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Nobody likes a price rise, and this includes us, but we thought you would like to know as soon as possible.  In December 2019, the factory implemented a price rise due to the cost of raw materials. This means that all of our orders intending to be received from March to early April have cost more to produce. The price rise affects longer lengths, as well as lighter, mixed and special colours. To work in line with this, these prices will come into effect from 1st April 2020.

The good news is that not all the range will be affected and, to reduce the impact, the brand is returning to pricing by dark, light, mixed and special shades. The increase reflects the significant rising costs for the raw materials in terms of lengths longer than 16” and obtaining the finest quality of hair to start production with. We have always paid more for lighter shades and found it easier to have a one-level pricing structure, but that is no longer sustainable as a business.

Hair is a natural product which takes time to grow and we want to select the very best hair to match our high standards, and this simply is not easily available without great cost.  In addition, creating the lighter, mixed and special colours takes longer and requires greater care during production to keep the hair’s integrity and maintain the quality you know and love, but this also incurs some loss of hair that then does not meet the quality needed. These factors have all added to the manufacturing costs already imposed on us.

Whilst it has only been 8 months since our previous price rise, we actually had these increased manufacturing costs and other levy’s imposed on us at the end of 2019 and have been absorbing these for as long as possible.  Combined with Exchange Rate fluctuations and a General Election, we have allowed the economy to settle and have no other option but to pass these increased costs on.

We all now face the global challenge of CORVID-19 (Coronavirus) which is having negative impacts on currency levels and economic growth worldwide, however, our pricing structures are carefully considered to allow for currency fluctuations so we do not expect a further price increase within the next 12 months. 

In summary, the increase will be applied to lengths over 16” and all colours above and including colour 9.

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