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Hair Tips Summer

Summer Hair Care For Extensions

Woman hold hair out in the sun

If you’ve just had a fresh set of hair extensions fitted for your summer holiday, it’s important to think about sun protection for your hair. Discolouration from the sun, chemical damage from sun protection products and the chlorine from your poolside dip can all cause colour damage to your hair, so it’s important to have a plan in place in order to keep your luscious locks in top condition. At Additional Lengths, we understand the importance of flawless looking hair; that’s why we’ve pulled together this guide to help you keep your hair extensions looking their best yet, right through the summer season. 

What causes hair to discolour in the summer?

Before you jet off to sunnier climes or plan your UK staycation this summer, it’s important to think about some sun protection for your hair. After all, you wouldn’t lie in the sun without protecting your skin first and your hair shouldn’t be any different. But did you know that there are lots of other holiday-related factors which can contribute to your hair’s discolouration? Here are some points to think about when planning your summer holiday hair care;-

The sun

The most obvious factor when it comes to hair discoloration, harmful UV rays from the sun can cause natural, coloured and extension hair to bleach, discolour, dry out and frizz. If you’ve spent time and effort achieving your perfect colour match, this can be really frustrating, so it’s important to learn how to protect your hair in these conditions. 


Although it’s common practice to tie up your extension hair when you’re swimming to protect it from chlorine, there are some types of water that are unavoidable for your lovely locks! The high mineral content in the tap water abroad and the chemicals used to filter it can have an impact on both your natural and extension hair. A top tip to minimise your hair’s exposure to these minerals is to wash and rinse your hair with bottled water whilst you’re on holiday and to keep your hair tied up whilst you’re swimming and in the sea.


Whilst it’s really important to protect your skin from the sun, the chemicals contained in sun creams can be extremely damaging to the colour of your extension hair. Sun cream that contains Avobenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane), an oil-soluble ingredient that’s used to absorb the the sun’s full spectrum of UVA rays and Octocrylene, added a a stabiliser as the avobenzone degrades in the light, is great for protecting your skin but not so great for your hair. Tie your hair up when applying your cream to avoid contact with your freshly applied cream and also avoid sun protection for your hair that contains these ingredients. 

Colour change accelerates as a direct result of these three factors combining. Sun cream gets absorbed into the extension hair which is then exposed to UV light from the sun. This causes the hair’s cells to break down (a process known as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)) and to seek out electron particles to form a new cell structure. When the hair is rinsed with natural, mineral-filled water (iron, copper, calcium, magnesium and silica) the electron particles in the minerals attract to the hair’s cells causing a reaction and prompting the colour change.

Does sunscreen ruin hair extensions?

Squeezing a bottle of sunscreen into a hand

Sun protection for your hair is super important and sunscreen won’t ruin your hair extensions if you spend some time researching and using the correct products. Avoid using any products on your hair that contain high levels of avobenzone and octocrylene, and choose hair extension safe sunscreens and mists that concentrate on shielding your locks from the sun’s UV rays to avoid an accelerating colour change. Moroccan oil is a great place to start, adding a film to your hair that protects it from environmental impacts such as the sun and saltwater. Another great way to revitalise your hair if it’s already started to discolour in the sun, is to treat it with Malibu C sachets helping to reverse the issues caused by minerals in hard water and  breathing life back into weighed-down locks. Remember to always avoid applying treatments and oils directly to your hair extension bonds to prevent them from slipping. 

How do you protect hair extensions from the sun?

Alongside the tips we’ve already covered, there are some other great practices that you can follow in order to keep your freshly applied locks looking amazing and staying their perfect shade;-

Cover your hair up where possible

The best way to keep your hair protected from the sun is to cover it up where possible. Invest in a stylish sun-hat, or rock a sporty cap to protect your scalp from burning and your extensions from discolouring at the same time 

Pack the correct shampoo and conditioner

When your extension hair is being constantly exposed to the elements, you don’t want to add to that stress by using the wrong shampoo. Always opt for a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner for your extensions, as sulphates strip away your human hair extension’s natural oils over time leaving them looking dry, coarse and lifeless. Remember to avoid applying conditioner directly to your bonds and to always wash your hair standing up to avoid tangling and matting. If you’re rinsing your hair with bottled water, pour in the direction of your hair for best results.

Look after your hair when swimming

Whether you’re swimming in the pool or at the beach, tie-up your hair to keep it out of the water. Both salt-water and chlorine can be damaging to your hair, with salt-water causing it to matt and chlorine stripping the colour. Style in a high bun for the best protection and if your hair becomes exposed to the water, rinse immediately to remove any chemicals or sea-salt. 

Avoid heat styling

Your hair will already be feeling a little dry from the sun, so try to avoid adding to the problem. It’s important to dry your hair extensions once they’ve been wet, so if drying or styling is unavoidable, always use a heat protector on your locks. If you’re wanting perfect, heatless curls, why not use Silkology? Achieve the same look without the damage. Low maintenance hairstyles such as plaits are a great way to avoid heat too and keep your hair out of the way of harmful suncreams. 

