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How To Care For Human Hair Wigs

close-up of a woman combing her wet hair

close-up of a woman combing her wet hair

Wigs can be a fun way to change up your hairstyle or an essential part of your look. It’s important to care for your human hair wig to keep it in top condition and looking it’s best, a good way to accomplish this is to treat it as you would your own hair. By putting time and effort into any hair extensions you purchase, you’re protecting your investment, as well as ensuring you look fabulous.

It may help with washing and styling to purchase a special wig stand which will allow you room to maneuver and style the wig just like a hairdresser would with a real life head of hair. This also provides a good base for the wig to dry on and keep it’s shape.


The frequency with which you choose to wash your wig is completely down to personal preference. However, as the hair isn’t benefitting from the natural oils produced from your scalp, the hair can become dry and difficult to manage if washed regularly.

  • Comb through first to clear the hair of any tangles or knots, being careful not to tug on the wig too much to avoid loosen the strands – we recommend Tangle Teezer for a gentle brush
  • Never place under a high pressure tap as this can damage the wig, and use tepid to lukewarm water
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner as you would with a regular hair wash, being gentle and moving from root to tip, ensuring to rinse thoroughly after application
  • Sometimes a deeper conditioner will be needed to soothe dry ends – try the Malibu C Miracle Repair Wellness Reconstructor to nourish and restore
  • Pat with towel to get rid of excess water and leave to dry naturally


Unlike with synthetic wigs which runs the risk of melting, with human hair you have the freedom to use heated appliances to achieve different looks and hairstyles. To change up a style, simply wash it out and start again!

  • Prep the dry wig as you normally would by spritzing with a heat protectant spray if using a curling wand like the ones from YOGI, or a straightening iron
  • Set the style in place with hairspray for a long lasting look
  • Encourage shine by applying a slick of serum or shine spray by Moroccan Oil

Be sure to browse through our collection of human hair wigs by Trendco for various hairstyles and cuts to suit all personal tastes and occasions. Whether you prefer to be a blonde, brunette or redhead, you’re bound to find the perfect wig for you. If you’re after something different, why not take a look at our human hair clip-in hair pieces to mix up your look.

For professional haircare advice, here at Additional Lengths we’d be more than happy to help!