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Hair Extension Ranges At Additional Lengths

A question we often get asked at Additional Lengths is “Can I Wear Different Hair Extension Ranges At Once?” and in this post, we have the answers for you… 

In short, our answer is no, we never recommend you wear different hair origins and brands at once in your hair

But, if you are wanting a longer answer as to why exactly this is keep scrolling… 

Why Can’t I Wear Different Hair Extensions Origins At Once? 

We always strongly advise all of our customers to never wear different hair ranges at once. This is because each hair range has a different origin and therefore has different qualities and specifications. 

Let’s remind you of the different origins available to you at Additional Lengths…


Hair Range




Estimated Longevity

Euro Premium

Additional Lengths


100% high-quality human hair

Up to 3 months


Remi Cachet

Russian & Mongolian

100% high-quality human hair Remy hair Double-drawn

Up to 12 months


Remi Cachet


100% high-quality human hair Remy hair Double-drawn mid-ratio

9 months


Remi Cachet


100% high-quality human hair Remy hair Natural ratio

Between 6 and 9 months

Please note: Longevity is an estimate and is inline with you following the correct and recommended aftercare. 


Therefore, if you are wearing multiple ranges in your hair, each range is going to feel different, and look different as well as having varying qualities and longevities. This in turn will cause future issues regarding aftercare and maintenance as you have different longevities in your hair at once. 


Hopefully, we have given you the information you need to know!


Any questions? Please contact us and one of the team will be happy to help!

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