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Your Ultimate Guide to a Hair Extension Consultation

Getting the hair you really want starts with a hair consultation. Since COVID there has been a push to virtual consultations, and whilst they are easy and quick, to get the most from a consultation you need to head in salon. Having researched the look you want, the colours you love, the different types of extensions available and the stylist you want, the consultation will really help bring everything together, answer all your questions and get you a step closer to that new style you crave. Here’s our guide as to what to expect and some tips to make the most of your consultation.

Book in advance and allow around an hour so you have time to ask all you want, even those questions you might think are too silly and would rather google later, but honestly, the stylist is there to help you get the most from your hair and they have probably been asked everything you can think of, so ask away! Plus, Google doesn’t give you the answers that are specific to you.

Essentially the consultation is a process for the stylist to assess your suitability to hair extensions in terms of your current hair strength, density, scalp health and your lifestyle. You will go through a Consultation Questionnaire with your stylist who will ask some personal questions too, such as any medication, and it is really important to answer these honestly. You will also look at how you like to wear and style your hair, which might even be important for your job, for example. In fact, Remi Cachet Super Stylist, Asya Cannur recommends “My tip to clients would be to arrive with their hair how they wear it day-to-day for the consultation.”

Together, these factors determine the type of application and where the placement of those extensions can be to create the best results for you. For example, wearing your hair up is not an issue at all, but the stylist needs to know this for where to place the bonds to be discreet and allow for more movement. If this is for your wedding, it’s worth bringing any hair accessories like tiara, to the appointment too.

When it comes to considering what you want to achieve from extensions, it is worth bringing with you some inspirational images for length, colour, volume and style you have seen. Screen shots of your favourite celeb, influencer, Instagram posts, Pinterest searches and maybe a previous colour you had. You can then discuss what is appealing to you on those looks to help the stylist get a good picture of what you want.

In terms of length, the extensionist can hold a tape measure from where they will be applying the extensions, to give you a guide as to where the hair will fall, and then maybe consider going shorter or even a little longer.

Choosing your colour might seem like the fun part of the consultation, with so many beautiful colours on the colour ring to play with. Despite having your inspiration, holding up the colours to the side of your face and your skin tone and eye colour will help you see for yourself if this colour is right for you. The extensionist will be great at advising you here and at blending colours to make effects such as balayage, highlights and face framing.

Picture by helenbutterflyhairrichie

Getting the right colour match is crucial for the extensions to look their best. You may need additional colour work to your own hair before applying extensions and they can advise you on this and where you want something truly bespoke, the hair extensions can also be coloured, but we always advise this to be professionally coloured.

Subject to your current style, it may be necessary for the stylist to cut your existing hair before application, removing your own split ends is also going to help your new extensions sit well with your own hair. An obvious example of this would be if you have a dramatic bob, then this allows the hair extensions to blend and look more natural.

Your extensionist will be able to guide you through the options available in terms of application method for what will work best for your hair type, your needs, and what products are available in terms of length as some products only come in certain lengths. They will be able to explain the application process and show you examples of their work with this application so you can see how this will look. If they don’t you may wish to ask to see examples of their previous work. If they are wearing extensions, you may even be able to see them yourself.

Whilst you may be focussing on the transformation with hair extensions, you need to know how to care for them properly and the extensionist will be able to take you through the at-home aftercare with the recommended products and brushes, as well as returning to the salon for maintenance appointments to remove and refit the extensions and how all that works.

With so many factors involved, you can now appreciate that a stylist needs to see you to also be able to offer you a quotation based on the hair, application, and aftercare. We can all be price-sensitive, especially if comparing to another price, but consider if the hair quality and expertise are the same level and if you will be getting hair extensions that could potentially last up to 12 months.

Finally, you may be asked to sign a consultation form to agree to the information you have provided and has been given to you, and to book the application appointment. You may be given a copy of this form and it may also have some aftercare guidelines as a reminder.

Consultations for hair pieces such as clip-ins will not need to be as detailed but are equally as important especially when it comes to getting the colour match right and tips to help you fit them correctly.

Many consultations are free, but with some people not showing up to appointments with little or no notice, some salons do put a small charge on these appointments and then credit this off your application appointment if you move forward. Check with your extensionist how they work this.

It’s worth also keeping your stylist updated with your information, especially if you have changed medication and if you are looking to change your style again in the future, so it may be worth having a new consultation in the future.

Our professional hairdressers have a wealth of experience they can share with you at a consultation to get you the look you really want, offer suggestions, and there to support you so that you care for your extensions properly for healthy hair days. If you are looking into extensions and not yet booked a consultation, use our Find A Stylist to find someone near you and head to the Remi Cachet Pinterest for inspiration to get you excited for your next look.


Which Remi Cachet Hair extensions should I buy?

We get a lot of questions asking us what the difference is between Luxury and Elegance hair so we thought we’d write a quick guide to demonstrate the differences between the two.

In October 2019 we launched our new range of Luxury hair. Remi Cachet Previously had a Luxury range that was very popular but we wanted to improve upon what we considered our mid-budget hair. This gave us the opportunity to not only improve the hair quality, offer new application methods; but also create new recyclable packaging for this range and to help us explore how we can change our packaging across our range of products.

