FAQs Content ( Aftercare )

How do I care for my Hair Extensions?

Depending on the range that you've purchased, we would recommend using the products that the manufacture advise to use. We have a handy guide that you can follow to get the most from your hair extensions.

View our Aftercare Guide for more information.

Can I use heat on Hair Extensions?

Human hair extensions can be heated and styled, however this can reduce the lifespan of the hair extensions, and we don’t recommend heat over 180 degrees celsius. Please use the recommended hair care products to protect your hair and hair extensions from heat damage.

Can I colour Hair Extensions?

Considering that human hair extensions have already been through a chemical process, it is at your own risk if you decide to dye them as it may affect the hair condition. For this reason, it’s a good idea to dye your own hair before getting hair extensions installed, and having the hair colour matched to your desired colour. Colouring or toning hair extensions may cause damage.

Is discolouration and colour fading normal?

It can be entirely normal for hair to discolour or fade, especially, if it is exposed to hard water, chlorinated water, certain ingredients or other environmental factors.

For avid swimmers and summer holiday pool dips, there are products such as Malibu C Hard Water or Malibu C Swimmers which can rectify the problem if discoloration should occur.

We do not guarantee that these products will work every time, so it’s best to prepare the extension hair by coating it in a watered down conditioner, avoiding the bonded areas and tying the hair up securely to avoid chlorine contamination and tangling. We advise washing thoroughly afterwards and applying a generous amount of conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends. We don’t recommend wearing hair extensions abroad or on holiday.