Use the correct hairbrush

Make sure you pack your hair extensions brush, for anti-static and tangle-free care. Perfect for preventing pulling, they can be used safely to relieve tension on bonded areas too. 

Whether you’re going away this summer or staying at home, the best way to look after your hair extensions is to follow the aftercare plan advised by your stylist and for any further advice, book a consultation appointment to put any of your hair care worries at bay. 

Summer Trends

Festival Hair Ideas To Rock Summer 2019

With summer well and truly here, one of our favourite seasons is in full swing – festival season!

There is just so much to love about a festival. The music is a given, but on top of that, you have the parties, the food, the company and, of course, festival style. Festivals are a melting pot of fashions and are a great way to showcase your unique sense of personal style through your clothing, makeup and hair. 

However, styling your hair for a festival isn’t without its difficulties. Ever tried to do your hair without electricity or a decent mirror?! You need styles that are relatively quick and easy to create, and that will continue to look fabulous as you party well into the night. 

If you’re heading to a festival this summer and want to make sure your hair is more festival chic than natural bedhead, here at Additional Lengths we’re talking you through all the styles you need to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.


Day 1: Hair clips and headbands

It’s day 1 of the festival. Your hair is freshly washed and styled, so why not show it off? 

90s inspired headbands and hair clips have come back into fashion in a huge way in 2019, and are a fabulous way to add a unique touch to your regular ‘hair down’ look. Not only that, but they’ll keep your hair pushed back away from your face and in place all day and night long. Perfect!

Use a statement headband to hold your hair away from your face, or opt for a number of eye-catching hair clips. Part your hair neatly down the centre and add a clip on either side for the ultimate in 90s chic, or work an off-centre parting with multiple hair clips on one side – the choice is yours.


Day 2: A half-up bun 

Let’s just be clear – festivals, particularly if you’re camping, aren’t always the cleanest of places. So, by day 2, you’ll likely find yourself looking for an easy festival hairstyle that can hide the bedhead and unwashed hair. 

For this next incredibly quick and easy hairdo, we’d recommend loosely braiding your hair before bed the night before. This will hold your hair in place overnight, limiting frizz, breakage and knots, while leaving you with gorgeous boho waves to work with come the morning! 

When it comes to styling, spritz the roots of your hair with a little dry shampoo to absorb any grease, then pull the top section of your hair into a half-up bun. This doesn’t have to be a perfect bun – a loose bun with sections hanging down will only add to the boho vibes! You can then use your hair clips from the day before to add interest to the bun, or get playful with oversized scrunchies or hair scarves to finish the look. 

Tip: The Morrocan Oil Dry Shampoo is available in both dark tones and light tones, so you can match your dry shampoo to your hair and eliminate that pesky dull residue. 


Day 3: Festival braids

Day 3; by now there’s a good chance your hair has seen better days. And this is the point where festival braids come out in full force!

There’s a reason Dutch braids are so popular with festival-goers – they are easy and effortless to wear, keep your hair off your face, hide dirt well, and are endlessly stylish! This festival season, why not give your Dutch braids a unique twist? Hair charms, hair glitter, rainbow-coloured hair extensions and feather hair extensions are all great ways of bringing a whole new dimension to this classic festival hairstyle.  If its the last day of the festival and you’ll soon be at home with unthinkable luxuries such as hot, running water, you can even use hair glitter throughout the roots of your hair. This isn’t only an awesome festival look, but can help hide any greasy roots – win-win!


However you’re spending the summer, do it with fabulous hair with the full collection of hair extensions and accessories at Additional Lengths. From weft hair extensions to clip in hair extensions, you can find everything you need to give your hair a whole new lease of life this season.

Summer Wedding

2019 Wedding Hair: Ideas For The Big Day

You’ve put aside the date, picked the dress and agonised over the shoes. But have you planned your summer wedding hair?

Perhaps you’re a wedding guest looking for wedding hair ideas? Or maybe you’re a bridesmaid, or even the bride herself, looking for the perfect do for the big day.

Whether you’re thinking subtle or statement, sleek princess hair or boho updo, we’ve got all the wedding hairstyles you need to help complete your wedding day look.


Flower adorned braids


Bring the flower power to your look with this gorgeous plaited updo. This pretty wedding day hair is perfect for both the bride and bridesmaids: it is somehow relaxed yet intricate all at the same time, with an additional eye-catching element brought with the floral hairpiece detailing. The key to this look is the ‘messy’ feel, with small sections of hair pulled loose for a chilled out boho vibe.


Chic French twist


The ultra-chic French twist is a great choice for bridesmaids, members of the wedding party, or a bride looking for a sophisticated, understated do. Quick and simple to achieve (with maybe a helping hand from a friend!), this sleek updo works perfectly on a variety of hair lengths and thicknesses. Use a tail comb to pull strands of the finished bun loose for a relaxed touch, or leave it sleek and spritz with hairspray for a neat, polished finish.


