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Hair Extensions For Beginners

With a brand new year often comes the urge to change up a few things in our lives to reflect the fresh start. It may involve hitting the gym, clearing out our bulging wardrobes or dreaming of transforming our appearance with a new hairstyle. At Additional Lengths, we love the power hair extensions can have on completely reinventing your look. So if you’re considering hair extensions as part of your 2019 hair look, we’ve put together a quick and easy guide on hair extensions for beginners to help you choose the best type for you.

What are the different types of hair extensions?

We stock a fabulous range of hair extensions from leading brands such as Remi Cachet that offer temporary or more long term hair extension options to suit your preferences. A good place to start with when it comes to hair extensions for beginners is to familiarise yourself with the different types of extensions on the market, so you can hopefully find the right kind to suit your lifestyle and your hair.

  • Clip-in Hair Extensions: The perfect solution for those ladies looking for instant volume and length without the commitment! Securely attach the pieces of clip in hair extensions to transform your hair for a special occasion or for a bridal hairstyle, or as a cost-effective hair extensions option.
  • Tape Hair Extensions: This type of hair extension is ideal for those with fine hair. Easy to attach, tape hair extensions involve a strip of hair which is applied either side of a section of your own hair, with the adhering strip securing the hair near the root.
  • Weft Hair Extensions: Another more permanent hair extension type is weft hair extensions which involve a long section of hair which has been sewn into a lace weft strip that is then attached to your own hair by sewing, glueing or plaiting techniques. For a more natural finish, the weft can be cut into strips and applied where needed.
  • Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions: Opt for pre-bonded hair extensions if you’re looking for a long term extension product to change up your look in 2019. Pre-bonded hair extensions can be safely applied to your hair in several different ways, including hot or cold fusion and micro ring method, and can last up to a year with maintenance appointments. At Additional Lengths we stock Flat Tips, Stick Tips, Nail Tips and micro ring hair extensions, like Remi Cachet Ultra Tips® and Mini Tips® hair extensions.

What are hair extensions made from?

Naturally, there are pros and cons of the various kinds of hair extensions and what they are made from. Synthetic hair extensions are a cheaper material, but you’re limited with styling as applying heat to synthetic hair extensions may result in damage. Human hair extensions and Remy hair extensions are a more costly but worthwhile option.

So, what is Remy hair?

Remy hair is human hair and it’s a popular hair extension choice for those looking for a natural look with their hair extensions. Remy hair extensions are smooth and less prone to tangling because the cuticles of the hair remain and they flow in the same direction from root to tip. Another benefit of human hair extensions is that they are easy to blend with your own hair due to the natural texture they provide. Human hair extensions are also great for those who love using heated stylers such as straighteners and curling wands, with the styles being easily washed out without damaging the hair.

Key points to consider:

  • Choose the right hair extensions for your needs: Whether you’re looking for something temporary for your dream bridal hair, or an everyday look you can rely on, you’ll need to consider either clip in hair extensions or permanent hair extensions accordingly. Consider the maintenance (cost and time) required with more permanent types of hair extensions, and what you’d prefer your new locks to be made from to get the best results.
  • Style of extensions: This is where you determine the length and thickness of the human hair extensions to suit your personal style.
  • Colour match: How to colour match hair extensions will depend on the different shades in your natural hair, as many of us have highlights or balayage to consider. Colour matching is the key to blending hair extensions seamlessly, with no giveaway differences in hair shades, so that it looks natural.
  • Maintenance: No matter the type of hair extensions, they are an investment and should be looked after so that they remain in top condition. Be sure to take the time to wash them with appropriate haircare products and take note of your hair extensions aftercare guide.

If you’re considering clip in hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions or weft extensions for 2019, be sure to take a look at our Additional Lengths Instagram page for beautiful hair inspiration.

For more info, take a look at our Hair Extensions FAQ post, or get in touch with the Additional Lengths hair extension experts for friendly advice on where to get started!

Hair Tips Remi Cachet

How To Buy The Right Hair Extensions For You Online

If you’ve always dreamt of having luxuriously long hair, or would like to thicken up your fine locks, then hair extensions may be the right solution for your needs! There are so many benefits to discover when opting for hair extensions, from a transformation in physical appearance to an infinite confidence boost, making it a special investment should you choose to go ahead. At Additional Lengths we stock a fabulous range of hair extensions and we’re on hand with this guide on how to buy the right hair extensions for you online to make sure you’re getting the best product for you.

Which hair extensions should I buy?

If you’re a beginner in the world of hair extensions, we understand that it can be overwhelming learning about the various types of hair extensions available, and knowing which to buy. Before committing to buying your hair extensions, you should be asking yourself some key questions about what you’d like them to do for you. Would you like them to be a temporary look, or a more permanent addition to your hair? Having an idea of what you’d like to get out of your new hair extensions, as well as having a budget in mind, will certainly guide you to making the right choice when it comes to buying hair extensions online.

