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How Do I Apply Clip In Hair Extensions?

Here at Additional Lengths, we have an extensive collection of hair extensions for you to choose from. One of our options are clip-in extensions that are designed to blend effortlessly with your own hair. We understand that getting the perfect colour match to your extensions can be an arduous task but our clip-ins make that a little easier with our diverse range. Get in touch with our team if you would like to be coloured matched.

Compared to pre-bonded extensions, our clip-ins give you the option to choose your hair length every day, meaning that you can have a variety of choices ready for any occasion. 

Need some advice on how to apply the hair extensions? We are here to help…

Applying Clip In Extensions To Long & Fine Hair

For those with long but fine hair, you may want to apply hair extensions to give yourself a boost of volume. To apply your clip-in, simply section the hair using a comb such as the Remi Cachet Pin Tail Comb, and clip the pieces around the line you’ve created. A tip from us is to backcomb the hair where you apply the clip-ins to give the extensions an extra hold. This tip is particularly useful if you have fine hair. 

Applying Clip In Extensions To Short Hair 

If you’ve recently had a pixie cut or a short bob cut in and fancy a change to your look, you can still achieve a long style with our range of clip-ins starting from 16”. A frequent misconception is that you’re unable to use hair extensions when your hair is short, but it just takes a bit of practice to get it right. Sometimes, you may even need to trim the clip-ins slightly to suit, but in this case, it’s always wise to ask a salon professional to do this. 

Want some inspiration? We’ve got you! Check out these gorgeous locks we love styled by @robertantoniohair and @_cocoboom




Hair Pieces 

Don’t forget to check out our collection of hairpieces from Remi Cachet that are available in an array of different hairstyles.From clip-in ponytails to clip-in buns, there’s always a new style to try. 

For luscious locks in less than a minute the Remi Cachet wrap-around ponytail is made with 100% human hair that creates a long and sleek pony. You can wear it high on your head for a high fashion look or low for an everyday look. 

The Remi Cachet hair buns give instant glamour, giving you a high fashion look. As these are made from 100% human hair, they can be styled like your own hair so they are perfect for instant updos for any occasion. 

Or why not try the Remi Cachet Wavy Wrap? These can be styled in multiple ways to accomplish your dream look so they are great for everyday use or to create an elegant updo for a special occasion. Simply twist two or three times around your ponytail or bun for gorgeous hair instantly. 

Transform your look in no time with our collection of clip-in hair extensions, click here to shop and don't forget to tag us on Instagram showing off your new look 💁‍♀️  

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