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Hair Tips

Your Ultimate 2017 Hair Kit

It takes a lot to look this good, ladies. For those of us not blessed with wonderfully styled hair as soon as we roll out of bed, there’s a whole host of hair products and tools in our arsenal to give us a helping hand. Take a look at the Additional Lengths ultimate hair kit to check off if you have everything you need for a good hair day.

Tangle Teezer

We have an excellent range of the popular Tangle Teezer brushes here at Additional Lengths. The pros of this unique brush include the soft teeth which flex and collapse as they ‘teeze’ hair tangles and knots, which minimises breakage. No more shall you wince through the pain of brushing out tangles! Every girl needs a Tangle Teezer compact brush in their handbag for on the go tangle teezing. The Tangle Teezer blow styling brush in half paddle and full paddle are fantastic for blow drying the hair straight with minimal tugging on the scalp and reduced frizz on the lengths. This hairbrush design is ideal for using with hair extensions due to the gentle brushing action.


Heat defence spray

If there’s one absolute must-have on this list, we believe it’s this: a quality heat defence spray or heat protection cream. This will save your tresses the heartache of damage from heated stylers. As you’re probably aware, repeated use of straighteners or curling wands can really take it’s toll on human hair extensions, as well as natural hair. A good heat defence spray such as the Moroccan Oil Heat Styling Protection spray will protect the hair with a thin barrier against the heat, reducing the possibility of dryness and those dreaded split ends.



Salon quality hairdryer

Not only are hairdryers a practical item to own, they can also help create hair styles, or prep the hair for continued styling. We stock premium quality hair dryers by ghd which offer advanced ionic technology to minimise frizz and flyaways, plus a cool air setting to help lock your style in place. Create volume by blow drying your hair upside down, or smooth the hair shaft downwards using a brush to create a straight finish. Salon-style blow dries are only a click away!


ghd straighteners

The holy grail of hair straighteners, ghd are experts in creating stylish looking heated stylers and the ghd hair straighteners are an essential part of any girl’s hair kit. We love the beautiful ghd Platinum Serene Pearl straighteners which contain clever hair protection technology with intelligent sensors which maintain optimum styling temperature, reducing breakage by 50% and increasing shine by 20%. Now those are percentages we can get on board with! The straighteners even come in a stunning shiny coordinating heat-resistant bag, making them perfect for travelling.


Curling wand

On those days you just fancy giving beachy waves or elegant curls a go, you need to invest in a salon worthy curling wand. Sure, you can create some lovely waves with a straightener using the right moves, but for a no nonsense curl, we turn to the wave wand or curl tong from ghd.


Sleep-in hair rollers

Sometimes time isn’t on our side in the morning, so sleep-in hair rollers are just what we need to have daytime-ready hair which work their magic whilst we sleep. Our Sleep-In Rollers pack of 10 rollers create gorgeous curls with instant volume overnight with the comfortable foam and velcro materials which allow you to get a goodnights rest.
Our tips on how to use sleep-in hair rollers:

1. Split hair into sections
2. Roll up your hair in curlers
3. Secure the rollers with hair pins or clips
4. For ultimate comfort adjust your clips or pins
5. Relax and have a great night’s sleep!


Hair spray

Hairspray is literally the product which holds everything together. A wave or curl would be nothing without it. A good hairspray offers a flexible to strong weather resistant hold which easily brushes out, leaving no heavy residue in the hair. We love the Sexy Hair hairspray range which also provides illuminating shine and unbelievable volume, lift and hold.


Clip-in hair extensions

An ideal hair accessory for temporary volume, length and thickness, clip-in human hair extensions are a must-have in your ultimate hair kit. Easy to apply and remove, clip-in extensions and tape hair extensions by Remi Cachet are premium quality and made with 100% human hair for a natural look.


Get everything you need for your perfect hair kit at Additional Lengths and find out how to master those must have styles in our hair video tutorials.

Hair Tips Summer

June Favourites: Products For The Summer

Hopefully, summer means long days at the beach, dipping in and out of pools and long, adventurous walks. These activities can sometimes take its toll on our hair, so today we’re sharing products that make our hair look amazing when it’s warm, but keep it healthy too.

Let’s begin with the whole washing process. We don’t want to be applying too much product in our hair at this time, something that will keep it refreshed and in the best condition possible. By using Sexy Hair’s Silk Shampoo and Conditioner Lite, it helps in indulging your hair in luxury whilst giving it a weightless, smooth effect, because heat often means frizz! The duo allows for a clean, soft head of hair, which is the perfect base for some super styling. Before blow-drying, a little 5 pence amount of Moroccan Oil Light into the ends of the hair ensures that your locks are nourished and conditioned to perfection. Giving you a tangle-free and faster hair drying session.


As we are expecting it to be hot-hot-hot over the next few months, the Sexy Hair Humidity Resistant Mousse is ideal for keeping your chosen style big and beautiful with extra given hold. Yet this tends to not give that tacky feeling that mousses often leave in their hair, it leaves it to feel soft and shiny and ready for the day. But if you are worried about your hair changing throughout the day, and becoming a bit of a lifeless mess, you can always carry a bottle of Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray in your bag. This little beauty has multiple benefits, which make it the perfect handbag companion. It reflects light to give a certain shine to the hair, whilst keeping it refreshed as it helps in the control of static as we don’t want any fly-a-ways when creating our summer style.


For hair extensions, we have a great range of specialist products for you to keep your tresses looking in tip top condition over the summer months. Treat your extensions to a good conditioner and hair oil from Remi Cachet which work to protect the hair whilst avoiding adding any weight. We also have our own branded conditioning products for hair extensions at Additional Lengths which also provides excellent treatment.



Let us know in the comments your summer hair favourites – we’d love to know!