Temporary hair extensions

If you’d like an instant length and volume boost for a special occasion, but don’t want the commitment of sewn in or bonded hair pieces, then clip in hair extensions can be a great option. Easy to secure and remove yourself, clip in hair extensions can work well for ladies wanting a quick hair transformation for one night only! Our range of clip in hair extensions features so many different styles for you to choose from, including the Remi Cachet Clip In Deluxe set of 100% high quality human hair in three pieces which can be attached to the hair with no damage. Designed to give you instantaneous results, you can get thick and luxurious hair in minutes!

Longer lasting, more permanent hair extensions

Those who are dedicated to the longer hair life and would like a more permanent hair look, then pre bonded or weft hair extensions may be for you. Applied close to the root using hot or cold fusion techniques; or micro rings or silicone locks, or sewn in if using weft extensions; this type of hair extensions requires a lot more commitment than clip ins. If purchasing your pre bonded hair extensions online, you can select your hair colour and application type before taking them to a stylist to install for you.

Considering the cost

Hair extensions can be an expensive investment, but one that is worthwhile to get the best quality hair. Weft hair extensions and pre bonded hair extensions have a higher cost than the clip in hair extensions, the reasons being include the amount of time it takes for a stylist to install the hair plus the quality. Don’t forget to invest in the correct aftercare products to keep your hair regime pristine.

Time for maintenance appointments

It goes without saying that you want your hair to remain looking its best! With pre bonded hair extensions, the extensions will need to be refitted at least every 3 months by a professional stylist to keep up with the hair regrowth, so take this into consideration if you’re thinking of going for this type of hair extensions.

What are the best hair extensions?

The best hair extensions for you will all depend on your hair type and what you’re wanting from your new extensions. There may be instances where a certain hair extension product may not be best with your natural hair type and scalp condition, which may prevent you from opting for pre bonded hair extensions. Opt for a consultation with a professional extensionist to go through your options.

The difference between remi hair and synthetic extensions

When looking to buy hair extensions online, you may see remi hair and synthetic hair options, but what is the difference between the two hair types? Remi hair is human hair which has come from ethical sources and provides the natural looking movement and shine of natural hair. The processing technique that happens to get the hair looking beautiful is also related to the end result of the high quality and strength of the hair. Nowadays, synthetic hair can look incredibly natural and takes little effort to style as synthetic hair extensions often come pre-styled in a wave, curl or a straight style. Only special heat-friendly types of synthetic extensions can be styled with heated hair tools, whereas straighteners and curling wands can be used whenever you like on remi hair!

How do I colour match my hair extensions?

When buying hair extensions online, you will need to colour match by referring to a colour chart which is a dedicated page with images of the hair shades available for each hair extension product. With Additional Lengths, you’re able to narrow down the hair colours by base and mixed colours, plus blends such as ombre, dip dye and root stretch colours. If you’re considering having pre bonded hair extensions fitted, a stylist will conduct an informal consultation with you prior to your appointment where they will assess your current hair and ensure a good colour match. This is an important step to get wonderful, natural looking hair extensions that is well blended with your own hair for a beautiful finish!

At Additional Lengths we understand that buying hair extensions, especially pre bonded hair extensions which is a long lasting option, can be a major investment and that you’re bound to have plenty of questions. If you’re still unsure about choosing the right hair extensions for you, take our fun interactive quiz to get an idea of which hair extension method may be right for you and your current hair!

We’ve also put together a helpful hair extensions FAQ blog post which contains even more valuable answers to any hair extensions question you may have. Feel free to get in touch with us for further advice!

Hair Tips

How Do I Colour Match My Hair Extensions?

The key to having fabulous looking hair with hair extensions is to properly match the colours between your own hair and the extensions, so that the finish is seamless and natural looking. So how do we colour match hair extensions? And how do you blend extensions with your own hair? When considering investing in pre bonded hair extensions, it can be question that many ladies ask their stylist as you don’t want the extension joins or colour difference to be obvious.

We’ve put together a helpful guide to outline the process of how our Remi Cachet and Additional Lengths hair stylists would colour match hair extensions, how they achieve the perfect colour blend to suit your hair and the best way to blend hair extensions.

How do stylists colour match hair extensions?

Firstly, going to have hair extensions put in professionally is a great way to ensure of a good colour match as hair stylists have a clear view of your hair from all angles. For example, it’s quite common for the root colour to be a different shade from the ends, especially if you’ve gone for a balayage look.

Colour rings are used to help match up hair shades as they allow us to compare shades easily with sample sizes of the hair extension. For the hair colours we match to the mid lengths and ends of the hair. With colour rings, stylists always match to the root colour and not the hair colour as this could stand out more visibly if a lighter ring was used. If the hair has a number of tones and shades then we can select a range of colours and mix them together to create a new colour blend other than what we already sell in our range of Remi Cachet hair extensions.