Big, bouncy curls


For a classic, fun and timeless wedding day look, opt for big, bouncy, beautiful curls. This gorgeous wedding day hairstyle is fantastic for all hair lengths and is a great way to bring volume to your hair. To avoid frizz, treat your hair with a serum, then curl sections with a large curling wand for big, loose curls. To create a polished finish, twist the front sections back from your face and pin in place. If you’re the bride herself, you can add a statement hairpiece, tiara or flower crown, while guests can keep the look a little more understated with plain hairpins.


Half up fishtail


Another look that’s easy to achieve yet looks absolutely incredible is the half up half down fishtail plait. This wedding hairdo is created by plaiting two frontal sections of the hair and bringing them together at the back of the head, then braiding both sections together into a stylish fishtail design. With the remainder of the hair loosely waved and with flowers added into the plaits, this boho babe style is perfect for both brides and bridesmaids who want a relaxed, pretty and chic wedding day look.


Intricate updo


It wouldn’t be a wedding hair post without a statement bun! Sleek on top then twisted into an intricate side bun, this glamorous updo is the perfect option for brides who are looking for a statement, yet elegant, look. The key to this hairstyle is volume – the thicker your hair, the better the finished style. Of course, if you’re wanting to add additional thickness to your natural locks for the big day, you can do so quickly and easily with clip in extensions. Alternatively, choose a clip in bun for instant glam.


Long Princess hair

What girl doesn’t dream of long, flowing princess locks on her big day? Well, with the Remi Cachet hair extensions collection you can have just that! Whether you’re looking to add length or volume to your hair, there are a whole host of options to help you achieve the perfect bridal look. The above look uses Remi Cachet extensions to build length and volume. The hair is then teased at the root, swept off the face and held in piece with a glittering headband for a show-stopping bridal look that oozes glamour and style.  


For hair that will take you through the big day, all throughout your honeymoon and beyond, look no further than the Remi Cachet hair extensions collection at Additional Lengths. From the award-winning Remi Cachet Ultra TipsⓇ through to a range of Remi Cachet weft hair extensions, you’re sure to discover the new hair of your dreams.

Or, for further wedding hair inspiration, make your way over to our bridal hair Pinterest board.


Hair Saviours For The Summer Months

There’s an endless list of things we love about summer; jetting off on holiday, basking in the sun, summer fashions… we could go on! What we don’t love, however, is summertime hair damage.

Heat, UV rays and the sea can all wreak havoc on our hair, leaving dry, dull looking locks that leave much to be desired. But, we’re happy to say, there are a number of ways you can fight dry summertime hair. Whether you’re rocking your natural locks or giving your hair a boost with hair extensions, here are our top summer hair care tips to eliminate those pesky bad hair days.


How to take care of hair in summer

Fight sun damage

It goes without saying that summer is naturally hotter, so your hair faces additional heat damage. Heat damage will dry out your hair and cause that dreaded frizz, therefore you should cut down on heat styling as much as possible – additional heat will only add to the problem!

Instead, treat your hair regularly to treatments or hair masks to lock in moisture and stop your locks from drying out. Conditioner and Moroccan oil treatments are your BFFs in summer, helping to protect your hair and give you back your shine. Hats are also an excellent option, helping to shield both your hair and scalp from harmful sun rays.


Get rid of split ends

Dry hair tends to suffer more from split ends, which can, in turn, make hair look dryer and frizzier – its a vicious cycle! You should always make sure to get a good hair trim at the beginning of the summer season to keep your hair looking fresh and healthy throughout the warmer months. Remember, hair tends to grow faster in summer too, so keep on top of your trims to avoid the ends of your hair becoming damaged.


How to look after your hair on holiday

Are you lucky enough to be jetting off on a summer holiday this year? Sun, sea and sand – all great for the mind, but not so much for your hair! Ensure you and your tresses are prepared with our top summer holiday hair care tips.


Keep on top of tangles

Chlorine, sea salt and naturally sun-drying hair can leave you with a beautiful beachy look. However, what this often means is an abundance of tangles that makes it harder to tackle your hair when you do want to brush or style it.  

A detangling hair brush such as the Tangle Teezer will become somewhat of a holy grail for saving your summer hair. Opt for a Compact Tangle Teezer to throw in your beach bag, or keep on top of your hair straight after a swim with the Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler.  

Top tip: Before you jump into the pool, loosely tie your hair up to avoid it getting too wet.    


Protect against chlorine damage

And speaking of chlorine, if you have lighter hair you’ve more than likely either experienced or heard horror stories of hair turning green following a swim. This is due to the combination of chlorine and copper in pool water, which bond together and attach to the proteins of your hair. So, how do you prevent the dreaded holiday green hair?

As with most things in life, preparation is key. Even just rinsing your hair with clean water before a dip in the pool can help. This is because dry hair is more porous so will absorb more chlorine. A quick rinse with clean water when you’ve got out of the pool will also go a long way, helping to remove your hair of excess chlorine and ensuring it is clean as it dries.