For the first time ever Remi Cachet now offers Nano Tips! These are currently only available in our Luxury range in 21 colours and one length at 18 inches. We also added the popular tape hair extensions which were only available when buying from our Elegance range.

What you must remember as a stylist or a customer of ours is that not only is each batch of hair unique, but each packet is.

Elegance Range

Elegance is the first range of hair from Remi Cachet which was introduced in 2013 and is well known for being high quality, double drawn premium Remy hair. Because it is sourced from the Southern regions of Russia and Mongolian regions it is very smooth and very straight. It is available in the following application methods and lengths:

Injection Tape Hair 14”, 18” and 22”
Full Weft12”, 16”, 20” and 24”
Half Weft 16”, 20” and 24”
Super Weft 16” and 20”
Mini Tips 12”, 16”, 20” and 24”
Flat Tips 12”, 16”, 20” and 24”
Ultra Tips 12”, 16”, 20” and 24”
Pro Tips 16” and 20”
Twin Tabs 16” and 20”
Hair Bun One sizeOne Size 6” 
Pony Tail 24” 
Micro Tapes10”

With a proper aftercare routine and maintenance performed by a professional, we suggest that this hair can last up to and around 12 months, but we often hear how people have had the same hair for over 2 years!

Our Elegance hair is our premium range, but if you want to invest in hair that will last a long time Elegance should be your choice if compatible with your own natural hair.

Luxury Range

Our Luxury range is the next best thing to our Elegance range and was relaunched in October 2019. Our Luxury range is designed to be great hair, with a good life span without the premium price of our Elegance range. Our Luxury hair has a natural ratio which means that it has a natural thickness from root to tip, so it tapers to a natural look. It is made with Chinese hair and through our testing, we found that with proper aftercare and maintenance this can last up to and around 9 months.

Half Weft 50g18”
Full Weft 100g18”
Tape Hair18”
Nail Tips18”
Stick Tips18”
Nano Tips18”

We suggest that you always get your hair fit with a qualified professional, not only will your hair last as long as it should – they will be able to offer you guidance on how to look after your hair correctly.

Look out for the next blog which goes into detail about how to pick your stylist and what to expect at a consultation.

Hair Tips

How To Make Curls Last Longer

There are many great mysteries in life and we’re sure that you’ll agree that keeping a good set of curls in all day is certainly one of them! You can walk out of the house on a morning with beautiful, perfectly formed curls or waves, only to meet midday with flat, lifeless hair. Dropped curls or frizzy curls can really ruin a girls day! However, there are steps that can be taken in order to save your favourite hairstyle. Today at Additional Lengths, we want to share with you our hair magic tips on how to get curls to last longer, and how to get them looking even better!

Whether you have naturally curly, textured hair, or straight and fine hair, the perfect curls can be achieved through following our helpful hair tips.

How to prepare the hair for curling

Just like with our makeup routine, the trick to ensuring our hairstyles stay in all day is to prepare and prime the hair first. Wash your hair with your usual shampoo, but go lightly with the conditioner as the conditioner product is designed to make hair smooth and can be too slippery for our curling needs. It’s also at the point in the process that you can let your natural hair texture work in your favour! If you normally straighten your thick, wavy hair, let it be natural as the texture can add to the curls.

Hair products to use before beginning to curl the hair can include applying hair mousse to towel dried hair which will bring a bouncy, soft touch to your finished curls, and even dry shampoo that can be used to add further texture to the hair. It’s also a good idea to spray a light spritz of heat protectant spray over the hair if you plan on using heat to curl your hair.

What do you use to curl hair?

The secret behind perfect curls and waves really begins with what tools you’re using to style the hair. A superstar hairstylist is only as good as her tools afterall! So, where do you start to look for the perfect heated hair styling tool?

An exceptional brand that offers premium quality heated hair tools and that we stock at Additional Lengths is Cloud Nine. Gaining popularity among the hair industry, it’s easy to see why many professional hairstylists love using Cloud Nine hair tools. Our range of Cloud Nine curling wands are just what you need to get various sized curls in your hair in no time. The Original Wand offers a tapered and super smooth barrel which allows you to create tight curls to tousled waves depending on your desired end result. The Cloud Nine Curling Wand is ideal for thicker hair as it has the same shaped barrel for the full length of the wand and can create smooth, glosser curls and waves. Simply section the hair and wrap each section hair around the barrel, holding for no longer than 6 seconds before carefully unravelling. With a smooth, mineral infused, coated barrel, the Cloud Nine curling wands are designed for kinder styling and lasting results.

Another well known brand who is celebrated for creating stunning hair looks is the classic GHD and their collection of heated hair tools. Not only can you get some fancy waves with their GHD straighteners, but their specialised range of wave wands and curling tongs are ideal for all kinds of hair types. Utilising tri-zone® technology, their ceramic coated curling tongs guarantees the right curling temperature of 185°C and will give volume at the root and tumbling curls or waves throughout the mid lengths. The GHD curling wands are great for locking in that curl. Pinning curls can also help to keep the style – pin the curl after styling the section of hair by letting it coil against your head and pinning in place until it’s cool.