Most popular mixed colour tones are already made up and sold by us but in cases where three or four colours are needed, it’s great to add double tones together. This means that you’re getting a unique blend of various hair tones to perfectly match your own hair, whether it’s a natural or dyed colour. We can also create ombre and balayage hair colours using extensions without the need to colour clients hair at all as long as we get the length and blend correct.

The application type also makes a difference when it comes to colour matching, including to what rings you select to attach the mini/ultra or stick tips hair extension type. Each stylist will offer a fully customised hair extension application to ensure the best results for your new hair. So a customer with thin hair often has a lighter hair colour than what we would advise when it comes to colour matching, but this is normally just the front sections which are naturally lighter than the back, (which they don’t see). A professional would customise this to accommodate any differentiation that occurs with the colour of the hair or to apply the colour that replicates the overall shade, more than just the front.

How to blend hair with hair extensions

It goes without saying that the best way to blend your natural hair with hair extensions is to be properly colour matched to get the shades right. But if you’ve bought clip in hair extensions online for example, you’ll be required to seek out the perfect match on your own using a colour chart on a screen, which may prove difficult!

Avoid the tell-tale colour difference by considering the tones in your natural hair; are they cool or warm toned, and do you have multiple shades such as highlights running through the hair? The way your current hair is will affect the colour hair extensions you should go for. For example, if you’re an ash toned blonde, it makes sense to stick to those shades over a warm toned champagne blonde. For those who have dyed hair, a great way to get hair extensions to match perfectly is to purchase real human hair clip in extensions which can be dyed the exact same shade at home.

Ensure that your extensions are styled the same way as your natural hair in order for the two types of hair to blend together perfectly. Once attached, style the hair and extensions together, whether that’s using a curling wand to create luxurious waves or straightening the lengths for a sleek look. Also, whether going for pre bonded hair extensions or clip in, using the same or similar length hair with layers can be a good way to achieve a natural finish. For shorter hair though, it’s possible to go for blending weft extensions that can be attached to create layers so the difference in lengths is less obvious.

Colour matching at Additional Lengths

Take a look at the Colour Chart for a display of hair colours from Remi Cachet to match your Remi Cachet hair extensions with your current hair colour, whether natural or dyed. Multi tonal shades offer a beautifully natural look with these hair extensions, which also makes them easier to colour match. All brands produce a colour ring to enable stylists to carry out this colour matching service during the initial hair consultation. For our Remi Cachet brand we offer a super colour ring which is larger and more professional to achieve a more accurate colour match.

At Additional Lengths we offer a great colour matching service and all of our stylists are skilled in matching and applying hair extensions. The colour matching service at Additional Lengths ensures that you’re getting a perfect match.Get in touch with us today for friendly advice about hair extensions or pop into a store to have a full consultation.


What Are The 2018 Hair Trends To Look Out For?

All of the chocolate has been eaten, the decorations are coming down and the mince pies are long gone. For many people, the upcoming new year will ignite a feeling of change, and the first place we tend to think of is our appearance, and more often than not, it’s our hair that gets the main focus. Whether you’re bored of your current hair colour, or fancy going a few inches shorter at your next hair styling appointment, taking note of the hair trends will no doubt provide some inspiration. We’ve taken a look at the best 2018 hair trends and looks to watch out for, read ahead for the Additional Lengths take on what to expect.

Haircuts, colours & styles

The start of a new year often sparks inspiration in many to change up their current look, and step outside of their comfort zone by trying something new. Whether you’re considering something drastic, or just want to explore possibilities for your current cut and colour, there are many upcoming hair trends that may interest you.

It’s all in the bangs

Yes, that’s right, fringes are making a big comeback in 2018, but did they ever really go away? A popular face-framing technique, the humble fringe has had an update thanks to fashion week shows from designers such as Moschino and Tom Ford who gave their models a boyish, choppy fringe. Lightly feathered fringes are super feminine, whether fake or real! A messy fringe that rests just at the point of the eyebrows will flatter the majority of people, no matter your face shape. Leave your hair in all of its natural texture glory and simply run some serum through the mid lengths and lightly through the fringe to add shine.

Alternatively, a blunt fringe will also bring you right up to date with current hair trends as the thicker fringe taken above the brows is an easy to style look that suits everyone! The blunt fringe will also reflect light wonderfully, making hair look extra shiny, whilst adding a look of thickness to the hair.

Life is peachy

You’ll be aware of the pastel hair colour trend of 2017, with lilac taking the lead in beautiful unexpected pastel tresses. In 2018 though, you can fully embrace the pastel hair colour trend with a whole range of various colours – including peach. A stunning soft light pinky-orange will suit many different skin tones, and can be embraced with a full head or with highlights. Peach will be ideal upgrade for those with blonde hair, with some semi permanent options on the market. For those more adventurous with their hair dye choices, the aquatic tones of blues and greens will definitely hold appeal. Experiment with wash-in hair colours such as the range of colour rub hair chalks from Hair Flairs to try out various colours without the commitment of a dye.