There are also, of course, a number of treatments and shampoos you can invest in to ensure coloured or bleached hair maintains its glow. Check out the Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Kit which protects the hair from UV rays and against discolouration and damage from the pool, hard water minerals found in hotel water systems and salt sea waters. Alternatively, explore our full aftercare selection to find the perfect options to suit you and your hair.

How to care for hair extensions in summer

If you do have hair extensions, there are a number of areas in which you will need to take additional care. The key thing to remember is to be careful with your hair extension bonds, weft or tape tops.  


Avoid getting hair extension bonds wet

The bonds, weft and tape tops are prone to damage when wet. To combat this, try not to soak the roots of your hair in water for too long, and always gently dry the roots of your hair immediately when getting out of the pool or sea. Avoid massaging or twisting the hair with a towel, but pat dry.  


Be careful with lotion and skincare

Skincare is of the utmost importance in summer, with moisturisers and sunscreens vital tools to keep your skin glowing and healthy. We all know sunscreens change our white T-shirts orange – well, the chemicals in suntan lotion can also affect your hair so tie your hair up out the way and wash hands immediately afterwards to ensure they don’t transfer to your hair.


To keep your locks and your extensions looking bright, shiny and healthy all summer long, be sure to explore the full haircare accessories collection at Additional Lengths. Or, for products to keep your Remi Cachet extensions in top condition, head on over to our specialist Remi Cachet aftercare collection.

Hair Tips Summer Trends

Top 5 Bun Hairstyles

There are so many hairstyles that give you the creativity to play with texture and patterns, but perhaps the most underrated hairstyle of all is the humble hair bun. This simple style is usually reserved for those ‘down days’ where a messy bun is the only thing you can think to do with your hair, as it gives you the ability to ride out the between-washes days while still looking relatively put together, but bun hairstyles also have a whole host of different variations to offer. At Additional Lengths we’re loving the current hair trend of buns right now and we want to share our top 5 bun hairstyle ideas to give you inspiration when it comes to styling your own locks.

Whether you’re looking for bun hairstyles for long hair or buns for short hair, there’s bound to be a look in this list to suit you!

Classic Messy Bun

It may be hard to believe, but that quick, messy bun that you do for the gym or while you’re doing your makeup in the morning can be a turned into a gorgeous hairstyle that looks like you’ve put more effort into it than you actually have! If you want to hide day two or three hair, spritz a generous amount of dry shampoo into brushed hair and collect at the top of the head before gathering the hair into a loose bun. The key here is to allow the hair to escape the bun and look ‘undone’ rather than slicked back with product into a rigid, round bun. To add more volume, go for the Remi Cachet Wavy Wrap which can create a voluminous bun and is great for those messy updo hairstyles.

A post shared by Hailey Baldwin (@haileybaldwin) on

Get the perfect messy bun like model Hailey Baldwin by pulling out a few strands of hair to frame your face and use hair grips instead of a hair bobble to secure the bun for a more casual finish.

Half Up, Half Down

A great hairstyle for long, thick hair is the half up, half down hairstyle with a bun in the top section and the bottom section left loose. This will take some weight out of the length of the hair. The bottom section can be straightened or styled into luxurious waves with a curling wand from Cloud Nine for extra texture and volume in the lengths.


If you have short to mid-length hair and would like a complete hair transformation, then half up hairstyles with a top knot can look fabulous with clip in hair extensions. The clip in human hair extensions from Remi Cachet offer a luxurious way to lengthen your hair and can look amazing teamed with the top knot bun, providing a great contrast in the two sections of hair.

Space Buns

The hairstyle of the 2018 festival season has definitely been the incredibly popular space bun trend. The cute hairstyle with Spice Girls nostalgia is an Instagram favourite that can be styled up with glitter for special occasions, or worn as an alternative to the half up, half down bun hairstyle.


Shake things up a bit with your space buns by braiding the hair from the nape of the neck upwards towards a bun on the top of the head. This may require a helping hand but the results are worth it!

Braided Buns

Buns are the perfect way to keep hair up and off your neck and face during the summer, and if you’ve got a late summer holiday booked you may want to consider this pretty bun hairstyle for the beach. A braided bun can be done as two separate buns or just one bun, the simple difference being the hair should be in a plait or a fishtail braid before being wrapped around itself to become a bun.

A post shared by Jourdan Dunn (@jourdandunn) on

Gorgeous supermodel Jourdan Dunn does braided buns in supreme style with a centre parting and her hair slicked into two mid positioned plaited buns for a quirky hairstyle that’s ideal for festivals or casual days.

Low Bun

The ultimate sophisticated hairstyle that can work on long and short hair is the classic low bun. To create a beautiful low bun, brush the hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck then twist and wrap the hair around the ponytail itself to form a bun before securing with another hair bobble or with hair grips. Smooth down the hair from the front to the back with a little hair serum, such as a hair oil from Moroccan Oil, and keep the bun in place with lashings of firm hold hairspray to keep it in place. The low bun hairstyle is a stylish hair look that’s perfectly suitable for work and can even be turned into a messy low bun hairstyle by teasing out sections of hair for a more mussed up finish.