For those who wish to stay away from using heat on their hair, then that’s no problem either! There are several ways to curl hair without heat to save it from potential heat damage and further dryness. Try foam curl rollers which can be used to roll the hair around in sections and slept on, or if you’ve like soft curls which are more on the wavy side, simply plait your hair before bed and shake them out in the morning. We’ve even seen online tutorials of creative ladies using socks to roll their hair in to get gorgeous curls – whatever works best for you and your hair!

Adding a finishing touch

We’ve all experienced the inconvenience of a dropped curl; whether it’s due to unfortunate weather or simply because our stubborn hair decides to release it’s curl. The key to keeping your curls is to add a final hair product or two as a finishing touch. Once the curls have been done with a curling wand or your preferred method, simply run your fingers through the hair to soften and blend the curls before using a firm hold hairspray and lightly misting all over the hair. A texturising spray can also be used if you’re after ‘imperfect’ curls that look more lived in, or a product designed to define curls, such as the Moroccan Oil Intense Curl Cream.

So when it comes to ways to get the perfect curls, there are several actions you can undertake to ensure your hair looks fabulous with bouncy curls all day long. Using a good quality hair product before hand will prep the hair, before using a curling wand to carefully curl the hair using heat, and finishing with a firm hold hairspray to keep the style in place. We hope that our tips from Additional Lengths have given you some curling inspiration with our heated styling tools and hair product options!


What Are The 2018 Hair Trends To Look Out For?

All of the chocolate has been eaten, the decorations are coming down and the mince pies are long gone. For many people, the upcoming new year will ignite a feeling of change, and the first place we tend to think of is our appearance, and more often than not, it’s our hair that gets the main focus. Whether you’re bored of your current hair colour, or fancy going a few inches shorter at your next hair styling appointment, taking note of the hair trends will no doubt provide some inspiration. We’ve taken a look at the best 2018 hair trends and looks to watch out for, read ahead for the Additional Lengths take on what to expect.

Haircuts, colours & styles

The start of a new year often sparks inspiration in many to change up their current look, and step outside of their comfort zone by trying something new. Whether you’re considering something drastic, or just want to explore possibilities for your current cut and colour, there are many upcoming hair trends that may interest you.

It’s all in the bangs

Yes, that’s right, fringes are making a big comeback in 2018, but did they ever really go away? A popular face-framing technique, the humble fringe has had an update thanks to fashion week shows from designers such as Moschino and Tom Ford who gave their models a boyish, choppy fringe. Lightly feathered fringes are super feminine, whether fake or real! A messy fringe that rests just at the point of the eyebrows will flatter the majority of people, no matter your face shape. Leave your hair in all of its natural texture glory and simply run some serum through the mid lengths and lightly through the fringe to add shine.

Alternatively, a blunt fringe will also bring you right up to date with current hair trends as the thicker fringe taken above the brows is an easy to style look that suits everyone! The blunt fringe will also reflect light wonderfully, making hair look extra shiny, whilst adding a look of thickness to the hair.

Life is peachy

You’ll be aware of the pastel hair colour trend of 2017, with lilac taking the lead in beautiful unexpected pastel tresses. In 2018 though, you can fully embrace the pastel hair colour trend with a whole range of various colours – including peach. A stunning soft light pinky-orange will suit many different skin tones, and can be embraced with a full head or with highlights. Peach will be ideal upgrade for those with blonde hair, with some semi permanent options on the market. For those more adventurous with their hair dye choices, the aquatic tones of blues and greens will definitely hold appeal. Experiment with wash-in hair colours such as the range of colour rub hair chalks from Hair Flairs to try out various colours without the commitment of a dye.

Sweet toffee highlights

Ashy tones are taking a back seat in 2018 with a hair colour trend of toffee highlights or ‘babylights’ already being championed by models and actresses alike. Warm tones such as caramel and toffee work well with all hair colours and can be used to add natural looking highlights to the hair perfectly. Ask your stylist to put the toffee highlights through the mid-lengths to the ends for a sunkissed look.

Low chignons & buns

Nail that model off-duty vibe perfectly by sweeping your hair into a super on trend low chignon. Versatile due to this style suiting many hair types and lengths, a chignon is a chic hairstyle for everyday wear that shows off all of the multi tonal shades in the hair perfectly. Hair buns are a tidy hairstyle that can be ideal for work, but also can be messed up for a night out by bringing tendrils of hair down around the face. Pull the low chignon to the side for an off-centre hairstyle and use a flexible hold hairspray and hair pins for extra staying power.

Take it right to the top with a high bun or top knot that will elongate the appearance of your neck. Keep to the natural hair texture and muss up the ends of the hair for an ‘I woke up like this’ look, or slick back the hair from the crown with a hair oil for a sophisticated finish a la queen of the runway Bella Hadid. This is such a simple hair trend that anyone can achieve!

Hair accessories

According to several high end fashion magazines, such as Harper’s Bazaar, hair embellishments are getting ready to take over our hair accessories collection in 2018. Update French braids with metal clips for a touch of that on-trend metallic touch, or take it back to school with a pretty ribbon tied around a ponytail as a way to inject some colour and dimension to your hairstyle. Hair bands are also set to make a comeback in 2018, but if they conjure up images of ‘Alice In Wonderland’, think again! Simple hair bands that add a touch of decoration to a hairstyle are ideal for a low key look, whilst a statement making diamante hair band will be exactly what you need to wow the crowd for nights out.


