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Smooth Again: How To Deal With Dry Hair

Perhaps it’s the due to the cold weather or maybe you have just neglected giving your hair a little ‘me’ time. If your hair has been over-processed due to styling tools or damaged due to intense hair dyes, don’t worry we have the answer! Here at Additional Lengths we have compiled a list of the best ways to repair that dry hair.

When it comes to avoiding drying your hair out, we would suggest;

  • Try and stay away from over washing your hair and where possible let your hair air dry rather than blow drying. If you do use styling tools, make sure you apply a heat defence product before use.
  • Aim to occasionally use a leave-in conditioner after you have showered – apply when the hair is partially air dried for best results.
  • Try and swap your regular shampoo for a low sulphate or sulphate free shampoo. Sulphate shampoo can strip your hair of the natural oils, causing it to dry out in the long run.

If you follow our hair care tips already and you’re looking for something to add into your routine, take a look at our two favourite options.

Argan Oil

One of the most hyped about products on the market has to be Argan oil and in particular Moroccan Oil. This product is 100% natural and loved by women with dry and/or frizzy hair. Use it when your hair is in need of a deep condition, as a styling oil or even to finish off a look when in need of that extra something.

If you’re in need of a few tips on how to use this much loved product, we’d say apply a small amount to the mid lengths and ends of towel dried hair. Once dried, whether you air dry or blow dry – why not use a little bit to tame flyaways or aid split ends?

If you’re slightly in doubt of this product, here at Additional Lengths we offer the Moroccan Oil Repair Trio, perfect if you’re just looking to try them out first before you cave and invest!


Hair Masks

A nourishing mask can really give your hair that extra love it needs prior to styling. Ultra rich and packed with all the good stuff, the Jenoris Hair Care Keratin Hair Mask is our favourite. 

A Keratin Mask helps improve your hair’s resistance to breakages and damage from chemical products. As well as moisturising the hair and giving it back that healthy, balance and vital appearance.


At Additional Lengths we offer a wide selection of hair products and accessories, ideal for perfecting the look every time, day or night.