. There are loads of different ways that wefts can be installed from the traditional braids, to the more modern ring method. A ring is secured to your hair and the weft is sewn onto your hair using this track of rings.

How Long Do Weave Hair Extensions Last?

Weave extensions are fairly permanent and can last between 8-12 weeks between maintenance appointments.  

How Do You Take Care Of A Weave?

It’s essential to maintain your new head of hair by moisturising your new hair with oils or serum at every wash to help keep your hair healthy. 



How Do You Prolong The Life Of Hair Extensions? 

Providing you’ve chosen good quality natural hair extensions, and you’ve followed the individual guidelines for each extension type above, you shouldn’t have any issues when it comes to caring for your hair. Washing, drying and styling extensions is very much similar to your natural hair.

However, you should always consider no aggressive pulling when blow-drying and we would advise avoiding high ponytails that pull on the underside of the connection.

Another tip to note is to avoid oiliness at the roots to prevent connections slipping, as well as using heat protection spray when using hot irons to style your hair.

We always recommend our collection of Remi Cachet aftercare products to prolong the life of your hair extensions. 

Always ask your stylist if you have any issues, as they are your chosen professional so they should be able to offer aftercare guidance or demonstrations. 


When Should You Remove Hair Extensions? 

Permanent hair extensions should never be left in for longer than 4 months. Always return to your salon to have them removed professionally to prevent damage to your natural hair. 


Where Should You Buy Natural Looking, Human Hair Extensions?

Natural hair extensions are created to provide longer lengths that offer reliable volume and workable fullness. Here at Additional Lengths, we have developed luxury hair extension brand Remi Cachet to provide our customers and stylists with the best quality human hair extensions on the market. This incredible range has a style to suit every hair need, from pre-bonded hair extensions, versatile weft hair extensions, and tape extensions to convenient clip-in hair extensions. There’s a wide selection of shades and applications that effortlessly blend with your natural hair colour and style. With haircare products for use on hair extensions, we are on hand to not only keep your hair in the best condition but to ensure you can enjoy your longer, fuller lengths for longer.


Speak to your stylist or contact us if you have any questions about your hair extensions or are after some further advice. Also, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram using #additionallengths for a chance for you and your gorgeous locks to be featured on our platforms. 

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