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All About Remi Cachet Aftercare

As you will know, aftercare is key to maintaining the quality of your hair extensions and to help prolong their life. Our favourite brand to recommend to you has got to be Remi Cachet

Remi Cachet Aftercare Products 

Keep your hair extensions looking gorgeous with Remi Cachet’s collection of aftercare products. Infused with the brand’s stunning sweet strawberry and fresh cucumber scent, all of the products have been expertly formulated to keep your hair extensions in top condition.

Across the brand’s Shampoo, Conditioner, Miracle Mist and Hair Oil as well as Hairbrushes and Combs, each individual product has its own benefits to protect your hair extensions.

The result? Stunning hair extensions for longer (you’re welcome). 

Did you also know that all of the products are also vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and sulphate and paraben free?


Using Remi Cachet Aftercare Products 

Step 1: Shampoo

To Cleanse Away Impurities 

Removes build-up by gently cleansing your hair and scalp, leaving them both refreshed. 

Available in 250ml and 100ml.

Remi Cachet Shampoo

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Step 2: Conditioner 

Leaves Your Hair Silky Soft 

Formulated with argan oil and other invigorating ingredients to ensure your hair is rejuvenated. 

Available in 250ml and 100ml.

Remi Cachet Conditioner

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Step 3: Miracle Mist 

With Added Heat Defence 

Nourishes your hair to help retain moisture, repair any damage and enhance its natural beauty. 

Available in 100ml and 30ml.

Remi Cachet Miracle Mist

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Step 4: Hair Oil 

Maintains Healthy Hair 

The signature formula penetrates your hair to provide an intense glossy finish that’s noticeably radiant. 

Available in 50ml and 3ml.

Remi Cachet Hair Oil

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The above products are also available in sets; duos, full and travel. 

Top Tip: Both the Remi Cachet Miracle Mist & Remi Cachet Hair Oil can be used on wet or dry hair (so, no excuses).


Don’t forget about Remi Cachet Hairbrushes and Combs… 

Not forgetting that brushing is key to looking after your hair extensions, make sure you check out our previous blog post that breaks down each brush we sell on Additional Lengths (the majority are Remi Cachet) and learn about how each one benefits your hair…

Which Hairbrush Is Right For Me? 

Remi Cachet hairbrushes and combs


*Spoiler Alert* it is the majority of them as each has different purposes. 

For more information about our aftercare advice head to our aftercare page for everything you need to know. 

Any questions about aftercare? Feel free to contact us and one of our team will be happy to help!

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