Sweet toffee highlights

Ashy tones are taking a back seat in 2018 with a hair colour trend of toffee highlights or ‘babylights’ already being championed by models and actresses alike. Warm tones such as caramel and toffee work well with all hair colours and can be used to add natural looking highlights to the hair perfectly. Ask your stylist to put the toffee highlights through the mid-lengths to the ends for a sunkissed look.

Low chignons & buns

Nail that model off-duty vibe perfectly by sweeping your hair into a super on trend low chignon. Versatile due to this style suiting many hair types and lengths, a chignon is a chic hairstyle for everyday wear that shows off all of the multi tonal shades in the hair perfectly. Hair buns are a tidy hairstyle that can be ideal for work, but also can be messed up for a night out by bringing tendrils of hair down around the face. Pull the low chignon to the side for an off-centre hairstyle and use a flexible hold hairspray and hair pins for extra staying power.

Take it right to the top with a high bun or top knot that will elongate the appearance of your neck. Keep to the natural hair texture and muss up the ends of the hair for an ‘I woke up like this’ look, or slick back the hair from the crown with a hair oil for a sophisticated finish a la queen of the runway Bella Hadid. This is such a simple hair trend that anyone can achieve!

Hair accessories

According to several high end fashion magazines, such as Harper’s Bazaar, hair embellishments are getting ready to take over our hair accessories collection in 2018. Update French braids with metal clips for a touch of that on-trend metallic touch, or take it back to school with a pretty ribbon tied around a ponytail as a way to inject some colour and dimension to your hairstyle. Hair bands are also set to make a comeback in 2018, but if they conjure up images of ‘Alice In Wonderland’, think again! Simple hair bands that add a touch of decoration to a hairstyle are ideal for a low key look, whilst a statement making diamante hair band will be exactly what you need to wow the crowd for nights out.


Are you thinking of trying something new from our 2018 hair trends forecast? If you want to pep up your look, why not consider making a change to extra long, voluminous hair with our range of Remi Cachet hair extensions that are ideal for a temporary or semi permanent hairstyle change. We cater for all hair colours and offer a colour match service, so get in touch today to find out how we can help you realise your 2018 hair goals!

Hair Tips Remi Cachet Trends

Ways To Update Your Blonde Hair This Season

Come wintertime, many people choose to go darker to reflect the season change, but what if you simply want to change up your usual blonde locks without the huge commitment of a completely new hair colour? At Additional Lengths we’re all for experimenting with your hair, whether it’s investing in some premium quality human hair extensions to inject some volume and length into your tresses, or adding accessories such as clip in feather hair extensions. Today we’re taking a look at ways to update blonde hair for the winter season using lowlights, hair extensions and semi permanent hair dyes.

Warm up with golden tones

A great way to warm up blonde hair without taking it all the way darker is to run some golden tones through the hair. Strawberry blonde, cinnamon, golden blonde or even popular rose gold tones can work wonders to liven up blonde hair for winter. Some of the best winter hair colours involve a lighter hair shade, so you don’t necessarily have to turn brunette to stay on trend!

Rich tones for winter are a fail-safe option for those looking to update their look. Using warmer lowlights you can achieve a stunning multi-dimensional dye job, and using a gloss will bring out the right amount of depth. Medium tones expertly blended with the blonde, or applied the underneath section of hair can help build the winter-appropriate hair colour you’re seeking. Opt for the ‘bronde’ look with a combination of brown and blonde hair with caramel pieces throughout the hair for a darker winter colour.

Balayage for winter

If you’d like a subtle change to your blonde hair for winter, then why not try a beautifully toned down balayage? A slightly darker root blended perfectly into lighter mid-lengths and ends can be the ideal hair look for you if you’re seeking an easy to style hair transformation that won’t be too drastic. Balayage is on trend for a very good reason; it’s such a natural looking hair technique that offers subtle light tones, with no harsh or obvious regrowth lines. Discuss with your stylist to find the right colour blend that will go well with your current blonde as a way to get the perfect balayage.

Along a similar line to having the balayage hair technique, you could also explore the possibility of changing your blonde hair for winter with the range of Elegance Flat Tips hair extensions in ombre, dip dye & root stretch from Remi Cachet. The real human hair extensions are suitably blended with a darker tone at the root, seamlessly melting in a lighter shade throughout the lengths to achieve that two-tone effect hair. Ideal for adding volume and length, the high quality hair extensions will take you right through the festive season!

Ice, ice baby

Platinum locks have seen a return in popularity, especially when it’s boosted by a silver hue that brings a certain ethereal look to the hair. The ice blonde look is synonymous with winter and can completely transform your look from wholesome blonde-girl-next-door to a rebellious ice queen a la Taylor Swift. So, whether you’re lusting after the perfect Instagram inspired silver hair or want to go with a classic platinum blonde, update your winter hair look now!

