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Simplified: Easy updos

An updo is a style that, once mastered, can bring a fashionable and sophisticated feel to any look. The tricky part is mastering them! Although many updos can look complicated, most are actually pretty quick and easy to do once you learn how. Here are some of our top tips at Additional Lengths to create the perfect updo.

The Sleek Updo

This kind of updo works best on freshly washed, shiny hair and creates a look that is sleek and polished – ideal for special occasions. Wash and condition your hair then work through with a tangle taming comb or brush, such as the Tangle Teezer, before drying. For especially dry or frizzy hair, we would recommend working in some Moroccan Oil Hydrating Style Cream to ensure your dried hair is as sleek and shiny as possible. You can also use straighteners once your hair is dried, to keep the style looking neat and polished.

Once your hair is prepared, check out the following tutorial from Sharon Blain. This video shows how to create a stylish updo, using a clip in ponytail.

To finish we’d recommend using the Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray. This will not only hold your updo in place, but will give an added layer of beautiful shine. And voila! One sleek, easy updo that takes little effort and yet looks amazing!

The Messy Updo

The messy updo is perfect for those days when you don’t have time to wash your hair. Here your best friends are dry shampoo and hair curlers. A dry shampoo or texturising spray will stop the hair from looking flat and oily, giving it the grip it needs to perfect this look. A hair curler, such as this Yogi Hair Wand, is great for curling any loose strands of hair, giving a laid-back and stylish finished look.

The following video, from MissAlex on Youtube, shows how to achieve the perfect messy updo.

Again, we’d recommend finishing this look with hairspray. The Big Spray & Play Volume Hairspray is ideal for a messy updo, adding volume and texture while keeping your style in place all day.