Are you thinking of trying something new from our 2018 hair trends forecast? If you want to pep up your look, why not consider making a change to extra long, voluminous hair with our range of Remi Cachet hair extensions that are ideal for a temporary or semi permanent hairstyle change. We cater for all hair colours and offer a colour match service, so get in touch today to find out how we can help you realise your 2018 hair goals!

Hair Tips Trends

Hairstyle Ideas: Party Season Edit

It’s that time of the year again! December brings with it the inevitable cold weather, endless repeats of Christmas songs and, of course, plenty of festive party invitations. From the office Christmas party to festive drinks with friends, there’s so many opportunities to experiment with new hairstyles that will showcase your hair perfectly. At Additional Lengths we’re taking hair inspiration from some of our favourite celebs and hairstylists to ensure that we can party like the best of them with our hair looking on point!

From up do’s to wavy hairstyles, read on for some party hairstyle ideas you’ll be excited to try out this festive season.

A sleek ponytail is a timeless hairstyle for all occasions; it keeps hair out of the face, shows off the neck and brings a well groomed finish to any outfit. For the party season, why not mix it up with some extra detailing with your ponytail?

We love the layered look of the multi-hairbands that start at the crown and work their way down the lengths at equally spaced intervals throughout the lengths. Pulled out a little to create more texture, the finished look is a great alternative to a French braid or ponytail! This look is ideal for those with long, thick hair who are wanting a chic hairstyle that still shows off their hair length without overpowering their overall look.

Want to transform your look for the office party but enter 2018 feeling yourself again? Then why not try out a semi permanent hair colour to give you the gift of a different hair shade, albeit temporarily!

If you have 100% Remy human hair extensions fitted, you’re able to dye them, so opt for a festive red tone or mix it up completely and go pastel. We love the sugary sweet shades of lilac and pink for a semi permanent dye option as it looks so unique and unexpected. Treat your hair to the pastel hair dye experience and style as you normally would.



We love the loose waves look with pastel hair as it brings out the different tones and adds dimension. Try out the Cloud Nine curling wand to achieve the look effortlessly and hairspray to hold the waves.

Throw it back to the 1980’s with a mix of different styles that includes a back combed and plaited look for ultra party vibes. Plaiting in rows along the sides but leaving a top section free to backcomb and pin place before taking the back section down into a long plait is a look with many different elements but is totally achievable!

For the extra length, consider applying a hair piece that you can blend with your own hair to create a super long, feminine braid. This is a great Christmas party hairstyle for those who like to push the boat out when it comes to their look.

You could even add a glitter hairspray for extra glamour points and, of course, gold hoops for that 80’s inspired finish.






If you’re looking for a change that will include thickening and elongating the look of your hair, then consider getting some high quality hair extensions from Remi Cachet. In our collection of Remi Cachet hair extensions you’ll find endless colour options of real human hair extensions that come in pre bonded, weft, tape in and clip in extension application methods to suit your needs. We stock ombre, root stretch and dip dye hair extensions for a soft blend of multi-tonal hair colours, and some fantastic base colours, from champagne blonde through to chestnut brown. Impress everyone this festive season with an entirely new look with a head of luxurious new hair extensions that you can style any way you like!









Quick tips to keep your hair looking hot when it’s cold outside

There are so many factors that can affect our hair during the winter season, from central heating to wet weather, so let’s get armed with the know-how on how to solve those tricky hair issues:

  • Static flyaways – Reduce the static in your hair by sleeping on a satin pillow, or if you aren’t into that kind of bedding, try blow drying your hair with an ionic hairdryer and avoid using plastic combs as this may add to the static charge. No more zaps!

  • Frizz – Frizz can come out of nowhere, or be due to the wet weather outside simply ruining our hair before we get to work on a morning. Luckily there are several frizz-free hair care products on the market that can help us maintain a smooth hair look all day long, such as a hair serum and hair conditioners that will calm down any frizz.

  • Dry ends – Cure dry ends once and for all by going for a seasonal trim! Keep hair hydrated in between visits to the hairdressers by using a hair mask or treatment such as the Moroccan Oil hair treatments that deposit moisturising properties in the hair to improve the look of the mid lengths and ends.

So whether you want to try an alternative ponytail, colourful waves, a 1980’s inspired ‘do or a whole new look with some luxurious hair extensions, there are plenty of hairstyles for the party season to experiment with!

View the selection of hair pieces and hair extensions at Additional Lengths to boost your look for the festive season.

Hair Tips

What To Do With Old Hair Extensions

If you’re a long time hair extensions fan, there’s a good chance that you have a drawer full of clip in hair extensions that haven’t seen the light of day for a good while. Your older clip ins are banished to the drawer in favour of your new extensions, which seem shinier, happier and much preferred to your previously loved ones. However you also recognise that money has been invested in these older clip in extensions, so you’re left wondering: what can I do with my old hair extensions?

At Additional Lengths, we’ve done a bit of research on your behalf to find out some ways to use old clip in hair extensions to your advantage and give them a higher purpose than sitting idly in a drawer. Read on for some ways you never knew you could repurpose your clips in!

