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How to solve a bad hair day

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How to solve a bad hair day

We’ve all been there – woke up one day with a messy hair. On these days, it seems like nothing you can do will fix the bird’s nest on your head, and as a result, you try to cover it up by placing it in a bun or even putting a hat on. However, at Additional Lengths we believe that no one should have to use these dramatic cover ups, and should instead be able to have gorgeous looking hair every day. We offer a selection of products that are ideal for solving a bad hair day.

Instant Beehive

In addition to the above points, we also believe that a number of the products we stock can help you out in your efforts to rectify a bad hair day. Instant beehive is a wonderful product made by us that allow you to add a beehive – made famous in the 60’s and more recently by Amy Winehouse. The great thing about these is the fact that they don’t need to be smooth, straight or perfect; a messy beehive will give you extra volume, great for bad hair days.

Clip in Buns

Want to make your updo look like you’ve spent hours perfecting? A clip in bun is ideal for you. Simply place your hair in an updo and clip these handy weapons into your hair for an instant and effortless hairstyle. They are the perfect addition to your beauty collection and can help save you from a hair nightmare.



If you need any extra help, advice or guidance don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be happy to recommend you a product to match your specific individual needs.