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How to clean your hair brush

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How to properly clean your hair tools

One thing that we probably never think about is cleaning our hair tools, like our brushes and clips, but it is in fact one of the most important things to consider. The only way to make sure that your hair tools give you perfect looking hair is to take the utmost care with them, and this can’t be done when they are unclean. At Additional Lengths we’ve compiled a guide for you to examine and take a note of, helping you to achieve the finest hair possible.

Cleaning brushes and combs

We’ve all noticed that hair becomes trapped in brushes, and that’s probably the only thing that we remove. But the fact is that oils from your scalp, residue, thousands of germs, dust, hairspray and other particles are stuck in there, too. Do you really want to be brushing those across your hair everyday, especially if you’ve just washed it? No, of course not!

To properly clean your brushes and combs, we recommend taking a long and thin tool like a rat tail comb and tug gently at any hair in the brush to loosen it. Try to remove all of the hair before proceeding to the next step, which involves filling your sink up with warm water. Add some cleansing shampoo into the mix, and either let it soak or use a spare toothbrush to ease off the buildup. Once this is finished, let them air dry and use again! It’s recommended to do this at least once a month.

Cleaning your hair dryer

You can probably see lint and dirt in the hair dryer vent, which means it’s time for a clean! It’s a completely normal thing, but this buildup can prevent the hair dryer from working properly – and safely. Most hair dryers come with a removable filter for the vent which should easily twist off. If it doesn’t, take a look at your instruction manual for help. Once it’s off, clean it with a dry toothbrush to remove all of the grit and dirt and rinse it with warm water. It’s important to make sure that you air dry it completely before reattaching it and using it.

Cleaning hair accessories

You must remember accessories like scrunchies, hair ties and headbands as these can also have buildup. Similar to the hair brushes, pop them in the sink with a couple drops of shampoo and warm water, then leave them to dry or speed it up with a towel.

Cleaning heated applications

Sticky buildup on hair curlers, tongs and straighteners not only look unsightly, but can cause split ends and burns. Keep your hot tools in their best condition by cleaning off this residue. First, start by ensuring that they’re unplugged and completely cold before doing anything. Get a cloth and wet it with some water, rubbing off any residue as much as you possibly can. If this doesn’t work, try something like rubbing alcohol instead. Once removed, leave to dry before using again. This way your applicators will last longer without any worry.