Ice white blonde hair can be harsh on the hair due to the high percentage of bleach involved, so this may be a season only look to experiment with before opting for a less high maintenance, kinder hair colour.

Temporary colour

If you’re not looking for a long lasting difference in hair colour, then why not mix it up for a day or two with some bright pops of colour? Blonde is well known to be a fantastic base for achieving colour vibrancy, so take advantage of this by using some fun hair chalk from Hair Flairs to add unexpected colour to your hair. As winter time brings with it a festive party season, it’s the perfect time to experiment with vibrant hair chalks! At Additional Lengths we stock the Hair Flairs Color Rub products in purple, green, teal, yellow and black for a great choice of colours that can be worn together or separately. Simply apply directly to small sections of hair – we recommend using the Color Rub hair chalks on sections underneath the top layer of hair so that the bright colours can peak through the blonde hair! Go as subtle or as bold as you like with the Hair Flairs hair chalk, or experiment further with a semi-permanent pastel colour like pink or lilac for something completely new!

Another way to add some colour to your blonde hair that’s bound to impress at Christmas parties is the Hair Flairs Pro Hair Tinsel. Professional quality hair tinsel that has been designed and tested by stylists, the thin and lightweight hair tinsel feels soft and silky like hair. Made from 100% high-grade, heat-resistant polyester fiber, you can even shampoo, blow-dry, and use heated stylers on them! The glittery, light reflecting hair tinsel is a great way to update blonde hair for the festive season.

How ever you decide to change up your look for the colder season, there’s so many options to explore. From subtle highlights and ombre hair extensions, to pastel hair and funky hair tinsel that are ideal for Christmas parties! Let us know how you’ve chosen to update your blonde hair this winter season by tagging us in your pictures on Instagram!

Hair Tips Remi Cachet

How To Grow Out Your Current Hair Colour

Here at Additional Lengths we understand that a colour you loved a year ago may not be what you’re feeling right now, and with that admission comes the dreaded roots and the long wait for the previous colour to grow out of the hair. Sometimes it’s as easy as picking a new colour or matching a dye to your roots and colouring over the old shade. Other times it can be a waiting game and using other techniques to hide or embrace the natural roots coming through.

However, growing out your roots needn’t be a chore!

We’ve put together some hints and tips, along with product recommendations from our Remi Cachet brand, on how to grow out your current hair colour and love your look at the same time. If you’re reluctant to put another dye on your hair then read on for some simple tips and tricks to go with the flow of your root growth.

Opt for ombre effect hair extensions

If you’re considering hair extensions because you’re after the luxurious length and volume that they can provide, but you don’t want to commit to one base colour, or want your natural hair colour to blend seamlessly with a grown out colour, then we suggest opting for root stretch, dip dye or ombre hair extensions. The subtle blend of colours will work in harmony with your hair, avoiding that harsh line between shades for a softer finish.

The pre-bonded hair extensions which feature the ombre and dip dye style are the Remi Cachet Elegance Flat Tips extensions. There’s a beautiful mix of colours that range from more obvious dip dye colourways with dark ash brown with natural ash blonde, which is perfect if you’re hoping to eventually grow out a lighter shade, or more subtle ombre shades such as medium golden blonde with platinum blonde.

Darkest Brown/Medium Chestnut Brown – Dark Ash Brown/Natural Ash Blonde – Dark Ash Brown/Light Ash Blonde

You can also work with your professional stylist to get the right blend of hair shades for subtle low-light or high-light effect. We love the Remi Cachet Elegance Ultra Tips® from the pre-bonded hair extensions range which lie completely flat with the natural flow of the hair and is fitted in place using the Remi Cachet Ultra Locks® system which is produced purposely for this extension type. The perfect combination of hair colours range from dark chestnut brown and dark ash blonde, to light golden brown with darkest brown. If you’re growing out a blonde dye on naturally brown hair, then opting for custom hair extensions with a mix of shades can help to blend the colour perfectly!


There’s many ways you can successfully rock the re-growth period using different hairstyles. Whether you’re looking for an everyday hairstyle or something to transform your usual look for a special occasion, we’ve got 3 hairstyles to hide roots that we think you’ll love.

The simple bun

A style suitable for all hair types, the bun can work wonders in downplaying the amount of root growth you have, and can also help work it in your favour for a sassy hairstyle. There’s the polished chignon that is perfect for work, or the top knot for a lazy yet well put together look that can be dressed up or down to reflect your mood. With the ends tucked away, you’re left with a less obvious division between hair colours that can look like a well intended ombre.

A mermaid inspired braid

Long roots can actually look pretty wonderful when put into a hairstyle such as a braid. The various tones and shades in the hair can add an appealing dimension when pulled together into a fishtail braid or a French braid. You could combine two hairstyles in one with the milk-maid style braided headband which will draw attention away from the roots whilst looking adorable at the same time!