Revive and reinvent!

If you’re sitting on quite a few good quality human hair extensions that once worked well for providing extra volume and length, why not simply revive them?

Dye them back to life

With blonde tone clip in extensions we suggest getting creative with some colourful hair dye and giving them a new lease of life as colourful extensions can be a fun addition to a special occasion look. Human clip in hair extensions should take hair dye fairly well, and we recommend the funky colours from La Riche Directions or use colour hair chalks which can be easily washed out. For a dash of pastel blue, purple or pink without the commitment, this can be a great way of achieving that on-trend hairstyle. Festivals, gigs, or any other event that can bring out your inner unicorn – pop in some freshly dyed clip in extensions for a pop of temporary colour!

Create a hair accessory

Use your DIY skills to use the spare hair extensions to create a new hair accessory! We love the idea of simply braiding each clip in hair extension so you’ve got some effortless, pretty braids to add into your hair whenever you like. It’ll save on time whilst adding another dimension to wavy hair or straight hair that’s missing some bohemian style. The small braided hair extensions can be clipped into different areas on the head for subtle texture. For further creativity, you could attach a couple of braids to a headband to create a super easy braided crown – perfect for summer hairstyles!

A small hair donut can also be transformed using old clip in hair extensions by simply wrapping a single piece around the donut. The hair donut can then be used to finish off a ponytail, or if you’re after a messy hair bun look but can’t face the tangles – simply use your hair extensions as a faux messy bun!

If you’re feeling inspired by a certain Lady Gaga, why not create a hair bow out of your old clip in hair extensions? This requires two pieces of hair with one of the clip parts removed and an invisible elastic band. Fold both ends of one piece inwards and tie with the elastic to form the loops of the bow, then take the second hair piece and wrap around the centre until secure. Use the clip in from one of the extension pieces to secure to the hair for a simple pretty bow detail.

Sometimes an occasion calls for a sophisticated beehive, but the need to backcomb hair at the crown can put some people off due to possible hair damage and tangles that can come along with it. Combat this by utilising your old clip in extensions and packing them into a hair net, creating a lovingly referred to in the industry as a ‘hair rat’.

How to make a faux beehive out of hair extensions:

  1. Split your old hair extension weft into sections
  2. Use a brush to backcomb the sections until they become voluminous clouds of hair
  3. Roll up the backcombed hair pieces together until it forms an oval shape
  4. Pop the hair into a hair net so that it feels quite firm to squeeze
  5. With the hair rat ready, section your hair at the crown then use clips or hairpins to secure the faux beehive into place and comb your own locks over the top

It’s a fabulous way to get that extra volume at the crown, and can be used time and time again!

Storing your old hair extensions

If you’re reluctant to get rid of your old clip ins entirely, maybe because you’ve currently gone several shades darker or lighter so they don’t match your hair colour anymore, you can still keep them safe and rely on them later. If you no longer have the original packaging, there are many ways to store hair extensions in order to keep them on hand for future use.

To keep your clip in extensions in a good condition it’s a good idea to gently brush through them to disperse any tangles. Depending on their current condition, we would advise washing and drying them before storing away. Check our blog post on how best to wash your clip in extensions for some helpful tips! Always ensure that damp hair extensions are dried thoroughly though as you don’t want them to develop mold, mildew, or even a strange odour if stored when not completely dry.

We’ve found some genius ways to store your hair extensions to keep them in their best condition:

  • Coat hanger – Use the type of coat hanger with two clips attached and simply clip the material section onto the hanger. This will keep the hair tangle free and it’s easy to store – simply add to your wardrobe!
  • Plastic bag – Using a good size plastic packaging such as plastic food storage bags can keep hair safe and separate before popping into a plastic container. This is way of storing hair extensions definitely requires completely dry hair as the plastic material isn’t breathable.
  • Shoe box – A more breathable option to store hair extensions, a shoe box can be used as a way to keep them safe and can be easily stored on top of a wardrobe or under the bed.

We hope that you feel inspired by our suggested ways to use old clip in hair extensions, from hair accessories to completely transforming their look with hair dye. If you’re in the market for some brand new extensions, browse our excellent range of Remi Cachet clip in hair extensions for fabulous quality.

Hair Tips Summer

Hello Sunshine! Summer Holiday Hairstyles

Whether you’re jetting off to some tropical island with the girls or planning a romantic city break with your other half, let us take the stress out of hairstyling for you by offering some gorgeous holiday hairstyles examples. Take inspiration from your favourite models and performers to find create your perfect go-to summer holiday hairstyle this season with the help of the team at Additional Lengths.

The new classic top knot

A relatively safe option it may be, but the top knot has seen a rise in it’s popularity outside of the gym lately. Not only is the top knot a fashionable hairstyle, it’s extremely practical due to it keeping hair off your face and neck, a totally great move during the heat.

better talk nice

A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

Whether you’re down for a messy top knot like Kendall Jenner or prefer to mix up textures with smooth hair towards the crown, using products such as dry shampoo and texturising sprays can add to the finished hairstyle. Perfect for hitting the beach or a day chilling by the pool.

