Super Elegance & Deluxe Colour Ring
Super Elegance & Deluxe Colour Ring
Super Elegance & Deluxe Colour Ring
Super Elegance & Deluxe Colour Ring


Includes the 6 new colours launched 24/01/2024

Our Super Elegance & Deluxe Colour Ring includes all colours from our Elegance and Deluxe Range of hair extensions. Each 6cm wide sample of hair is made from our Elegance hair and is of the quality you would expect when buying hair to be fitted. This colour ring allows you to colour match hair and gives you a true representation of colour before purchasing hair extensions.

Our colour rings are to be used as a guide only as colours may vary due to the nature of the product. They should also be replaced from time to time due to general wear and tear.


  • P - represents 'Piano' the colour is mixed like keys on a piano.
  • DD - represents 'Dip Dye' or Balayage/Ombre, the colours typically blend halfway down the hair, sometimes with highlights.
  • T - represents Root Stretch colours, depending on the length of the hair this will be approx 2-3 inches of one colour followed by the other colour(s).

Why Additional Lengths

We are an award-winning hair extension manufacturer and retailer that has been selling globally for two decades. Just like our name, we are additional and it's the core of who we are. Additional in product quality, customer service and innovation in every one of our ideas, it's that bit extra that makes a big difference and sets us apart from the rest.


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