Waves & curls

The ultimate way to deflecting attention from your roots? Texture – and plenty of it. Beautiful ringlets, curls and waves all texture and offers multiple surfaces for light to shine from. To get the perfect luxurious wave whilst growing out your hair colour, we suggest the fantastic GHD Classic Wave Wand which creates stunning long-lasting curls and waves easily. Add even more texture by using hair products specifically designed to improve or boost the hair’s natural texture and lift hair at the root; sea salt sprays, texturising powder, or volumising mousse. Voluminous hair will enhance highlighted areas – so put down the straighteners!

Other simple tips on how to work with root-regrowth:

  1. Change up your part from the middle to the side
  2. Buy a root concealing hair product in the form of a coloured powder or spray
  3. Apply dry shampoo to the roots
  4. Get some volume into the hair which will add dimension
  5. Use hair accessories such as a hairband or hair scarf

So whether you’re keen to work with your roots or want to embrace your hair growth, there’s plenty you can do to keep your hair looking fabulous. From ombre hair extensions that work with the hair for a stretched root look, to playing with different hairstyles and changing up your parting to try to disguise the look of roots, you’re bound to find the right thing for you.

Get in touch with us at Additional Lengths for a friendly consultation for advice on hair extensions and which product would be perfect for your needs!

Events News Remi Cachet

Remi Cachet Hair Extensions Training 2017

With Remi Cachet, we are delighted to offer professional hairstylists two HABIA endorsed and approved training courses. We are also part of the Fellowship of British Hairdressers. We offer hair extension training courses at the Additional Lengths salons in Leeds and Stockton-on-Tees, and we can also deliver our courses at a hired venue. We have previously hired a space in London, and can use our educators salon ‘Hair by Abigail Nichols’ in Exeter. The Remi Cachet hair extension courses can also be delivered any salon in the UK – which is a cost effective solution for employers who wish to train multiple staff.

Remi Cachet Hair Extensions Training Courses

Our training courses include the full hair extension kit and trainees will receive an official completion certificate. These training sessions are taken by a qualified Training Assessor and certified for 15 CPD hours. These courses are separate and trainees should clarify which course they wish to attend, confirming which application method they want to work with on the day.

Course 1 – Hot & Cold Fusion (Flat & Cylinder bonding using heat and Ultrasonic connectors)
Price: £1095 + VAT

Course 2 – Mini Tip™ & Ultra Tip™ System Using Mini Locks™ and Ultra Locks™
Price: £895 + VAT
(Additional stylists from the same salon are £250 + VAT per person booked onto the same course)

Course Duration: 2 Full Days

Day 1: Covers theory and practical elements including: client consultations, client hair type, preparation, sectioning, application, cutting & styling, equipment, colour matching, hair products and health & safety. You will also learn more about hair extensions – where our Remi Cachet hair extensions come from and more about the brand, as well as aftercare, maintenance, removal and troubleshooting. The practical work is carried out using a Sally block mannequin.

Day 2: Consists of applying hair extensions to a live model, where our professional trainers will be on hand to observe and assess your application. The trainer will also be available to assist you throughout the application where required and to help with any individual requirements clients may have. All hair required for this application will be provided and included in the training cost.

If you provide your own model for the second day, it is at your discretion if you ask for your client to pay a small fee (to you) for having hair extensions applied to which will help towards your total costs. All products and full kits are supplied within the training cost.

Additional trainees from a salon are required to pay £250 + VAT for each extra person for 2 days training. (Please note that only one kit is required per salon which is included in the initial price)

We also offer ongoing support and help after your training is completed for any questions or help you require at a later date.

To take part in any training with Remi Cachet, you must be a qualified hairdresser or, to take part as a beginner, you must be a trainee hairdresser working in a salon on an apprenticeship or at college working towards completing your NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing.

A deposit of £250 is required at the time of booking onto the hot fusion and/or Mini Tips course. This deposit is used to secure the date and place which you book for training and this charge will be deducted from the overall cost, when the remainder of the amount has been settled.

Advanced Training – Hollywood Weave Training

Course Duration: 7 hrs
CPD HABIA Approved
This training programme is specifically for hair extension professionals already using other application methods and who wish to extend their application techniques. We consider this an advanced level training course for those , so if you’re ready to build on your skills, sign up!

In order to take part in the Hollywood Weave hair extensions training you must hold at least your NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing and have obtained a HABIA endorsed extension course, as this course is workshop based. Please note we do not accept certificates from companies who provide training to non-hairdressers or offer more than one method in a day.

The cost of the Hollywood Weave training course is £240 PP at our own venues, or £300 PP at a hired venue throughout the UK, and we take a one-off payment. Trainees are provided with a professional manual and application equipment, but are required to bring their own mannequin head for the practical elements of the course.

Testimonials from the RC training courses

At Additional Lengths we work closely with Remi Cachet to deliver professional training sessions that will benefit our trainees by providing them with the knowledge and certification to expand their hair extensions skills back at their salons. You’re also bound to have a fantastic time learning or building upon your skills alongside other professional hairstylists!