A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

Add texture to your low bun hairstyle like Selena Gomez by curling your hair and adding texturising spray to the lengths before gathering it into a bun. The texturising spray will also add lots more hold!

We love the wide range of looks that you can achieve with different variations on the classic bun hairstyle. From statement space buns to lazy messy buns and top knots, no matter your preferred style, there will be a bun for you! Create the best look for every occasion with Additional Lengths and our ranges of professional heated hair stylers, brushes and combs and hair styling products.

Hair Tips Summer Trends

Top 5 Braid and Plait Ideas

Women with braided hair in surrounded by flowers

It’s that time of year again where we are taking the chance to show off our hair and spend extra time getting creative with it! Summer is the best season to show off your favourite hairstyles and braids. From festivals, to weddings, there’s a hairstyle for every occasion. Plaits are great for all hair types and lengths and offer something different to any other hair style and they can be as easy or as difficult as you make it!

Here at Additional Lengths, we’ve put together our top five list of easy braided hairstyles to keep you cool this summer, whether you plan to camp out beside a pool somewhere exotic, or simply have many trips to the park with friends in mind!

Scalp plaits with a twist

Scalp plaits are an easy way to get your hair out of your face, but the intricacy of the look gives the impression that you’ve made a lot of effort! Ordinary scalp plaits can be fun but, why not try something different and join the two plaits together or create multiple plaits? This adds something a little different than just having two normal plaits, creating a more interesting, unique look. You can either curl the ends or be more alternative and tie them up. Scalp plaits, or French braids, are the perfect summer hairstyle.

Plaits with space buns

If you’re heading to a festival this year, why not spice your plaits up and add some space buns? Plain scalp plaits are the ultimate festival look due to the fact that they can hide dirty hair easily, yet still look well put together. Adding space buns into the mix creates a more edgy look, and it keeps your hair up and out of your way! Space buns are easy to do and maintain for the entire day and night, and can be created by using two hair bobbles, a few hair grips and hairspray to secure. Add some glitter to spice up your scalp and you’re good for the day!

A post shared by ghd hair (@ghdhair) on

Wedding look

Been invited to a wedding or a special event this summer? For a classic, elegant look, go for a braided updo. This kind of hairstyle is perfect for any formal occasion as they keep the hair off your neck and shoulders in a sophisticated updo. From weddings to christenings, proms to graduations, a braided updo is the easiest way to look elegant. Michelle Keegan sported an elegant braided bun updo at this year’s BAFTA awards by having a chic bun turned into a teased braid, backcombed at the crown and finished off with feminine tendrils of hair framing her face.

A post shared by michkeegan (@michkeegan) on

Another way to incorporate braids into your more formal updo for the perfect bridal hairstyle is to add a scalp plait which leads into a bun, creating a beautifully textured hair look that shows off all of the multiple tones of the hair colour perfectly!

Half up half down

Scalp plaits are all in this summer! But if you aren’t feeling whole plait thing, why not go for a toned down, half up, half down plaited hairstyle? This style is a lot more relaxed than a full head of plaits, and allows you to have a lot more freedom with what you what to do with the ends of your hair. Straighten them or use a Cloud Nine Curling Wand to add waves and texture to the ends of your hair for extra dimension to your summer hairstyle. If you don’t fancy a scalp plait, be different and go for an alternative fishtail braid.

The braided headband

Dare to be different and try a braided headband this summer! A braided headband offers something a little different to any ordinary braid, as it can look as smart or as casual as you want it to. You can wear it in alternative ways, to complete your chosen look. Try adding a Moroccan Oil texturising spray on hair that hasn’t been washed for a day or so, to ensure the texture is there for more staying power when creating this as a casual hairstyle. Plait the hair from one side of the head to the other, using as little or as much hair as you’d like depending on the thickness of the braid you desire. This summer hairstyle can be great for keeping your fringe off your forehead!

A post shared by Lavish (@lavish.chepstow) on

If you love braids and plaits and you’re exploring the possibility of trying out a new kind of look this summer, then Additional Lengths have got you covered with the best hairstyles that feature this popular look.

Hair Tips Summer Trends

Summer Hair Inspo: Love Island Edition

The TV show that focuses on the coupling up of lust- at-first sight partners has had us gripped all summer so far, and it’s not just the romances and break ups that have caught our attention. The guys and gals in Love Island have had their fashionable wardrobe catered for by online retailer Missguided, and with rumours of behind the scenes hairstylists on hand to create the various hair looks, we’re so envious of the glamorous hairstyles! From the luxuriously long locks of Samira to the shorter hair of Kaz, here at Additional Lengths we’re taking a closer look at our new summer hairstyle inspiration – Love Island.

