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Have You Set Up "what3words"?

Setting your precise delivery location just got easier with “what3words”. This partnership with DPD is the simplest way to talk about location, so make sure you set this up in your DPD account. 


“What Is what3words?”

Sometimes your street address or postcode isn’t accurate enough to specify precise locations. For example, you may have experienced difficulty in receiving your parcels previously due to having a widely used postcode, a building entrance that isn't clear or you may live in a rural area. 

The difficulty of finding and sharing precise locations can influence a variety of things in everyday life, which is how “what3words” was created. 

In summary, “what3words” has divided up the world into 3 metre squares, with each square having its own combination of three words, creating a simple way for everyone to talk about location. 

You can find more information here

The Partnership With DPD 

To enable deliveries to precise locations, DPD has partnered up with what3words. This allows you to add your what3words address in the DPD app, specifically the “Delivery Preferences” section. Following this information being added, DPD will know the exact location, doorstep, side entrance etc to deliver the parcel specified by you. 


“How Do I Set This Up?”

Adding your “what3words” address to your DPD account couldn't be easier… 

- Find your what3words address here.

- Open your DPD app, select your “Settings”, select or add delivery dress then tap “Pinpoint Your Address”

- Enter your what3words address and save. 


Find out more detail about these steps here

For any questions about what3words or setting this up in your DPD app, feel free to contact us where one of the team will be happy to help. 

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