“Our courses are created & taught by professional extensionists so that learners can get the very best possible experience and leave feeling confident in every aspect of hair extensions. The courses are designed for those new to extensions, as well as those who may have been applying extensionists for a while who want to improve their techniques and learn a new method. It’s so important to keep learning in our industry, especially as we introduce new products with more technology and extensionists are able to advance their work to keep up with trends.”
Victoria Lynch, owner of Additional Lengths & Remi Cachet

We’ve had some talented stylists come through our training programmes and their experiences will speak volumes if you’re considering signing up to one of our 2017 hair extension training courses.We know the importance of trainee feedback and are thrilled to be able to share the experiences of two stylist’s experiences of our 2016 Hollywood Weave training courses:

‘I trained with Abigail Nicholls back in April and I was really pleased that I waited to train with her. She is amazing and so patient! It was two days of intense training but she made us feel really at ease and we had a laugh too. I also know that if I needed to ask her anything now or needed advice that I could.’
– Amy Kelly

‘The wonderful Abigail trained me in the Remi Cachet Hollywood Weave at the fabulous Additional Lengths Store, had a brilliant day, it was so professionally run and enjoyable, my clients love their Hollywood Weave, it’s so secure & comfy with luxury hair, and Abigail’s knowledge is second to none!’
– Deena Houghton

As part of the RC hair extensions training courses, you’ll have the opportunity to join our private Facebook group which will be the place to find out the latest information about the courses, and ask questions to colleagues and educators.

2017 Hair Extension Training Dates Available:

(Foundation) Mini / Ultra Tip Course:

25th & 26th September 2017

27th & 28th November 2017

(Advanced) Hollywood Weave Course:

21st August 2017

30th October 2017

29th January 2018

To book your place on a hair extensions training course, please email

Please note: You will need to provide evidence of your NVQs in hairdressing along with your address so we can advise of your nearest venue.

Events News Remi Cachet

Real Housewives of Remi Cachet with Teresa Giudice

Earlier this month we took our favourite Remi Cachet hair extensions across the pond to the Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event in Florida, USA for a weekend of exhibitions and live demonstrations of all things beauty. The event programme was packed with so many different stalls, live talks and competition opportunities from some of the best companies in the beauty and hair industries, so we felt right at home! We even had a very special guest join us…

The Remi Cachet team, including Judi Kay from Phoenix Hair Extensions, travelling in style to Florida

In the bright sunshine with tropical palm trees guiding the way, our destination for the Orlando Premiere Trade Show was the Orange County Convention Center

Setting up the RC stand ready for traders and customers to join us

All set up and ready to go, the Remi Cachet team get to work with live demonstrations

Yes, it’s true – we had a true star in our midst! Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice attended the Premiere Orlando show with Remi Cachet on the Sunday, and she was so wonderful to work with. Looking every inch the glamour puss we know and love from the popular American reality TV show, Teresa is no stranger to beautiful locks, so she was the perfect lady to join us at this event. Teresa Giudice had the Remi Cachet Ultra Tips fitted personally by Victoria and assisted by Philly, and we think you’ll agree that she looked gorgeous!

Teresa Giudice at the Remi Cachet exhibition stand with our fabulous range of hair extensions

The lovely Judi Kay, owner of Phoenix Hair Extensions in Preston, Lancashire, travelled with us to the event as part of the Remi Cachet team!

Pulling in an amazing crowd at the RC booth with Teresa Giudice

The Orlando Premiere event was such a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our hair extensions to a new audience, and we’re delighted with how it turned out. We learnt a lot from other hair and beauty brands and met some excellent people along the way!

‘Just like the Beautyworld event last month in Dubai, the Orlando show was very busy. We have already seen numerous trade customers set up accounts and order from us, and the fact we had Teresa Giudice on the stand was amazing and went down really well with the visitors. We also got to fit our Remi Cachet hair extensions personally for Teresa, which she loved!’
– Victoria Lynch, owner of Remi Cachet & Additional Lengths

We’ve had such amazing experiences at the Dubai and Orlando tradeshow events, with each of them proving to be successful for our business and reputation, and we can’t wait to see what happens in the future! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with our exciting plans – @remicachet & @additional_lengths

Hair Tips Summer

Hello Sunshine! Summer Holiday Hairstyles

Whether you’re jetting off to some tropical island with the girls or planning a romantic city break with your other half, let us take the stress out of hairstyling for you by offering some gorgeous holiday hairstyles examples. Take inspiration from your favourite models and performers to find create your perfect go-to summer holiday hairstyle this season with the help of the team at Additional Lengths.

The new classic top knot

A relatively safe option it may be, but the top knot has seen a rise in it’s popularity outside of the gym lately. Not only is the top knot a fashionable hairstyle, it’s extremely practical due to it keeping hair off your face and neck, a totally great move during the heat.

better talk nice

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Whether you’re down for a messy top knot like Kendall Jenner or prefer to mix up textures with smooth hair towards the crown, using products such as dry shampoo and texturising sprays can add to the finished hairstyle. Perfect for hitting the beach or a day chilling by the pool.