Top knot

What cooler way to keep the hair off your neck and face in the blistering sun than to sweep it up into a chic top knot? Gorgeous Kaz is a big fan of the classic top knot as she regularly has her hair styled this way for evening drinks at the Love Island villa. The blonde shades at the ends and mid lengths of her hair offer a great contrast to her darker natural hair colour. Get this sleek top knot look like Kaz by using a Tangle Teezer brush to smooth out any tangles or bumps in the hair, brushing the hair together into a ponytail at the crown before taking the ponytail and wrapping it around itself and securing with a hair tie and hair grips. Beat the humidity and banish frizz with a bit of Moroccan Oillight hair oil that will tame flyaways whilst providing a shine.

A post shared by Love Island (@loveisland) on

Kaz works this summer hairstyle perfectly with one of our favourite Love Island outfits – the Bardot top. Work an off-the-shoulder top with a pair of statement earrings like the Love Island girls for that instant holiday look!

Bouncy waves

Beautiful waves in long hair can be a fabulous look all year round, but beach waves are definitely a summer hairstyle you’ll want to emulate. Love Island goddess Samira knew how to style her summer waves perfectly, adding volume to the root and around the face for hair that looked healthy and glamorous. The Love Island girls are often filmed getting ready for their romantic escapades in the dressing room and they love using straighteners and curling wands equally when it comes to creating their beachy waves. We love the ghd Classic Wave Wand when it comes to getting perfect, locked in waves that last all day long. Get shimmering waves and luxurious movement in the hair like Samira by using the wave wand by ghd and complement the look with a pair of hoop earrings for an on-trend finish.

A post shared by Love Island (@loveisland) on

In true Love Island outfit style, innovative bikini and swimming costume designs have been played with this year. Experiment with various cuts and find a brand new shape or creatively designed bikini, like the one Samira chose with the gold hardware, to see which you will love most on holiday. Just be aware of the potentially interesting tan lines!

High ponytail

A look that has become synonymous with Love Island has to be the high ponytail that Laura and Georgia regularly sport. It’s such an easy and versatile summer hairstyle that can look good as a full ponytail, or by dividing the hair horizontally and putting the top half into a ponytail for a half-up and half-down hairstyle. Hide the hair tie by taking a small section of the hair to wrap around the ponytail like Georgia to add an extra feature to the simple hairstyle. Get the glamorous long hair of the Love Island babes by opting for good quality human hair extensions from Remi Cachet to experience that princess inspired long hair ponytail look! With various application methods on offer, including tape hair extensions and pre-bonded human hair extensions, with Remi Cachet, all of your summer hair goals can be achieved.

A post shared by Love Island (@loveisland) on

Hair care on the island

With countless hours spent in the pool over the course of a two month stay, the girls of Love Island will hopefully be using hair masks and hair treatments to keep their locks looking and feeling good all summer long. At Additional Lengths, we recommend using a gentle hair brush and a nourishing hair mask from Malibu C to restore the vitality of the hair and giving it a radiant shine after the possibly damaging effects of swimming pool water. Also, spending all day in the sun can take its toll on hair so if you’re planning on soaking up the rays like the Love Island residents this summer, then take a baseball cap to wear to cover the scalp, or plait the hair to protect it from exposure to the sun. Keep suncream away from the hair too as it can discolour hair extensions.

Whoever your favourite Love Island lady is, we can bet that she will have displayed a stunning array of different hairstyles during her time gracing our television screens. From Samira’s beautifully wavy long, dark hair to Georgia’s high ponytail, Love Island has provided some fantastic hair inspiration this year! So take to the hair products available Additional Lengths and replicate your favourite look easily.


Celeb Holiday Hair Inspo 2018

With many celebs truly taking advantage of their status and indulging in multiple holidays, at Additional Lengths we aren’t complaining as it gives us plenty of summer hair inspiration! In this post we’re sharing with you some of our favourite celebrity hair looks and will be offering some simple yet effective holiday hair care tips along the way to help you keep your locks in the best condition all through the warmer season.

Ashley James

Made In Chelsea and Celebrity Big Brother babe Ashley James has become queen of the bleached bob for summer and we’re loving it! Taking her hair extensions out and self-admittedly cutting off damaged hair, she has transformed her look completely with a great, blunt cut which she styles with a centre parting. Ashley is also no stranger to playing with semi-permanent peach tones and French braids in her hair, which are both fabulous summer hair looks.

To keep Ashley’s hair looking bright and free from brassiness, but also undamaged from bleach, she goes for regular Olaplex treatments. The Olaplex hair treatment is a fantastic product for dyed blondes to use to strengthen their hair by repairing it because it works to link bonds in the hair so as to avoid breakage between salon visits. We recommend taking a bottle of Olaplex with you as part of your holiday hair care to do once a week.

Vanessa White

Former member of much missed UK girl band The Saturdays, Vanessa White is also no stranger to jetting off to warmer climes and showcasing her envious holiday wardrobe. With recent trips to the south of France, Baku and Croatia, this girl knows how to relax and see the sights! Heavenly summer fashion choices aside, like Ashley Graham, Vanessa has a long bob that she styles in various ways when she’s abroad.

