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Which Remi Cachet Hair extensions should I buy?

We get a lot of questions asking us what the difference is between Luxury and Elegance hair so we thought we’d write a quick guide to demonstrate the differences between the two.

In October 2019 we launched our new range of Luxury hair. Remi Cachet Previously had a Luxury range that was very popular but we wanted to improve upon what we considered our mid-budget hair. This gave us the opportunity to not only improve the hair quality, offer new application methods; but also create new recyclable packaging for this range and to help us explore how we can change our packaging across our range of products.

For the first time ever Remi Cachet now offers Nano Tips! These are currently only available in our Luxury range in 21 colours and one length at 18 inches. We also added the popular tape hair extensions which were only available when buying from our Elegance range.

What you must remember as a stylist or a customer of ours is that not only is each batch of hair unique, but each packet is.

Elegance Range

Elegance is the first range of hair from Remi Cachet which was introduced in 2013 and is well known for being high quality, double drawn premium Remy hair. Because it is sourced from the Southern regions of Russia and Mongolian regions it is very smooth and very straight. It is available in the following application methods and lengths:

Injection Tape Hair 14”, 18” and 22”
Full Weft12”, 16”, 20” and 24”
Half Weft 16”, 20” and 24”
Super Weft 16” and 20”
Mini Tips 12”, 16”, 20” and 24”
Flat Tips 12”, 16”, 20” and 24”
Ultra Tips 12”, 16”, 20” and 24”
Pro Tips 16” and 20”
Twin Tabs 16” and 20”
Hair Bun One sizeOne Size 6” 
Pony Tail 24” 
Micro Tapes10”

With a proper aftercare routine and maintenance performed by a professional, we suggest that this hair can last up to and around 12 months, but we often hear how people have had the same hair for over 2 years!

Our Elegance hair is our premium range, but if you want to invest in hair that will last a long time Elegance should be your choice if compatible with your own natural hair.

Luxury Range

Our Luxury range is the next best thing to our Elegance range and was relaunched in October 2019. Our Luxury range is designed to be great hair, with a good life span without the premium price of our Elegance range. Our Luxury hair has a natural ratio which means that it has a natural thickness from root to tip, so it tapers to a natural look. It is made with Chinese hair and through our testing, we found that with proper aftercare and maintenance this can last up to and around 9 months.

Half Weft 50g18”
Full Weft 100g18”
Tape Hair18”
Nail Tips18”
Stick Tips18”
Nano Tips18”

We suggest that you always get your hair fit with a qualified professional, not only will your hair last as long as it should – they will be able to offer you guidance on how to look after your hair correctly.

Look out for the next blog which goes into detail about how to pick your stylist and what to expect at a consultation.


2018 Hair Colour Trend Alert: Ultraviolet

Colouring our hair is a great way to express ourselves to the world, and if you’re feeling ready for a change or a temporary pop of colour in 2018, then explore the latest hair colour trend for a fashionable update – ultraviolet. We’ve heard of unexpected purple hair on bleached blondes when they’ve used a touch too much of purple toner shampoo, but why not try out the mystical colour intentionally? As Pantone have announced ‘Ultra Violet’ as their official Colour Of The Year 2018, we’re getting ready to embrace a whole new world of the visionary colour.

There many ways to incorporate this purple hair trend into your current look, including lightening the hair (if you’re a brunette) before diving in with a purple hair dye, adding coloured hair extensions or opting for semi permanent hair colouring products. A bright, rich colour such as purple has the tendency to fade quickly, so if you’re opting for the permanent dye, take into consideration the upkeep!

50 shades of purple

There’s a whole spectrum of the colour purple, and it can take a moment to figure out which shade you’re keen in trusting with your hair. From the aforementioned darker violet, to a sweet lavender, take into consideration your skin tone and hair type when deciding a shade of purple. While previously it’s been all about those lilac and pastel shades, this year we’ll be seeing darker purple hues come to the forefront of hair dying.

‘Violet symbolizes experimentation and non-conformity, spurring individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets.’ – Pantone

An inspiring dark purple hair trend can be all you need to push the boundaries and get you out of that hair colour rut! You can also work in several shades of purple for a multi tonal finish, or stick to one hue and add it in one section for a subtle addition. If you have light coloured remy clip-in hair extensions and you’ve recently dyed your hair purple, then you can use a purple dye on the hair extensions to ensure that you match!