A low maintenance low bun

Sometimes when you’re on holiday all you want is something quick and low maintenance for your hair to cut down on time spent getting ready. Plus, if your hair condition isn’t the best after a day of swimming in chlorine infused pools, this look will pull the hair out of the way so you can deal with it later! This is why we can’t get enough of the super simple, slicked back low bun. It’s a totally different vibe to the above top knot with it’s underrated finish, so think of it as the messy bun’s slick sister. Style queen Rihanna is also a fan of this classic hairstyle that is a beautiful evening holiday hair option to keep things cool.

Rihanna ❤ @Chopard

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A quick and easy guide on how to do a chic low bun:

  • Brush hair thoroughly – After a day at the beach, sand and wind can prevent this look being as smooth as you’d like so be sure to tease out any knots.
  • Bring hair together at the nape of your neck – You can twist it here and secure afterwards, or tie a hair elastic to create a ponytail first for extra security before twisting into a bun and securing with pins or another elastic.
  • Smooth down any flyaways – This look calls for a smooth finish with no extra hair showing up in bumps or knots around the head. Use a hair oil such as Moroccan Oil to get that high shine, then spritz with hairspray to seal the goodness.

Feminine fishtail crown

Fishtail braids are all the rage due to their unique look and more sophisticated take on the traditional three section plait. We’re loving the depth and different textures involved in a fishtail crown, with tendrils of hair perfectly framing the face. It’s just perfect for a summer hairstyle suitable for a day at the beach! For a low maintenance version, simply go for one single fishtail braid pulled to the side for a Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games look.

Experiment with temporary colour

With the sun shining we often get a natural boost to our hair colour, especially blondes who can be treated to an extra lightness in their hair tone. Whilst summer highlights can come in the form of light caramels, icy blondes or even red tones, why not throw caution to the wind (or gentle breeze) and go for a totally different hair colour? Take the plunge this summer!

So what colours are we talking about for summer? There’s been a real interest in pastel hair colours that has spilled over from the popular hair trends of 2016, and it’s a hair trend that shows no sign of disappearing for summer! Opt for a beautiful candy inspired pastel tone such as light pink, seafoam green or a light lilac shade for ultimate mermaid hair vibes, like one of our dream hair gal Jesy Nelson from Little Mix.

Today’s candy dream 🍧 by my fairy godfathers @adamburrell @aaroncarlohair

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For those who prefer to edge on the side of colour and want something even more temporary or subtle, then go for coloured clip in hair extensions which can be popped in and removed just as quickly.

Long hair in the sun

If you’re currently struggling with growing your hair or just wanting to add some extra length to help you get those model off-duty waves in time for the beach, consider opting for some Remi Cachet hair extensions. The human hair extensions from Remi Cachet are available in various beautifully toned colours and application methods. Opt for a clip in weave for a temporary boost to your tresses, or opt for Remi Cachet Indian Flat Tips for a longer lasting length to get you through the post-holiday blues. With human hair extensions you’re free to use heated stylers on them, so on day one of your holiday you could be rocking the straight look, and day four partying with bohemian waves!

If you’re considering hair extensions for your summer holiday, contact us at Additional Lengths for a friendly chat and professional consultation to ensure you get the right extensions for you.

Summer haircare tips

The hotter climate can be hell for already damaged hair, so summer calls for sun protecting hair products and hairstyles that will prevent any further damage occurring whilst you’re enjoying the sunshine.

  • Go for hairstyles that protect the ends of the hair – The ends of our locks are the most vulnerable parts due to split ends, dryness and damage from heat or chemicals. This is why certain hairstyles, such as buns or top knots with the ends of the hair safely tucked in, will protect the hair from sun damage.
  • Protect your scalp – Invest in a cute straw hat with a wide brim to protect your scalp and roots from sun exposure. There are even SPF products specially formulated for use on the scalp available on the market.
  • Put the heated stylers down – Along with the UV rays and general heat from the sun, our hair can have a tough time during our holidays! Add to that daily straightening or regular use with a curling wand and our locks will struggle with the extra heat, so leave them alone as much as possible to save hair the extra stress.
  • Take time for treatments – Pre and post-holiday (and even during if you’ve got time) hair treatments can really help keep hair in the best condition. At Additional Lengths we love the nourishing properties of Malibu C hair treatments which include Swimmers Wellness Remedy and Miracle Repair treatments that will restore shine and softness.

For specialist advice on how to take care of your hair after a dip in the pool, take a look at our Hair Damage Prevention 101: Pool Safety For Your Hair post.

From top knots to low buns and fishtail braids, there’s so many holiday hairstyles to experiment with this summer, and a week or two in the sun is the perfect time to showcase them! Browse our range of Remi Cachet hair extensions and hair care products to get your hair prepped this holiday season.