Volume Clip In - Colour 6 Length 24
Volume Clip In - Colour 6 Length 24


The Volume Clip Ins allow you to change your style in minutes to give you greater volume or additional length to your own natural hair. Perfect for events, parties, or occasions when you want to give your hair a luxury boost or experiment with a different style. They are also easy to apply without the need for glue or special tools and can be added and removed whenever you desire. Even better, the Volume Clip Ins are reusable and can be heated, styled, and washed just like your own hair.


  • Each set contains: 12" piece (x2), 5" piece (x2), 2" piece (x2)
  • Length: 24”
  • Weight: 250g
  • Naturally Drawn
  • Chinese Hair


These human hair extensions are made with a natural thickness from the root to the tip, which means it tapers to a more natural look. Made from Chinese hair you'd expect this to remain straight and smooth after washing, due to a thicker cuticle.


It is important to care for and look after your hair extensions so that you get the longest lifespan from them. We would always recommend using the manufacturers recommended products or following our handy Aftercare guide.

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