FAQs Content ( Hair Recycling )

What Is The Additional Lengths Recycling Scheme?

Our hair recycling scheme is in place to promote our environmental responsibility.

For this scheme we have collaborated with two charities; Little Lady Locks and Matter Of Trust.

What Is Little Lady Locks?

Little Lady Locks is a UK children’s charity based in Manchester that supplies and fits hair replacement systems creating wigs, hats and headbands for children suffering from alopecia and other hair loss conditions.

The collaboration with us started in April 2022. Hair extensions sent to us for recycling that still have life in them from our stylists will be sent to Little Lady Locks. Then, the hair extensions will be cleaned, fumigated, and washed before being sent to the charity’s team of wig makers.

If you want to know more about this inspiring charity we work with, make sure you check out their website and socials:




 What Is Matter Of Trust?

For those hair extensions that get sent to us for recycling and can’t be repurposed for Little Lady Locks, we send them to Matter Of Trust for their Clean Wave campaign.

With the charity’s Clean Wave campaign, Matter of Trust can create ‘hair mats’ with our recycled hair extensions, which are then used to soak up major oil spills.

Overall, to keep our oceans clean and sustainable to sea life, our hair extensions can go a long way to helping the Clean Wave Campaign in creating the much-needed hair mats that are a safe and non-hazardous way to protect coves and beaches from the many oil spills that occur every year.

Find out more about the wonderful charity and campaign here:




What Hair Can Be Recycled?

You can send hair back to us from ANY brand. As long as it is 100% human hair and is neatly bundled and secured at the top to make it easier for our team to process. Please don’t send sweepings, clippings or hair that isn’t bundled. We can then recycle this through Little Lady Locks or Matter of Trust.

How Do I Take Part?

Taking part in our hair recycling scheme couldn’t be easier… simply return any unwanted human hair extensions (of any brand) to the below address. All we ask is that it is 100% human hair and that you neatly bundle and secure the hair at the top to make it easier for our team to process. Please don’t send sweepings, clippings or hair that isn’t bundled.

Return Address: Additional Lengths Hair Recycling, Unit 2 Easter Park, Teesside Industrial Estate, Stockton on Tees, TS17 9NT, United Kingdom.

Don’t forget to please include your details inside the package as we like to thank and reward our amazing regular recyclers throughout the year.

Did You Know?...

That you can also send over any of our packaging you have with the hair and we will recycle this for you too.