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Winter Hair Care

Hair Tips

How To Protect Your Hair In Winter

Winter can be a tough time for hair with the cold air often drying out our tresses and causing moisture loss and damage. Whether you’re wanting to protect your hair extensions or natural hair in the coming months, we’ve got some simple tips to help you protect your hair in winter time.

Treat your locks

Apply a nourishing hair treatment overnight to give it optimum time to sink into the hair thoroughly for a more effective treatment. The Additional Lengths Hair Extension Vitamin Spray infuses the hair with specially formulated nutrients and protects it against harsh weather and prevents tangles. Even if you can apply a deep conditioning hair treatment whilst you relax in the bath, your hair will thank you for it.

Cover up against the elements

Wear a hat, pull up your hood, anything to protect your hair from being pulled about by the wind or hit with cold rain. A good way to protect the more vulnerable ends which are more prone to breakage is to tuck away the ends into a hairstyle such as a bun or an updo.

Handle with care

As your hair is more likely to become brittle and prone to breakage, we recommend that you invest in a gentle brush such as those from the Tangle Teezer range. The soft plastic bristles of a Tangle Teezer brush are ideal for gentle smoothing and detangling, which makes them the perfect winter hair care tool.

Reduce moisture loss

Other things that we do can be the cause of moisture loss, such as blow drying, so try to reduce this by allowing your hair to dry naturally. Over-shampooing can also be a moisture wicking activity that you may wish to cut down on during the colder months; reduce your hair washing to once or twice a week. It’s not just the lengths of the hair than can get dry – some people also suffer with dry scalps at this time of the year. Remedy this by massaging an oil into the scalp and letting it nourish the skin there before washing.

Hair Tips

Winter hair care: Keep it healthy in the cold

We all know that winter can be hard on our hair, and as the seasons change, so do our routines. To ensure that your hair – and extensions – stay in their best condition throughout the cold months, follow our tips to achieve the perfect winter hair care regime.

Use nourishing hair products

During the summer, you may have different hair products than in winter, simply due to the fact that the weather is different. Cold winter weather is known to be very dry, whereas it’s more humid in the summer, meaning that your hair care products should be a lot more nourishing and moisturising. Try using a leave-in conditioning mask once a week to regain some strength and essential nutrients. View our range of nourishing extension and hair care products here.

Keep it nourished from the inside

When people think of nourishing their hair, they often only think about deep conditioning treatments and other products on the market, when in fact they should be thinking about what they are eating, too! During the winter, it’s highly recommended to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, ensuring that you get at least your five a day, to provide the hair with enough minerals and vitamins. Sometimes it may be helpful to take a multivitamin tablet, but it may not be necessary to take every day. Check with your doctor first if you are unsure. Staying hydrated by drinking two litres of water a day is also a great way to ensure that your hair is moisturised naturally.

Be kind and gentle to your hair

Instead of pulling at your hair with a comb and trying to manipulate it into a ponytail, be gentle and kind to your hair. The weather will make your hair dry, meaning that it’s easier to break, and so a soft touch should be applied. Try a wide bristled brush in order to give your hair less of a strain and wear it in a loose bun to avoid having to use heat each day, further drying out the ends. A Tangle Teezer is great for this.

Regular trims

The recommended amount of time that you should leave in between haircuts and trims is around 6-8 weeks, as any longer than this could develop split ends. If you want to keep your length, try asking your hairdresser for a skim, which will remove the dry ends without compromising the length of your hair. Make sure that you don’t have this done too often though.

Sticking to these tips should help you to have great hair through the cold. If you have any questions about the products we’ve mentioned or would like more hair care help, get in touch with us.