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Hair Tips Summer

Hair Damage Prevention 101: Pool Safety For Your Hair

Holiday season is upon us and you’ve already picked out your perfect new bikini to wear on the beach and around the pool. Maybe you’ve just got your beach towel and bag sorted for lazy days at the beach, and you’re raring to go. So don’t allow your hair let you down this summer by lowering your style with discoloured or damaged hair!

There are plenty of ways to prevent hair discolouration and how to treat hair discolouration once it’s already occured. Whether you’re hitting the pool or taking a dip in the ocean, it’s a good idea to learn how to avoid hair damage on holiday.

Water babies take note and get clued up on simple ways on how to keep your hair looking as healthy as possible whilst you’re away on your jollies this year with our five helpful tips below.

1. Secure Your Hair

By braiding your hair or putting it into a high bun on the crown of your head, this will minimise the exposure the hair has to the water. Use a soft scrunchie to avoid any painful pulling and breakage. Of course, this will only work if you don’t intend on going under water! It’s especially important to try this if you have long hair extensions as it will keep them in better condition in the long term. Tuck in the ends of your hair to prevent sun damage to these more vulnerable areas, whilst will result in frazzled locks. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

2. Alternatively, Wear A Cap

It may not be the look your envisaged for your summer holiday this year, but by wearing a cap it will successfully prevent your hair from becoming the dreaded tangled mess after swimming, whilst also keeping it dry. Admittedly not the most fashionable of solutions but you will be feeling glad you chose this option when you reveal your perfectly dried hair underneath it post-dip. It also protects the hair from harmful rays of sunshine, which are admittedly a lot stronger in more tropical climes than here in the UK…!

3. Oil Up

Use some natural oil or Argan Oil to protect your hair from the chlorine. Argan oil provides an effective barrier sealing the hair from water due to its molecular properties (science!). It also means your hair can receive a lovely, enriching treatment whilst you’re free to swim in the sunshine. Healthy hair all through summer thanks to the amazingly rich Argan oil products available here at Additional Lengths.

4. Wet Hair First 

According to seasoned swimmers, wetting hair with tap water (or taking a shower beforehand) slows down the absorption of pool chemicals, as dry hair will soak up more water, increasing the exposure to chlorine and other nasties lurking in the sea. A top tip on how to avoid hair discolouration from swimming pools from the experts!

5. Condition, Condition, Condition!

If you do get your hair wet, either in the salty sea or chlorine filled pool, have no fear. Simply make sure you’ve packed some heavy duty conditioner in your suitcase, such as the Argan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner or the Sexy Hair conditioning treatment, which aim to smooth and repair natural hair. Conditioning will work to help to reduce summertime hair damage by fusing the hair with vital moisturising and replenishing nutrients. 

We have three excellent hair conditioners suitable for hair extensions at Additional Lengths from Malibu C to choose from:

  • Miracle Repair to rebuild the hair to leave it nourished and healthy. Perfect for straightener-addicts whose hair may need a little more TLC.
  • Hard Water Wellness Remedy is specifically formulated to rectify the harmful effects of hard water minerals changing your hair. If you have suffered discolouration or dry hair then use this after shampooing once a week and your hair will be back to it’s original hue and health.
  • Swimmers Wellness Remedy is a holiday essential for summertime mermaids. Restoring your locks and scalp after spa, chlorine pools and sea water visits to prevent dryness, itching and “swimmers green hair” (copper buildup, which is the culprit behind green discoloration).

The small packet sizes and affordable price point make these Malibu C hair treatments absolutely perfect for adding to your suitcase before jetting off on holiday! Why not throw in a couple of each to cover all bases and treat your hair at the end of each day.


Reduce the chance of hair damage by following the tips above and using specialist hair products, and successfully keep your hair healthy this summer with Additional Lengths.


Hair Tips

Help! My Hair Is Thinning

We understand that thinning hair can cause distress, whether it’s happening due to stressful situations you’re experiencing, through illness or hereditary predisposition. Whether you’re experiencing thinning hair without hair extensions, or you’ve removed your extensions and found the hair to be thin and lifeless, take a look at our guide on how to deal with thin hair.

