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Summer Trends

The Best Summer Hairstyles

The summer is here and it’s time for us to switch things up a bit. Having the same hairstyle everyday can get boring but this season screams out cute braids and curls! It’s always exciting changing up your look especially in the summer when you don’t have to worry about wet weather ruining your hair. There are ways of changing your style without having to take the plunge with permanent changes thanks to clip-in hair extensions and accessories (greatest creation ever!).
Here are a few ideas from Additional Lengths for hair inspiration this summer.

Clip-in Dip Dye

Ombre is the hairstyle that shows no sign of going out of fashion. It is the easiest way of adding a new colour to your hair without too much commitment. The darker shade at the root slowing fading into a lighter tone offers a flattering contrast. The clip-in dip dye half head hair piece allows you to try out this style before deciding to dye your natural hair, or acts as a welcome summer change with sunkissed mid-lengths and ends!


Feather Hair Extensions

Are half head or full head extensions not up your street? Don’t worry because at Additional Lengths we have some great alternatives that are ideal for the upcoming summer season. Playful feather extensions are a quick and easy way of adding a summery, colourful vibe to your hair without having to go all out. The feathers help to add a boho look getting you ready for festivals and other events. Take a look at our feather hair extensions in vibrant magenta pink for a splash of cool.


Clip-in Hair Plait & Twirl

Buying a clip in braided hair piece from Glam Hair in the same shade as your natural hair creates the illusion that it’s been painstakingly crafted from your own hair, when really it takes two seconds to apply! This girly look is a perfect finish to any hairstyle, whilst the clipped wire twirl hair piece adds a touch of volume and sophistication to a low bun style.


Elegance Hollywood Weft by Remi Cachet

If fancy up-dos and hair colour changes don’t interest you, maybe a few feminine curls might. To thicken your hair and make it appear even more luscious, the Elegance Hollywood Weft from Remi Cachet may do the trick by adding even more volume.


Take care of your clip-in hair extensions by using special products to keep them looking their best!