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Sarah Ingham


Get Ready...Your Trade Account Is Moving!

On Monday 5th July the account you currently use with Additional Lengths will be automatically added to our new Professional’s only website at 


Nothing else will change, the Remi Cachet products you know and love will be available to purchase from www.remicachet.com 


What Do I Need To Do?

Nothing yet! 

On the morning of 5th July, you will receive an email from remicachet.com, so please look out for it landing in your inbox sometime after 9 am on Monday 5th July. 

Once you receive this invitation and the site is live, please click on the link, and enter a new password that you will use to access your new, professional account.


What Is Happening And When?

July 5th 

  • 9 am an invite will be sent to your email address. We are sending these early so that everyone receives this before 10 am.
  • 10 am the site is live, you can now accept your invite and create a new password for a professional account at remicachet.com

July 16th at 10am

  • Current discounts applied to orders placed on additionallengths.co.uk will cease. No orders made through additionallengths.co.uk will receive trade discounts and we will be unable to refund any difference between website prices and your trade discounts. 
  • Your account will remain active on additionallengths.co.uk so that you can continue to view your account history. 


Why Are You Moving My Account?

We think that our new professional account website is going to improve checkout time, resolve issues some of you were experiencing at checkout as well as allowing us the opportunity to offer trade and professional accounts dedicated support. 

This allows us to offer several features and benefits which you’ll be able to find out about when the new Remi Cachet website launches on 5th July. 


What If I Don’t Receive My Invite?

We will need to check if you still currently have an active trade account. Please give us a call, drop us a message, or send us an email and we can help get you up and running.

Look out for our emails in the coming days.


Don’t Currently Have A Trade Account, But Want One?

You’ll be able to apply for a trade account on our new professional-only website remicachet.com from Monday 5th July at 9 am. Please give us a call, or email us if you have any questions.

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