So, how bold would you dare to go?

How to get purple hair without using dye

Sometimes a special occasion will motivate us to consider something completely new with our regular style, but often times, we want it be a temporary thing. There are several non-permanent ways to add purple to your hair, and at Additional Lengths, we have a few products that may help you achieve those rich velvety purple hues!

Those with light coloured hair or with highlights could adopt the purple hair colour trend with the use of a wash in/wash out product such as the Color Rub in Pyro Purple from Hair Flairs. Kind to the hair, a coloured chalk can be rubbed directly onto the hair from root to tip in sections for a fun pop of colour for a party, then can be easily washed out with no colour residue remaining. Purple hair chalk can be just what you need to get the shade onto your hair in no time, with minimal commitment.

Get a flash of colour in your fringe or under section of hair with the Flip-In Hair colour flash clip-in extensions which are made using real human hair for extra quality. All bold shades are catered for with their range of colourful clip in hair extensions which can be used for a subtle or bold addition of colour, no matter your own hair colour. Choose the purple clip in and secure to your natural hair easily to enjoy a few hours of vibrant colour before removing at the end of the day!

Our last suggestion of a temporary way to add violet to your hair comes from our very own Additional Lengths collection of feather hair extensions. This type of hair extension is a playful way to introduce extra intrigue and dimension to your own hair, and the purple feathers combined with plain and grizzly feathers are ideal for a night out! This kind of extension product can be attached using micro or silicone rings, and can even be added to the hair securely with normal hair extension clips for an easy to remove fit.

Here at Additional Lengths, we are big fans of this latest hair colour trend and can’t wait to see more customers embrace the ultra violet shade. From a full head of permanent purple hair dye for a unique look, to temporary pops of colour using non-permanent products, we’re sure that you’ll fall in love with this popular hair colour this year.


What Are The 2018 Hair Trends To Look Out For?

All of the chocolate has been eaten, the decorations are coming down and the mince pies are long gone. For many people, the upcoming new year will ignite a feeling of change, and the first place we tend to think of is our appearance, and more often than not, it’s our hair that gets the main focus. Whether you’re bored of your current hair colour, or fancy going a few inches shorter at your next hair styling appointment, taking note of the hair trends will no doubt provide some inspiration. We’ve taken a look at the best 2018 hair trends and looks to watch out for, read ahead for the Additional Lengths take on what to expect.

Haircuts, colours & styles

The start of a new year often sparks inspiration in many to change up their current look, and step outside of their comfort zone by trying something new. Whether you’re considering something drastic, or just want to explore possibilities for your current cut and colour, there are many upcoming hair trends that may interest you.

It’s all in the bangs

Yes, that’s right, fringes are making a big comeback in 2018, but did they ever really go away? A popular face-framing technique, the humble fringe has had an update thanks to fashion week shows from designers such as Moschino and Tom Ford who gave their models a boyish, choppy fringe. Lightly feathered fringes are super feminine, whether fake or real! A messy fringe that rests just at the point of the eyebrows will flatter the majority of people, no matter your face shape. Leave your hair in all of its natural texture glory and simply run some serum through the mid lengths and lightly through the fringe to add shine.

Alternatively, a blunt fringe will also bring you right up to date with current hair trends as the thicker fringe taken above the brows is an easy to style look that suits everyone! The blunt fringe will also reflect light wonderfully, making hair look extra shiny, whilst adding a look of thickness to the hair.

Life is peachy

You’ll be aware of the pastel hair colour trend of 2017, with lilac taking the lead in beautiful unexpected pastel tresses. In 2018 though, you can fully embrace the pastel hair colour trend with a whole range of various colours – including peach. A stunning soft light pinky-orange will suit many different skin tones, and can be embraced with a full head or with highlights. Peach will be ideal upgrade for those with blonde hair, with some semi permanent options on the market. For those more adventurous with their hair dye choices, the aquatic tones of blues and greens will definitely hold appeal. Experiment with wash-in hair colours such as the range of colour rub hair chalks from Hair Flairs to try out various colours without the commitment of a dye.

