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Choosing Your Hair Extensions Length

At Additional Lengths, we often get questions about the lengths of the hair extensions we offer. So, we are here to help by answering our most common questions when it comes to length…

“Do Hair Extensions At Additional Lengths Come In Different Lengths?”

We offer hair extensions from 10” to 30” and these options do vary across the different types available. Make sure you check our collections page of the website here where you can filter between lengths and extension types. 

Unsure what method to go for? Take a look at one of our previous blog posts “Which Remi Cachet Hair Extensions Should I Buy?” for more information about the different types of extensions available to you.


“Which Length Of Hair Extensions Do I Need?”

It’s important to remember that not all hair extension lengths are suitable for every hair type as applying too much length and weight to your natural hair could potentially put too much pressure on it. Ultimately, this is why it's always essential that you consult with a hair extension stylist and book a consultation before committing to hair extensions. 

Therefore, our advice is to refrain from wearing hair extensions that are significantly longer than your own lengths. As our general rule, any extension you choose should be no longer than three to four inches of your natural hair. 

Although there are hair extensions that are suited to shorter hair, having a natural hair length of 4”-5” is also advisable in order to create a seamless blend. 


“How Do I Choose The Correct Length Of Hair Extensions For Me?”

We always recommend booking in a consultation with your hair stylist if you are unsure what hair extension length to go for so they can determine how much length your natural hair can sustain. 

If you are wanting to check the length of your natural hair to get a vision of what the different lengths available would look like in comparison, our tip is to measure your hair length from the top of your head from your natural parting to the ends of your hair. As an example, in line with our advice, if your hair length is 16”, we’d recommend that you choose hair extensions in either 18” or 20”. 

If you want to apply a longer length than our recommended measurements, always speak to a stylist or book a consultation so they can determine whether your natural hair would be able to manage the extra length.


Our Lengths In Action

Do you want to see the lengths in action? We have chosen some of our favourite images that we have been tagged in to show you the different lengths we have available…


10” Hair Extensions 


12" Hair Extensions 


14" Hair Extensions


16" Hair Extensions


18" Hair Extensions


20" Hair Extensions


22" Hair Extensions 


24" Hair Extensions


30" Hair Extensions


For more information, check out this incredibly useful illustration from Remi Cachet to show what you can expect from the different lengths available from the brand…


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