A key summer hair style that can work well on all hair lengths and hair types is the classic low ponytail. This fuss-free holiday hairstyle is great for keeping cool as it keeps the hair off your face and tied back in a neat ponytail. Vanessa has slicked back her hair into a neat ponytail at the nape of her neck, leaving her free to showcase a pair of beautiful large earrings – an ideal summer hair look that is perfect for warm evenings. We would recommend using a Tangle Teezer hair brush to smooth the hair into a ponytail and Moroccan Oil hair oil to keep flyaways in check and to nourish the hair after a day in the sun.

Perrie Edwards

North East beauty Perrie Edwards is another girl band member whose fashion and hairstyles we just can’t get enough of! The Little Mix singer certainly knows how to mix it up with her style and regularly experiments with different hair looks to suit an occasion or vibe. On her latest holiday to Greece, Perrie has embraced long cool blonde hair extensions to give her perfect mermaid hair whilst she soaks up the sun.

Whether you want to add some extreme length to your hair like the glamorous Perrie Edwards, or simply would like some extra volume to play with, why not get some Remi Cachet human hair extensions for your holiday? Get the textured look similar to Perrie’s long tresses by using heated hair tools that can be easily packed into your suitcase and used to create different hair looks throughout your holiday. Use a Cloud Nine curling wand to produce different sized waves for a textured summer hair look.

Holiday Hair Care Essentials

With holidays comes the potential damage to hair from the sun and swimming pools, so it’s wise to pack a few holiday hair care essentials to see you through your trip away. Our aftercare department is a treasure trove of hair care products that are designed to refresh, nourish and treat the hair, making them ideal accompaniments to your summer hair routine. Spending time in the pool can do wonders for the soul but wreck havoc on the hair! Counteract this by using hair masks from Malibu C which will rebalance your hair and restore it to it’s lovely silky smooth finish. Those with hair extensions should tie hair up when in the pool or ocean and try to keep the hair tangle free.

Which celebrity hair styles will you be copying this summer? Follow us on the Additional Lengths instagram page to see even more of our favourite holiday care looks!

Summer Trends

2018 Festival Hair & Make Up Ideas

Festivals are the perfect opportunity to get dressed up and try new hair and makeup looks in the name of embracing creativity and experimentation outside of your usual hair and beauty routine. Whether you’re planning on dancing in the DJ tent until the early hours, or sipping a cold pint whilst listening to your favourite band on the main stage, get to know our favourite festival hair and makeup ideas and try them out for yourself!

Long gone are the days of ditching the makeup and tying your unwashed hair up in a bun for the long weekend (although that is perfectly fine too!) – festival hair and makeup are all about pushing the boundaries. Go as daring as you like with our Additional Lengths festival hair trends and playful makeup ideas.

Get Nostalgic With Space Buns

A hairstyle that really does have a place in festival hair trends year after year has to be the classic set of space buns. With the playful look of space buns that give us serious Spice Girls nostalgia, it’s a festival hairstyle that can be worn on any day and has some great variations that you can try. Whether you want to rock a half head of space buns with two buns and the rest of the hair left down, or you’re looking to keep your hair up completely with the buns taking all of your hair, we love the look of this classic festival hairstyle! Check out beauty blogger Anna Zeller and her fabulous Coachella hairstyles.

As one of the most easy festival hair ideas, to create your space buns simply part the hair in two sections and apply some Moroccan Oil dry shampoo to add extra texture and hold. Next, take one side of the hair and secure in a high ponytail, then twist the hair before wrapping it around the hair bobble on top of your head to create a bun. Secure with a hair tie or hair grips before doing the same on the other side. This technique can also be used to create smaller buns with half of the hair, leaving the rest of the hair down, which is a great way to add more impact with your festival hairstyle by using clip in hair extensions!

Party Braids

A braided hairstyle for a festival can be as easy or complex as you’d like, depending on time and skill. French braids are a fabulous idea for the second or third day of the festival when your hair isn’t freshly washed and has more texture. This type of braid can look great all most hair lengths. A French braid starts from the top of the scalp, in either two or one plaits, and continues down to the nape of the neck. It may be worthwhile asking a camp mate to do this for you!

Pack some hair grips and a travel sized hairspray in your backpack for this next one – ultra cute milkmaid braids. This bohemian style look can be the perfect way to keep mid-length hair off your neck and face, whilst giving the hair extra dimension with the crossed over plaits. To get milkmaid braids, simply create two loose plaits at either side of your head, and take one at a time, bringing them over to the other side of your head before securing with hair grips. Pull out any sections of fringe to frame the face for a softened finish.

Finally, the bonus of wearing braids is that when you take them out the next day you’ve got wonderfully crimped hair! Depending on your hair type and how tightly your hair was braided, you’ll have beautiful loose waves or bouncy waves that can be freshened up with a spritz of dry shampoo.