Sweet toffee highlights

Ashy tones are taking a back seat in 2018 with a hair colour trend of toffee highlights or ‘babylights’ already being championed by models and actresses alike. Warm tones such as caramel and toffee work well with all hair colours and can be used to add natural looking highlights to the hair perfectly. Ask your stylist to put the toffee highlights through the mid-lengths to the ends for a sunkissed look.

Low chignons & buns

Nail that model off-duty vibe perfectly by sweeping your hair into a super on trend low chignon. Versatile due to this style suiting many hair types and lengths, a chignon is a chic hairstyle for everyday wear that shows off all of the multi tonal shades in the hair perfectly. Hair buns are a tidy hairstyle that can be ideal for work, but also can be messed up for a night out by bringing tendrils of hair down around the face. Pull the low chignon to the side for an off-centre hairstyle and use a flexible hold hairspray and hair pins for extra staying power.

Take it right to the top with a high bun or top knot that will elongate the appearance of your neck. Keep to the natural hair texture and muss up the ends of the hair for an ‘I woke up like this’ look, or slick back the hair from the crown with a hair oil for a sophisticated finish a la queen of the runway Bella Hadid. This is such a simple hair trend that anyone can achieve!

Hair accessories

According to several high end fashion magazines, such as Harper’s Bazaar, hair embellishments are getting ready to take over our hair accessories collection in 2018. Update French braids with metal clips for a touch of that on-trend metallic touch, or take it back to school with a pretty ribbon tied around a ponytail as a way to inject some colour and dimension to your hairstyle. Hair bands are also set to make a comeback in 2018, but if they conjure up images of ‘Alice In Wonderland’, think again! Simple hair bands that add a touch of decoration to a hairstyle are ideal for a low key look, whilst a statement making diamante hair band will be exactly what you need to wow the crowd for nights out.


Are you thinking of trying something new from our 2018 hair trends forecast? If you want to pep up your look, why not consider making a change to extra long, voluminous hair with our range of Remi Cachet hair extensions that are ideal for a temporary or semi permanent hairstyle change. We cater for all hair colours and offer a colour match service, so get in touch today to find out how we can help you realise your 2018 hair goals!

Hair Tips

How To Make Your Hair Colour Last

Red Hair

Having bright, vibrant hair is a dream that most of us have, and achieving it takes time and effort. However, once it is over, you’ll finally have the hair you longed so much for. But as time progresses, you may notice that it becomes faded, sometimes even quicker than you had expected. While you may believe that you are taking all of the necessary precautions to prolong the life in your colour, Additional Lengths are here with facts about how to make the most of your vibrant hair colour, keeping it pristine and shiny until the next retouch. Here are some of ways you can prevent premature dullness, some of which may even surprise you!

  • Be careful when using styling products

    Certain styling products do not dry transparent, meaning that when you apply them to your hair – such as a leave in conditioner or wax – it can have a negative effect on your hair. Check before you use them to see whether they will leave any deposits on your hair by placing a small portion of the product on a sheet of paper and leave it to dry. If it doesn’t dry clear, maybe avoid it for now.
  • Get a bit cooler

    A big factor in how long your hair colour stays vibrant is temperature, as heat can make the cuticles of the hair swell, allowing the colour to come out of your hair. When washing your hair, be sure to turn down the temperature, opting for lukewarm to warm settings rather than hot. We promise that your colour will thank you!
  • Styling with heat

    As we have mentioned, applying heat to your hair can make the colour fade quicker than normal, but it doesn’t have to mean that you should avoid the straighteners and hair dryer. Hair dryers often come with a ‘cool’ setting that enables you to dry without the hot heat, and a good heat protecting spray should help to reduce the fade.
  • Every other day

    One important thing to consider is when you wash your hair, and whether you do it too often or not. A good rule of thumb is to wash your hair every other day, giving it time to produce its own natural oils, which can actually help to keep in the colour. Try some dry shampoo if your hair feels a little lacklustre.

  • According to the environment

    In the summer, the warm and dry air can be hazardous to your hair colour and in the winter, the weather can cause your hair to dry out. To combat this, you need to use products that compliment the time of year, such as shampoos with UV filters in them and moisturising masks. Doing this will help your colour last longer and be more vibrant.