Add some oomph to your haircare

Hair care products are fighting in your corner; they are designed with what you want to get of your hair in mind. Using the right hair products for your thin hair type ensures hair is supported by thickening hair ingredients. Here at Additional Lengths, we stock an excellent range of volumising hair products from Sexy Hair. Treat thin hair to the Big Volume shampoo and conditioner which will create a good base of moisturised and revitalised hair to work with, then use their Big Root Pump Volume Mousse at the roots and a thickening spray. The Sexy Hair range of thickening and volumising products will work wonders on flat, thin hair.

Avoid: leave-in conditioners and firm hold hairsprays which will weigh down and flatten thin hair.

Take a look at your diet

Did you know that what you eat can affect the condition of your hair? It’s true! A lack of minerals and vitamins can cause hair loss and dryness, so focus on adding plenty of iron-rich food such as green veg and soya products to your diet. Foods that contain zinc are also great for giving hair a boost from the inside, so add pumpkin seeds, eggs and shellfish to your shopping basket to up your intake. Alternatively, look into supplementing your diet with vitamin supplements – sea kelp has been known to improve the condition and thickness of hair!

There may be an underlying cause to sudden hair loss or thinning, so check with your GP to investigate further.

Avoid: eating too much salty, over-processed junk food, so get more veg on your plate and improve your nutrition.

Discover hair extensions!

We may be biased when we say this but, hair extensions can make a world of difference to the look and feel of your hair. A full head of high quality human hair extensions can be attached to your own hair through a fine mesh or with Remi Cachet Ultra Tips. Hair extensions can offer a much needed confidence boost to those suffering with thin hair.

Avoid: long length hair extensions which could weigh down the hair follicles over time. Opt for a mid-length look to be kinder to your scalp.

However, it might be time to embrace shorter hair…

…if only for a little while. If you’re dedicated to your favourite human hair extensions and love the length they provide, but it’s beginning to take it’s toll on your natural hair, it might be time to embrace the shorter look. Long hair extensions can weigh down the hair follicles, causing problems for the natural hair. Having a break in between having hair extensions fitted gives your natural hair a chance to regain its strength. Chop away wispy, thin hairs and add layers into your natural hair to give a sense of volume, and try some waves to give the appearance of thickness.

(Image: Eunice Lituanas)

No matter what your current hair condition, we’re sure you look just beautiful! We hope that you’ve found our advice on how to deal with thinning hair helpful, and encourage you to take a look through our hair care products and hair extensions here at Additional Lengths. Plus, you can contact us or visit us in-store for professional and friendly advice!

Hair Tips Summer

June Favourites: Products For The Summer

Hopefully, summer means long days at the beach, dipping in and out of pools and long, adventurous walks. These activities can sometimes take its toll on our hair, so today we’re sharing products that make our hair look amazing when it’s warm, but keep it healthy too.

Let’s begin with the whole washing process. We don’t want to be applying too much product in our hair at this time, something that will keep it refreshed and in the best condition possible. By using Sexy Hair’s Silk Shampoo and Conditioner Lite, it helps in indulging your hair in luxury whilst giving it a weightless, smooth effect, because heat often means frizz! The duo allows for a clean, soft head of hair, which is the perfect base for some super styling. Before blow-drying, a little 5 pence amount of Moroccan Oil Light into the ends of the hair ensures that your locks are nourished and conditioned to perfection. Giving you a tangle-free and faster hair drying session.


As we are expecting it to be hot-hot-hot over the next few months, the Sexy Hair Humidity Resistant Mousse is ideal for keeping your chosen style big and beautiful with extra given hold. Yet this tends to not give that tacky feeling that mousses often leave in their hair, it leaves it to feel soft and shiny and ready for the day. But if you are worried about your hair changing throughout the day, and becoming a bit of a lifeless mess, you can always carry a bottle of Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray in your bag. This little beauty has multiple benefits, which make it the perfect handbag companion. It reflects light to give a certain shine to the hair, whilst keeping it refreshed as it helps in the control of static as we don’t want any fly-a-ways when creating our summer style.


For hair extensions, we have a great range of specialist products for you to keep your tresses looking in tip top condition over the summer months. Treat your extensions to a good conditioner and hair oil from Remi Cachet which work to protect the hair whilst avoiding adding any weight. We also have our own branded conditioning products for hair extensions at Additional Lengths which also provides excellent treatment.



Let us know in the comments your summer hair favourites – we’d love to know!