A low maintenance low bun

Sometimes when you’re on holiday all you want is something quick and low maintenance for your hair to cut down on time spent getting ready. Plus, if your hair condition isn’t the best after a day of swimming in chlorine infused pools, this look will pull the hair out of the way so you can deal with it later! This is why we can’t get enough of the super simple, slicked back low bun. It’s a totally different vibe to the above top knot with it’s underrated finish, so think of it as the messy bun’s slick sister. Style queen Rihanna is also a fan of this classic hairstyle that is a beautiful evening holiday hair option to keep things cool.

Rihanna ❤ @Chopard

A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

A quick and easy guide on how to do a chic low bun:

  • Brush hair thoroughly – After a day at the beach, sand and wind can prevent this look being as smooth as you’d like so be sure to tease out any knots.
  • Bring hair together at the nape of your neck – You can twist it here and secure afterwards, or tie a hair elastic to create a ponytail first for extra security before twisting into a bun and securing with pins or another elastic.
  • Smooth down any flyaways – This look calls for a smooth finish with no extra hair showing up in bumps or knots around the head. Use a hair oil such as Moroccan Oil to get that high shine, then spritz with hairspray to seal the goodness.

Feminine fishtail crown

Fishtail braids are all the rage due to their unique look and more sophisticated take on the traditional three section plait. We’re loving the depth and different textures involved in a fishtail crown, with tendrils of hair perfectly framing the face. It’s just perfect for a summer hairstyle suitable for a day at the beach! For a low maintenance version, simply go for one single fishtail braid pulled to the side for a Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games look.

Experiment with temporary colour

With the sun shining we often get a natural boost to our hair colour, especially blondes who can be treated to an extra lightness in their hair tone. Whilst summer highlights can come in the form of light caramels, icy blondes or even red tones, why not throw caution to the wind (or gentle breeze) and go for a totally different hair colour? Take the plunge this summer!

So what colours are we talking about for summer? There’s been a real interest in pastel hair colours that has spilled over from the popular hair trends of 2016, and it’s a hair trend that shows no sign of disappearing for summer! Opt for a beautiful candy inspired pastel tone such as light pink, seafoam green or a light lilac shade for ultimate mermaid hair vibes, like one of our dream hair gal Jesy Nelson from Little Mix.

Today’s candy dream 🍧 by my fairy godfathers @adamburrell @aaroncarlohair

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For those who prefer to edge on the side of colour and want something even more temporary or subtle, then go for coloured clip in hair extensions which can be popped in and removed just as quickly.

Long hair in the sun

If you’re currently struggling with growing your hair or just wanting to add some extra length to help you get those model off-duty waves in time for the beach, consider opting for some Remi Cachet hair extensions. The human hair extensions from Remi Cachet are available in various beautifully toned colours and application methods. Opt for a clip in weave for a temporary boost to your tresses, or opt for Remi Cachet Indian Flat Tips for a longer lasting length to get you through the post-holiday blues. With human hair extensions you’re free to use heated stylers on them, so on day one of your holiday you could be rocking the straight look, and day four partying with bohemian waves!

If you’re considering hair extensions for your summer holiday, contact us at Additional Lengths for a friendly chat and professional consultation to ensure you get the right extensions for you.

Summer haircare tips

The hotter climate can be hell for already damaged hair, so summer calls for sun protecting hair products and hairstyles that will prevent any further damage occurring whilst you’re enjoying the sunshine.

  • Go for hairstyles that protect the ends of the hair – The ends of our locks are the most vulnerable parts due to split ends, dryness and damage from heat or chemicals. This is why certain hairstyles, such as buns or top knots with the ends of the hair safely tucked in, will protect the hair from sun damage.
  • Protect your scalp – Invest in a cute straw hat with a wide brim to protect your scalp and roots from sun exposure. There are even SPF products specially formulated for use on the scalp available on the market.
  • Put the heated stylers down – Along with the UV rays and general heat from the sun, our hair can have a tough time during our holidays! Add to that daily straightening or regular use with a curling wand and our locks will struggle with the extra heat, so leave them alone as much as possible to save hair the extra stress.
  • Take time for treatments – Pre and post-holiday (and even during if you’ve got time) hair treatments can really help keep hair in the best condition. At Additional Lengths we love the nourishing properties of Malibu C hair treatments which include Swimmers Wellness Remedy and Miracle Repair treatments that will restore shine and softness.

For specialist advice on how to take care of your hair after a dip in the pool, take a look at our Hair Damage Prevention 101: Pool Safety For Your Hair post.

From top knots to low buns and fishtail braids, there’s so many holiday hairstyles to experiment with this summer, and a week or two in the sun is the perfect time to showcase them! Browse our range of Remi Cachet hair extensions and hair care products to get your hair prepped this holiday season.

Hair Tips Remi Cachet Trends

Say ‘I Do’ To Summer Wedding Hair Inspiration

Wedding bells are ringing as the spring season gets underway, and brides-to-be are counting down the days ‘til they tie the knot. With the venue, dress and guestlist sorted, what’s left for the bride to do than consider her hair for the big day? At Additional Lengths, we’ve seen some absolutely perfect bridal hair looks and want to share a few of our favourite wedding hairstyles with you.