Glitter Makeup

Where better place to experiment with glitter makeup than at your favourite summer festival? You certainly won’t be alone in the experimental makeup department that’s for sure! Invest in some different sized glitter, from shiny specs of gold to larger shimmer stars, and bring along a pot of Vaseline as a way to adhere the glitter to your face. Apply Vaseline to wherever you’d like the glitter to stay put on your face – we suggest along the apples of the cheeks and brow bones as a playful highlighter. Take the glitter up into the hair by sprinkling in your hair parting for extra glam.

Festival makeup calls for lots of colour, and if there’s something you definitely need to have in your paired back festival makeup bag, it’s coloured eyeliner. A bright blue or purple hued eyeliner can look gorgeous on brown or hazel eye colours, whilst a shiny gold or copper will really make blue and green eyes pop. Take inspiration from the latest catwalk beauty trends by going for two coloured eyeliners that can be applied to the top and bottom lashes for a splash of colour to waken up your complexion.

So whether you’re partying it up on a campsite or treating yourself to the VIP area of a festival this summer, you can do it in style by trying out our easy festival hair and makeup looks. Browse our collections of hair pieces, clip in hair extensions and hair brushes to get ready for festival season 2018!

Summer Trends

Top 5 SS18 Holiday Hair Trends

We’ve been dreaming of summer for what feels like forever, and finally it’s approaching and we can focus on our summer wardrobe and upcoming holiday plans! Whether you’re hitting the beaches of tropical islands or planning a staycation this summer, keep your hair looking fabulous throughout the sunny weather with the top five holiday hair trends that we predict are going to be huge for summer 2018.

  1. Glitter hair

Starting off our favourite SS18 hair trends, we’re embracing the essential festival hair look – glitter! Glitter makeup has long been a staple in our summer party makeup bag; it offers a chance to get glammed up and create a unique, playful look that can translate well for nights out or all-day festivals. If you’re hitting a summer festival abroad this year, such as Primavera or Benicassim in Spain, make sure you pack extra glitter to add to your hair as a finishing touch before leaving the tent!

Explore the magic of glitter hair by adding it to some hair gel for extra longevity before adding it to a centre parting. We love the look of extra cute hair buns or fishtail braids, which not only keep your hair off your face in hot weather, but also adds an extra dimension to the hair so it provides more texture for the glitter to stick to. You could also experiment using glitter with stars in various colours to flatter your hair colour; a silver for a subtle look or a coloured glitter for a party vibe.

  1. Dare to get a fringe

Summer is the perfect time to take the plunge and get that fringe you’ve always been dreaming about! It was a big hair trend on the catwalks for designers such as Tom Ford and Fendi, with choppy, messy fringes framing the faces of their models. A light and feathery fringe is a lovely feminine hairstyle to try out for summer. Sweeping side fringes can can be a great introduction to the fringe if you’re unsure of the best length for your face shape.

A fringe can also be a good way to thin out the length of your hair if your thick hair becomes too warm in the summer. Not ready to commit to a fringe? Clip-in fringes can be the ideal solution for a temporary change, or a way to test if you’d suit a permanent fringe! We stock various clip-in fringe styles as part of our clip-in hair extensions department here at Additional Lengths that offers a natural looking faux fringe.

  1. Pump up the volume

Voluminous hair full of texture is another holiday hair trend that everyone can get on board with this year. From bouncy curls to roughed up waves, pack a punch with thick and voluminous tresses which can be worn down for an ‘I woke up like this’ look, or styled into a messy bun for a beach-ready hairstyle.

Use heated hair tools such as a curling wand to add that all important texture to the hair, and shake out with the fingers before using plenty of texturising spray to break up the curl definition. Perfect beach hair awaits!

  1. Retro is back

Not just reserved for our holiday hair trends list, but retro hair has seen a return on the catwalks and we’re excited for it to take over as a major popular hairstyle for 2018. Think a mid-length cut with rounded ends, blunt fringes, and bobs with deep side partings. Take hairstyle inspiration from the likes of Margot Robbie and Bella Hadid as your post girls for the retro hair look, and finish with a pair of cat eye sunglasses for extra cool points.

  1. Accessorise with barrettes and headbands

A cool hair accessory that fits in perfectly with the retro hairstyle vibe is something that suits all hair types and lengths: the barette. The Versace catwalk saw models donning the double barrette with a simple clip-on hair accessory either side of a centre parting for a sleek look that is ideal for summer nights out.

Holiday hair accessorising doesn’t come much more simpler than a quirky, silky hairband. A bright, tropical pattern can really invigorate any hair type or colour and can be worn with the hair down or up! Keeping the hair out of your face and adding a pop of colour, a hairband is the ultimate versatile hair accessory. Add a few hair bands to your suitcase for easy yet stylish holiday hair in seconds.

We hope that we’ve given you some holiday hair inspiration and summer hairstyle options to consider for your next hair move for the upcoming season change. If you’re keen to get those much loved beachy waves, take a look at our Remi Cachet hair extensions for beautiful long locks that you can play with this summer to create luxurious beachy waves.