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Year of The Selfie: Tips To Taking That Perfect Snap

Kim Kardashian is famously known as the Queen of Selfies, with every snap considered a masterpiece. The lighting, the pose and the makeup all seems to be on point, but did you know that it’s possible for you to achieve the same effects using these tips? At Additional Lengths we have put together a helpful guide with advice on how to take the perfect selfie. Follow the steps below:

Lighting: This step is quite self explanatory, but mandatory if you want a flawless finish, you need to have sufficient lighting. It’s an essential part of any photograph and natural light is the most flattering, so when possible, try to take your selfies outdoors or near to a window. Keep the light source in front of you, just slightly above your eye level, for the best results. Doing this will eliminate any harsh shadows and soften your face. Try to avoid the flash on your camera as well – your lighting should be enough.

Pose: In order to take the best selfie, you need to pose correctly, in a way that flatters your figure to give off the best look. You have a variety of options to choose from here; face shot, mirror selfie and more. Whatever you decide, make sure you feel comfortable doing it, because if you feel comfortable, you will look natural. Smile and be happy, or raise your eyebrow for a more sultry look – you may need to take a few test photos first before you find what works for you.

Expression: For your picture, you need to select a mood that you want to show. Avoid frowning as this can make you look older. Instead, lift your eyebrows slightly to show that you’re happy or intrigued, and try to ensure that your expression matches what you want to put across.

Angle: If you take your picture from below your waist, it’s not going to be a flattering look, with strange shadows and double chins. As a rule of thumb, you should have your camera tilted towards you at a 45 degree angle, positioned just above your eyes.

Retouching: As you’re most likely taking photos on your phone, you’ll have access to filters and retouching applications. Try a few app trials to see which one you like the most, and retouch photos. Remember – a little goes a long way, so be sure not to change it completely, only so that minor imperfections are resolved. If you don’t want to go into too much detail, filters are available on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, which will automatically touch up photographs for you.

And there you have it! With our tips, you should be able to conquer the camera and come out reigning supreme. To look your best, discover the range of weft hair extensions and other beauty products here at Additional Lengths.