From fashion runway to the aisle

Taking inspiration from hairstyles seen on the catwalk can be a great way to freshen up your bridal hair Pinterest boards. Bridal Fashion Week showcased some of the latest creations from many well known fashion designers’ bridal ranges, but of course, we showed a lot more interest in what was happening with the hair!

Here are some of the top styles showcased at Bridal Fashion Week 2017:

  • A 1920s’, flapper girl inspired bob with side parting and waves.
  • Natural waves with plenty of texture, pinned to one side with embellished hair clip.
  • Low ponytail tied with bow, loose tendrils of hair framing the face.

An elegant up-do

Such a classic wedding hairstyle, the up-do can be created in so many visually pleasing ways! Embrace the braid hair trend of 2017 and work several braids into one up-do, working in plenty of different textures for that casual finish. If you prefer a more sleek wedding up-do, a chic chignon or bun can work wonders to elongate the neck, show off earrings and just generally look fabulous. With hairspray, pins and creativity, a traditional up-do can be refreshed and updated for a more personalised finish. We love the volume of loosely pinning up curled or waved hair, allowing some bits to fall around the face.

Remi Cachet hair extensions can be worn up or down effortlessly to create a bridal hair look

A popular wedding hair look is the half-up-half-down hairstyle which keeps hair off the face, while also having some length at the back. The top section of hair can be twisted and braided for extra texture, and the bottom half treated to loose waves for a whimsical finish.

Long locks for a special day

Walk down the aisle with a completely special look, different from your usual hair, with hair extensions. A day with long locks can transform and elevate your personal style. We have an exceptional range of Remi Cachet hair extensions available at Additional Lengths that come in an array of beautiful shades and tones to perfectly match your natural hair colour, and with different application method options. The tape in hair extensions can provide a temporary look, providing volume, thickness and length for the duration of your special day, while more permanent extensions, such as the Remi Cachet Ultra Tips, offer a longer lasting option that can be easily styled for your perfect wedding hair look.

An example of the beautiful long blonde Remi Cachet hair extensions styled in loose waves

Bridesmaid hairstyles

Whether you’re having a sister, a close best friend or a whole fleet of them, bridesmaids can rock a special ‘do for your special day, too. At Additional Lengths, we absolutely love the on-trend loose waves look; it’s ultra feminine and works really well on all hair lengths. With the GHD Classic Wave Wand the ladies can even do their own hair to perfection, with the easy-to-use curling wand which creates consistent waves. GHD are renowned for high-quality heated stylers, which provide professional results. By using the GHD Classic Wave Wand (and a spritz of hairspray), your bridesmaids hairstyles will remain in place all day and night!

Hair accessories

The classic veil has so much traditional appeal, but sometimes a little refresh can be a good thing. Show off your hair by leaving the veil alone and opting for hair accessories that will bring additional embellishment to the hair for your special day. Even going for a tiara will still be in keeping with the timeless bridal hair accessory look, but will offer a bit more sparkle than a full veil. Beads and diamantes can look beautiful with the right placement, and offer just the right amount of sparkle to be subtle and tasteful. This bridal hair accessory option would look exquisite with brunette or auburn hair as the contract between the hair shade and the embellishment would make for a stand out look. Better still, wind the beads into the hair through a plait for a stunning hair adornment every bride would love.

Take it back to your childhood with a pretty hair band which can provide a bohemian look if decorated with flowers, or why not go full flower power with a floral crown? They can match your bouquet for a co-ordinated look.

We hope that you’re willing to say ‘I do’ to our beautiful wedding hair ideas for your big day. With so many bridal hairstyle options to ponder over, from Remi Cachet hair extensions to accessories, you’ll find that the perfect wedding day hairstyle for you is just waiting to be tried out! Whether you’re working with a professional hairstylist for the day, or doing your own hair, it’s amazing what you can achieve when it comes to your wedding hair dreams!

Hair Tips Summer

Hair Damage Prevention 101: Pool Safety For Your Hair

Holiday season is upon us and you’ve already picked out your perfect new bikini to wear on the beach and around the pool. Maybe you’ve just got your beach towel and bag sorted for lazy days at the beach, and you’re raring to go. So don’t allow your hair let you down this summer by lowering your style with discoloured or damaged hair!

There are plenty of ways to prevent hair discolouration and how to treat hair discolouration once it’s already occured. Whether you’re hitting the pool or taking a dip in the ocean, it’s a good idea to learn how to avoid hair damage on holiday.

Water babies take note and get clued up on simple ways on how to keep your hair looking as healthy as possible whilst you’re away on your jollies this year with our five helpful tips below.

1. Secure Your Hair

By braiding your hair or putting it into a high bun on the crown of your head, this will minimise the exposure the hair has to the water. Use a soft scrunchie to avoid any painful pulling and breakage. Of course, this will only work if you don’t intend on going under water! It’s especially important to try this if you have long hair extensions as it will keep them in better condition in the long term. Tuck in the ends of your hair to prevent sun damage to these more vulnerable areas, whilst will result in frazzled locks. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

2. Alternatively, Wear A Cap

It may not be the look your envisaged for your summer holiday this year, but by wearing a cap it will successfully prevent your hair from becoming the dreaded tangled mess after swimming, whilst also keeping it dry. Admittedly not the most fashionable of solutions but you will be feeling glad you chose this option when you reveal your perfectly dried hair underneath it post-dip. It also protects the hair from harmful rays of sunshine, which are admittedly a lot stronger in more tropical climes than here in the UK…!

3. Oil Up

Use some natural oil or Argan Oil to protect your hair from the chlorine. Argan oil provides an effective barrier sealing the hair from water due to its molecular properties (science!). It also means your hair can receive a lovely, enriching treatment whilst you’re free to swim in the sunshine. Healthy hair all through summer thanks to the amazingly rich Argan oil products available here at Additional Lengths.

4. Wet Hair First 

According to seasoned swimmers, wetting hair with tap water (or taking a shower beforehand) slows down the absorption of pool chemicals, as dry hair will soak up more water, increasing the exposure to chlorine and other nasties lurking in the sea. A top tip on how to avoid hair discolouration from swimming pools from the experts!

5. Condition, Condition, Condition!

If you do get your hair wet, either in the salty sea or chlorine filled pool, have no fear. Simply make sure you’ve packed some heavy duty conditioner in your suitcase, such as the Argan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner or the Sexy Hair conditioning treatment, which aim to smooth and repair natural hair. Conditioning will work to help to reduce summertime hair damage by fusing the hair with vital moisturising and replenishing nutrients. 

We have three excellent hair conditioners suitable for hair extensions at Additional Lengths from Malibu C to choose from:

  • Miracle Repair to rebuild the hair to leave it nourished and healthy. Perfect for straightener-addicts whose hair may need a little more TLC.
  • Hard Water Wellness Remedy is specifically formulated to rectify the harmful effects of hard water minerals changing your hair. If you have suffered discolouration or dry hair then use this after shampooing once a week and your hair will be back to it’s original hue and health.
  • Swimmers Wellness Remedy is a holiday essential for summertime mermaids. Restoring your locks and scalp after spa, chlorine pools and sea water visits to prevent dryness, itching and “swimmers green hair” (copper buildup, which is the culprit behind green discoloration).

The small packet sizes and affordable price point make these Malibu C hair treatments absolutely perfect for adding to your suitcase before jetting off on holiday! Why not throw in a couple of each to cover all bases and treat your hair at the end of each day.


Reduce the chance of hair damage by following the tips above and using specialist hair products, and successfully keep your hair healthy this summer with Additional Lengths.


Hair Tips

Help! My Hair Is Thinning

We understand that thinning hair can cause distress, whether it’s happening due to stressful situations you’re experiencing, through illness or hereditary predisposition. Whether you’re experiencing thinning hair without hair extensions, or you’ve removed your extensions and found the hair to be thin and lifeless, take a look at our guide on how to deal with thin hair.

Add some oomph to your haircare

Hair care products are fighting in your corner; they are designed with what you want to get of your hair in mind. Using the right hair products for your thin hair type ensures hair is supported by thickening hair ingredients. Here at Additional Lengths, we stock an excellent range of volumising hair products from Sexy Hair. Treat thin hair to the Big Volume shampoo and conditioner which will create a good base of moisturised and revitalised hair to work with, then use their Big Root Pump Volume Mousse at the roots and a thickening spray. The Sexy Hair range of thickening and volumising products will work wonders on flat, thin hair.

Avoid: leave-in conditioners and firm hold hairsprays which will weigh down and flatten thin hair.

Take a look at your diet

Did you know that what you eat can affect the condition of your hair? It’s true! A lack of minerals and vitamins can cause hair loss and dryness, so focus on adding plenty of iron-rich food such as green veg and soya products to your diet. Foods that contain zinc are also great for giving hair a boost from the inside, so add pumpkin seeds, eggs and shellfish to your shopping basket to up your intake. Alternatively, look into supplementing your diet with vitamin supplements – sea kelp has been known to improve the condition and thickness of hair!

There may be an underlying cause to sudden hair loss or thinning, so check with your GP to investigate further.

Avoid: eating too much salty, over-processed junk food, so get more veg on your plate and improve your nutrition.

Discover hair extensions!

We may be biased when we say this but, hair extensions can make a world of difference to the look and feel of your hair. A full head of high quality human hair extensions can be attached to your own hair through a fine mesh or with Remi Cachet Ultra Tips. Hair extensions can offer a much needed confidence boost to those suffering with thin hair.

Avoid: long length hair extensions which could weigh down the hair follicles over time. Opt for a mid-length look to be kinder to your scalp.

However, it might be time to embrace shorter hair…

…if only for a little while. If you’re dedicated to your favourite human hair extensions and love the length they provide, but it’s beginning to take it’s toll on your natural hair, it might be time to embrace the shorter look. Long hair extensions can weigh down the hair follicles, causing problems for the natural hair. Having a break in between having hair extensions fitted gives your natural hair a chance to regain its strength. Chop away wispy, thin hairs and add layers into your natural hair to give a sense of volume, and try some waves to give the appearance of thickness.

(Image: Eunice Lituanas)

No matter what your current hair condition, we’re sure you look just beautiful! We hope that you’ve found our advice on how to deal with thinning hair helpful, and encourage you to take a look through our hair care products and hair extensions here at Additional Lengths. Plus, you can contact us or visit us in-store for professional and friendly advice!